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March 1999

The March 15 NY Observer notes that Michael Odell, an Internet e-commerce honcho, has bought Bowie's now vacated Broadway apartment for $1.9 million, resulting in a tidy profit of $400,000 for Bowie who (the newspaper reports) never lived in the ninth-floor condo. (from Russ)

Sisteurs Of Destruction has been revamped with lots more interactive activities. (from Squeakie).

Musicvideos.com has the Queen video for Under Pressure and Dead or Alive's cover of Rebel Rebel available for viewing for registered users (assuming you have Windows Media Player). (from Will)

In the BowieNet chat today, Ronnie Spector confirmed that she would be recording a Bowie song "sometime this summer". More info on the exact details of this song as we hear more. (from RaMOANa)

Cat Power, aka Chan Marshall, the female guitarist, songwriter and singer performed Wild Is The Wind at her most recent concert. (from Taxi)

Bowie is featured on the cover of the March issue of Discoveries, a record and CD collector's magazine. (from David)


Mike has three new Bowie start-up logos at his Startup Logos site. (from Mike)

A VH-1 Behind the Music special on Iggy Pop had several Bowie references and clips, including video of Bowie playing piano on the Dinah Shore show, and sitting on the couch with Iggy during the interview. VH-1 reairs these specials regularly, so you can probably get to see it again. (from BOWIEism

Space Oddity is being used as backing music for The Learning Channel's "Blast Off - True Stories from the Final Frontier" about astronauts and space exploration. The show airs on Sunday, March 28 at 9pm and midnight EST. (from Guy and Squeakie)

From the What exactly are they implying? department comes this cover of the UK-based Internet Magazine.

Internet Mag Feb 99 cover

Note the juxtaposition of Viagra banner, the article detailing how to buy drugs on the Internet, and Bowie's visage... hmmmm (from Lena)

The Sisteurs of Utter Destruction have launched their ballsy Bowie Website, complete with free email accounts, tongue-in-cheek Bowie FAQs and a guestbook. Joe Bob says check it out... (from Squeakie)

The Dalemans Brothers Studio Propaganda in Antwerp, Belgium is currently showing seven Bowie paintings along with work from Belgian artist Liliane Vertessen. The studio is located on the 10th floor at Helenalei in Antwerp, and is open weekends from 2pm till 6pm. (from Inge)

VH-1 has a new show titled Rock Candy. In their first episode they looked at musicians who were artists (other than their music). Bowie took a prominent role with his art examined by "art critics" in a blind test, who pronounced the work (Child In Berlin) as having an alien quality. Clips from Look Back In Anger were played to accompany the segment.

A track titled King Electric from the latest Mike Scott CD Still Burning breaks into a portion of lyrics from Moonage Daydream midway through the song. The song is popular on US college stations. (from Babel)

Were Bob Dylan and Natalie Merchant separated at birth? Perhaps, since the earlier information sent by diamonddog regarding Dylan performing Space Oddity in concert is likely in error. Instead, it has been Natalie Merchant (who has been opening for Dylan) who is covering Bowie's first big hit. (from Russ).

Fame is being used as backing music for some of the promos for a new movie called EdTV, directed by Ron Howard. (from fLaUnt).

Three new David Bowie Start Up logos at Mike's Start Up Logos including the front and back cover of "Hallo Spaceboy" and one from "Best Of David Bowie 1969/74". (from Mike)

.Net magazine has its March interview with Bowie available on the Web. (from Chris)

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