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April 1999

In the vein of the legendary David Bowie's Area and David Bowie Ate My Balls sites comes the Save our David from Brian Molko site.

Paul McCartney is trying his hand at art with an exhibition of 70 of his oil paintings in Siegen, Germany. Among the portraits are John Lennon, Andy Warhol, Charlie Watts and David Bowie. (from Patty)

On an episode of the US sitcom Friends last week, Chandler was shown on videotape giving a rousing rendition of Space Oddity. (from Sunne)

Tower Records has some of the Rykodisc CDs still available at their web site. They also seem to have discovered a hitherto unknown Bowie track. If you look at the listing for Young Americans, the final track has mysteriously become John, I'm Only Drinking Again (Ed: No, I am not making this up). (from Joshua).

The Shadowman RealAudio site has been updated, with many new rare and/or unavailable outtakes. (from the Shadowman)

Bowie is back in New York according to a recent spotting last weekend at "Artists' Space," a famous gallery in New York currently exhibiting work by artist Chuck Close. Bowie was wearing a green raincoat and sunglasses, going for the "incognito" look according to the spotter. (from Aki)

Just confirmation of the Montreal Bowie sightings, Yves let us know that he has spotted Bowie on a bicycle twice this week. Once in the St Louis square and the second time on St Denis street. (from Yves)

Seattle radio station KNDD played an unreleased track of, wait for it, Everlast remixing Limp Bizkit's version of George Michael's Faith. In the chorus, an obvious sample of Bowie's Fame could be heard (from Artemis)

The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (better known as the group who give out Grammy awards each year) have inducted The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars into their hall of fame. You can read more in their press release. (from BowieNet)

Penny Arcade, the former Andy Warhol film star, is starring in her own show George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick, NJ this coming Friday and Saturday night. Teenage Wildlifer Aimee who works at the theatre has a block of tickets to give away, and thought Bowie fans might be interested in coming to see the star who proclaims herself as one of Bowie's influences for his glam rock stage in the early 70s. Interested New Yorkers and New Jerseyites can email Aimee at aimeekessler4@hotmail.com with your name and phone number so she can confirm your reservation. (from Aimee)

As many of you are aware, Bowie is reviewing one book per month for Barnes and Noble. Of course, if you want to help support Teenage Wildlife, you can always read the review, then buy the book from Amazon.com :) (from Shelley)

Bowie gets a few words and picture in the April 1999 issue of Architectural Digest which features an article on 100 years of architectural design. The house is Bowie's Mustique residence (which he no longer owns) which was previously featured in an early 90's edition of the same magazine. (from Belle)

Archanon Spaceboy is holding a minitour of Florida this summer, playing a mix of his own songs and Bowie covers. For more information, see Archanon's web page. (from Archanon)

The Outside Organisation has some new pictures of Bowie taken at the Brit Awards. The Outside Organisation is Bowie's publicity machine/company in the UK. (from Cat)

ConcertPosters.com has two new Bowie posters in stock: Dancing In The Streets and a concert bill.

Ex-Genesis member Ray Wilson has covered Space Oddity on the new album by his band Cut, as described on this web site. (from Phil and Bonster)

Mike has two new Bowie Start Up logos on his site. They're in the David Bowie area at Mike's Start Up Logos (from Mike)

Jam! TV in their daily notes claims that Bowie is "reportedly doing time in a Los Angeles studio for his new album".

Other April Fools' jokes from around the world. The New Zealand Dominion reported that "Rock Legend David Bowie will give a concert in Taranaki the night before his New Year's millenium concert with Split Enz in Gisborne. Details are yet to be advised. Tickets were expected to go on sale by June 12." In yet another New Zealand spoof (I guess we all have a sick sense of humour), TV 3 in New Zealand reported that Australia had won a case to move the international dateline so that Sydney, not Gisborne New Zealand would be the first to see the year 2000, making the Gisborne 2000 Millennium concert irrelevant. (from Trevor and Rachel)

The kick-ass Sisteurs of Utter Destruction contest is now officially up and running. See whether you can use four of the supplied words in the lyrics to What's Really Happening. (from sQueakie)

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