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June 1999

NME has a Def Leppard review in which they cast their usual aspersions at Bowie's "tragic Internet dabblings", but note it looks like the "Venusian cutting edge" compared to Leppard's lyrics. (from Dara)

Tigers on Vaseline has news on two up and coming boots, a new Bowie label and more on the great CDR debate. (from Chris)

News from those who have heard the Placebo/Bowie duet of Without You I'm Nothing report (disappointedly) that it hasn't changed much, if at all, from Placebo's album version. (from Andy S.)

CirckusBoy happened to find the following caricature of Bowie's recent honorary doctorate in this month's Penthouse magazine. The artist is Daniel Adel.


Toronto radio station Q107 is having a David Bowie tribute weekend starting Saturday (June 26). The event called "David Bowie A-Z Weekend" will feature Bowie song after Bowie song. (from rosie)

RTE in Ireland broadcast a 30 minute piece called "All That Glitters" two nights ago which showcased the glam rock era. Bowie was portrayed as the "Grand Fromage of Glam", being an instigator of the movement, but also the only one to outlast it. To the casual viewer, Bowie was portrayed as the only real musical talent to emerge from the Glam Rock era, with the rest mostly talentless trend-followers. (from Dara)

Tigers on Vaseline has added a full review of the 1976 Rehearsals CD The Mainman and the Mainline (from Chris)

July's Q Magazine has a blurb on Omikron: The Nomad Soul, with an offhand comment that "Bowie is rumoured to be considering dumping his persona in the fame and continuing his recording career as David Jones.". (from Adam and Roger) (Ed: sounds like the sort of trick Garth Brooks would pull)

BBC2 had a ten minute feature on Alaska Monday 21st June accompanied by background instrumental music from Low, e.g. Warszawa, Weeping Wall, Speed of Life, Art Decade. (from Ads)

SOD has announced the winners to their What's Really Happenin' Dammit! lyric contest. (from squeakie)

Adler is off to the Air Force but still has his Bowie Quotes page up for the duration of his tour of duty.

The June issue of GQ has an article entitled Rock 'N Roll Hair, accompanied by a large picture of Ziggy Stardust and a few notes from a stylist on how to get that Ziggy look. (from LdyofDarkness)

Former Genesis member Ray Wilson has a new band called Cut warming up for German star Marius Muller-Westernhagen. In front of 60,000 at Dusseldorf yesterday, Cut performed a "rocking version of Space Oddity. (from Steeoui)

The Lord Of The Rings rumour won't die. Once again, a fan site reports rumours of Bowie cast as Elrond (see the June 5 entry) in the upcoming Peter Jackson directed film of Tolkien's classic. (from V2David)

The June 5-11 TV Guide listed two Bowie-related moments in their 25 Greatest Musical Moments in TV History. At #17 was Nirvana's remake of The Man Who Sold The World on MTV Unplugged, and at #14 was Bowie's duet with Bing Crosby on Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy. (from Shannon)

Bowiefans.com has a new look, and Tigers On Vaseline has some new reviews and news. (from sQ and Chris)

Last week's Time Magazine has a reference to Bowie as "Class Clown" for his graduation speech at Berklee College of Music with the following quote: "How does a tuba player answer the phone? 'Hello, Dominos.'". (from Gwin)

The latest issue of the German Rolling Stone Magazine lists a "new David Bowie album (name t.b.a.)" in their "to be released" section with a date of September. (from Schruffi)

Mike has another trio of Bowie Start Up logos, this time based on the Earthling album. They're in the David Bowie area at Mike's Start Up Logos (from Mike)

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