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May 1999

Thursday's Tonight Show with Jay Leno had an opening monologue joke by Leno on Mick Jagger's legal troubles, ending with "What's even worse for poor Mick is that David Bowie is now claiming to be carrying his child!" He rubbed his fingers together, smiling, "Now that's gonna cost 'em a lot of money!" (from David)

Harper's Bazaar June issue has an amusing Bowie story by interior designer Jeffrey Bilhuber. "Before Iman and David Bowie hired me to do their Los Angeles apartment, they invited me to join them for a summer vacation on a boat in the South of France. We had a wonderful time, discussing art, sightseeing, exercising. After I'd returned, I got a call from Iman... "Jeffrey, you've ruined my marriage!" she said, laughing. They'd run a story called Bowie's Bride-To-Be Caught In The Arms Of a Blond Hunk alongside these grainy pictures of Iman and me working out on deck... [Lesson]: Don't do resistance exercises with a supermodel on a board a yacht in the South of France, even if her rock-star husband is with you. The paparazzi might be watching."


As well as the pictures on the What's Really Happening recording page, Manipogo has some more pictures on her own web page. (from Manipogo)

BabyGrace has retrenched and now has her Bowie party set for Saturday June 12th in Houston, TX. If you're interested in attending, contact her at CIRStatue@aol.com. (from BabyGrace)

Tigers On Vaseline is back after a bit of a layoff with new reviews and listings of recent CDRs. (from Chris)

Want to Take Home A Nude? Bowie has contributed a piece to the New York Academy of Art's Ninth Annual auction at Tribeca Hall in NYC on June 10. The all black canvas spells out the words nipples in Braille. (from BowieNet).

Today's (Sunday, May 23) New York Times has a feature on Tony Oursler, the designer of the projected animated face puppets used on the Earthling Tour. (from Michael)

Aki has put up a Gisborne fan-fiction page on her site for those who want to lend their hand to the continuing story. (from Aki)

This week's Metro (available in all good London Underground stations) mentions Bowie in their regular "Who Drinks Where - The Guide to Drinking, Pulling, Partying and Clubbing in London" section. According to the rag, many celebrities, including Bowie, frequent a dance club called The Leisure Lounge at 121 Holborn, EC1. (from Simon)

Time Magazine wins this week's award for most incongruous Bowie mention in a news story by comparing Garth Brooks' latest endeavour. "But in the tradition of actual moody, gaunt rock stars like David Bowie, Garth Brooks has assumed an alter ego called Chris Gaines." (from Gwin)

Bowie gets a Millennium Fame mention in last Saturday's LA Times Art page, noting that Bowie will be the first to perform in the year 2000 in Gisborne, New Zealand, beating out such artists as Barbra Streisand (Las Vegas) and Sting (New York). (from Gwin)

If you're using WinAmp to play your MP3s (all legally of course), you may want to add a "Bowie skin" to give your player a customized appearance. Mookid has three WinAmp skins with more on the way at Mookid's Bowie Page. (from Mookid)

Saturday's Metro magazine (included with the Times newspaper in the UK) has an interview by James Bennett with Goldie that includes the following: "Mention Bowie and he lights up. 'He's a cat. He's just sent me round a book. An art book.' He tells his assistant to fetch it and we browse through it for a while." (from Martyn)

Terminal 75's website The Last Hero has many new pages, including those on The Hunger and Bowie's work with Marc Bolan. All have been revised with new source material and images, and there is a new frames design based on the Tao Jones Index 12". (from Terminal 75)

Friday's USA Today Arts section had a picture of Bowie in his full doctoral graduation regalia, together with his advice to musicians at Berklee - "Go see a Doctor" (from Gwin).

In last week's Jo Whiley show on Channel 4 in the UK, Marc Almond nominated side 2 of Low as music he had fallen in love to. (from Dara)

Last Wednesday's Cindy Adams' column in the New York Post has a quote from Bowie on country music: "One music I've consciously avoided is country and western. I have no idea how to get anywhere near that." (from Gwin)

Mike has two new Bowie Start Up logos based on the Black Tie White Noise and Never Let Me Down eras on his site. They're in the David Bowie area at Mike's Start Up Logos (from Mike)

Also last Sunday, Fox's The Family Guy had a comedian character called "Carrot Scalp" who, as one of his "jokes" held a bow (as in bow and arrow) and announced he was David Bow-ie. (from David)

Last Sunday's The Daily Show referenced Bowie in a joke about the recent move of the German capital to the Reichstag. Jon Stewart called it "the unhealthiest move in Berlin since David Bowie and Iggy Pop recorded The Idiot." (from Aki)

Bowiefans.com has a new Booger story A Wicked Persuasion, a twisted tale of the peculiar disappearance of the old David Bowie website and its harsh corporate takeover. (from sQ)

Seems other Antipodeans have similar April Fools' Day ideas. The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) ran a full month-long April Fools' hoax encouraging investors to commit to an investment in a "Y2K bug insurance company set up by Swiss businessmen". Over 200 people took the bait, anteing up $4 million before being told that it was all an April Fools' Day joke.

Sexy aliens? The May 10 issue of People magazine has a section devoted to alluring extraterrestrials with a picture of Bowie as The Man Who Fell To Earth along with a quote from costar Candy Clark (from LdyofDarkness).

BowieArt.com has some more Minotaur prints available for sale.

Mike has two new Bowie Start Up logos based on the Aladdin Sane album cover on his site. They're in the David Bowie area at Mike's Start Up Logos (from Mike)

Shawn Mullins' single release of Shimmer in Australia also includes his cover of Changes on the B-side. (from Simon)

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