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July 1999

The September issue of Spin has a small review of Omikron: The Nomad Soul on page 92 (from DthEthCrkr)

Great Modern Pictures is holding an exhibition of Mick Rock's "glam rock" era photographs in New York from September 16 through November 7. Visit their web page for more details. (from Bonita)

The July 1999 issue of fanzine The Voyeur is out. For details on the contents and how to subscribe, visit the fanzines page. (from Ludo)


A Sisters of Mercy website features an odd comic strip with a Bowie cel (from BlackRose)

As mentioned in the recent past, Bowie was one of 10 celebrities chosen to pick "ten faces of the century" for a National Portrait Gallery exhibition starting in October. Although the final choices are still secret, London's The Observer did note that Bowie had picked playwright Samuel Beckett and Labour spin doctor Peter Mandelson amongst his ten. (from Trudy)

Looking for a personally signed Mick Rock photograph. Great Modern Pictures in New York is selling the most famous Mick Rock pictures of Bowie, along with his book. (from Bonita)

Cyberspace Oddity has an MP3 format version of the Placebo/Bowie duet Without You I'm Nothing in the free members section. (from Hans-Erik)

ITV in the UK has an eight-part documentary called Routes of Rock which promises a look at the "small shop where a young David Bowie worked the photocopier". The first show is scheduled to air Monday, July 26 from 23:30-midnight. (from Simon and Martyn)

Joe Jackson has apparently been performing his own cover of Drive In Saturday at club dates in New York. (from David S.)

NowMusic.net reports that Mike Garson will join Bowie for the VH-1 Storytellers episode which will be filmed on August 23

The BBC is syndicating a radio series called The BBC Millennium Countdown which countdowns each year in music from 1955 to 1999 in chronological order. In New Zealand, this plays each Saturday afternoon from 4:00 till 5:00 on The National Program. They're currently in the mid 70's, and as expected, each of the last few episodes has had references to Bowie as a prime mover in music. (from Philip)

EMI in Germany has hours listed on their upcoming release database with a date of October 4, 1999. (from Ralf)

London station XFM 104.9 are playing the Placebo/Bowie duet on regular rotation if you want to hear it before its official release. (from Ian and Neil)

David and Iman had a short but succint message in support of the Fight Racism organisation. Racists! Damn them (from Violet27)

Swedish newspaper New News had another one of those polls for 3 best singers/artists of the century. Their readers have eclectic musical tastes, voting Swedish tenor Jussi Bj”rling into the #1 spot, David Bowie at #2, and in third place Van Morrison. (from Daniel)

Even US Playstation magazine feels compelled to take a jab at Bowie in their news brief on Omikron: The Nomad Soul, writing "The game centers on a disembodied soul looking for an identity,which should be a perfect match, considering Bowie lost his right around "China Girl"." (from Chris H.)

This is a little old (it appeared last month), but NewsWeek had a section devoted to "What's hot in New York" and employed a gratuitous photo from the I'm Afraid of Americans video shoot to promote Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. (from weasel)

Orchard St/NewsWeek

Cat found some high quality professional photos: from the Outside tour, a Thin White Duke picture, and some shots of the I'm Afraid Of Americans video. (from Cat)

This month's issue of Viz (#96, page 7) has another letter from a somewhat deranged fan, claiming... "David Bowie says he cannot remember anything that happened in 1977. Well, perhaps I can jog his memory. I had it off with him backstage at the Hammersmith Odeon, and he was shit. The gig was great, but he was no "StarMan" in bed. JACKIE LONDON" (from Gordon)

The latest edition of French music magazine Rock & Folk seems to have heard a prerelease version of hours, calling it sumptuous, with Reeves Gabrels in "great olympic form" (Ed: I know they like to add demonstration sports willy-nilly, but that's going a bit too far). Survive, If I'm Dreaming My Life and The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell are picked as the songs most likely to be hits. (from Andy via USENET)

Ultramar has a Castillian language version of Always Crashing In The Same Car, titled appropriately enough Siempre Chocando En El Mismo Auto in RealAudio on their web site. (from Cat)

Another Bowie crack on US national TV. Jon Stewart noted on last night's Daily Show, "Mick Jagger is single again, putting Bowie's number back on speed dial." (from Violet)

The City Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand has an exhibition of Tony Oursler's work from June 26 to October 3. Oursler is the artist who designed the video puppets used on the Earthling tour. (from Rachel)

For we Macintosh users with a hankering for a Bowie startup screen, Rudy pointed out the following ResExcellence site. (from Rudy)


Sisteurs of Utter Destruction - has added a brand new interactive feature to the website! People can now answer a featured poll question in "SOD Asks" (similar to the David Asks section at Bowienet). There's also a new SOD of the Month! (from the SODs)

The Placebo/Bowie duet received its first UK airplay last night (July 5) on BBC Radio One on the Lamacq Live show, and given a generally good review. The single itself is due for release July 26. (from Simon)

Tigers on Vaseline has added an oldie but goodie, Transition. (from Chris)

Mookid added another Bowie-themed Winamp skin and a Windows screensaver to her site. (from Mookid)

The August 99 issue (No. 54) of the magazine SFX has Bowie on the front cover. It's only small and it's about the Nicolas Roeg film, The Man Who Fell to Earth. But inside the magazine there's two full page colour photos of Bowie in the film. (from Bob D.)

MTV USA has a new show called Make the Video. In the promo teasers they show a brief clip of Trent Reznor walking down the street from the making of I'm Afraid of Americans, so be on the lookout to see if it shows up in the actual program. (from David)

Bowie is currently appearing on Jubilee 2000 Drop The Debt advertisements in Europe (from Valeria)

Drop the Debt

Iman has launched her own web site i-iman.com to keep you up to date on her personal life, business projects, etc. (Ed: not a bad pic on the splash page, either!) (from BowieNet)

The Ziggy Stardust Companion has an exclusive interview with Ken Scott about the recording of the legendary Ziggy Stardust album. (from Mike)

EMI's upcoming release information for Germany has Placebo and Bowie's "Without You I'm Nothing" limited edition EP listed with a street date of 26 July. (from Ralf)

More comparisons of other groups to Bowie from recent NME reviews. First Tiger's new album Rosaria has vocalist Dan Laidler's "crooning like a 'Lodger'-period Bowie". Second, Scott 4's Works Project LP is called "old-school electronics with a melancholic edge. Think Bowie's Berlin period, Kraftwerk and Joy Division. Warning: this may not cause your party to 'swing'". (from Dara)

In another NME glancing blow, they review Everybody Loves Sunshine and ask "Should pop stars be allowed to act? Should David Bowie be allowed to keep trying?" (from Dara)

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