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August 1999

We have an advance report that new Gap clothing commercials planned for late September will feature Bowie's Fashion as the soundtrack (from R.)

National Public Radio in the US had a circuitous justification for playing Bowie's Changes over the weekend. In their story on the changing of Campbell's soup labels (made famous by Andy Warhol, and the first major redesign in almost 100 years), the presenter announced "Now bear with us. The song is done by David Bowie, who played Andy Warhol in Basquiat, and the song is Changes. And there you go." (from Glamgeek)

The UK release of the Stigmata soundtrack has been delayed another week to September 6. (from Martyn)

The Church have a cover of All The Young Dudes on their latest release, Box of Birds. (from Mask)

The Bikini Beach Band, who specialize in fantastic surf-guitar renditions of popular songs has released their latest single A Design for Life, which features a somewhat familiar back cover (complete with the "To be Played at Maximum Volume" admonition). The song itself breaks into a few bars of Rock 'N Roll Suicide halfway through. Available on 7" only from STIM records, catalogue STIM012. (from Andy B.)

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SonicNet has a new story about the 'hours...' album which includes quotes from Tony Visconti: Bowie, Iggy Pop Albums Offer Melancholy Reflections (from SonicNet)

Bowie guitarist, engineer and producer Mark Plati has a new web site about to be deployed, at appropriately enough, www.markplati.com. (from Mark)

August's German Rolling Stone magazine has an article on The Nomad Soul and also lists Bowie's favourite albums: (Ed: which look suspiciously like the same albums he listed a couple of years ago) (from Carola)

  1. Scott Walker - "Tilt"
  2. Prodigy - "Music for the Jilted Generation"
  3. Photek - "Homemade"
  4. David Bowie - "Earthling"
  5. Jeff Buckley - "Grace"
  6. Nine Inch Nails - "The Downward Spiral"
  7. General Levy - "Wickeness Increase"
  8. David Bowie - "Outside"
  9. Can - "Future Days"
  10. Underworld - "Second Toughest in the Infants"

The September issue of Rock & Folk has a feature article on Iggy Pop, in which he has a number of stories about Bowie when recording The Idiot, Lust For Life and Blah Blah Blah. Just as a teaser, the October issue is expected to feature Bowie on the cover for the release of 'hours...'. (from Jerome)

Rock & Folk

Looking for Scandinavian Bowie friends? Try the Swedish language Bowiestar mailing list and E-group. (from Andrew)

Now you can really get your Bowie briefs with Hexgirl's Ziggy underwear. (from Hexgirl)

At yesterday's Lilith Fair, Sheryl Crow once again wore her Ziggy Stardust t-shirt on stage. (from Eric)

Eidos Interactive has unveiled their Nomad Soul web page describing the computer game featuring Bowie and his music.

Terminal 75's The Last Hero has added a page discussing the Lodger album, and another the Thin White Duke persona. (from JG)

Bowie has announced the band lineup for his VH-1 Storyteller's taping. Most notable is the inclusion of Sterling Campbell on drums.

If you do consider Labyrinth a must-have, you might want to check out those "tight" pants in single-step frame-by-frame clarity with the DVD version, now available for preorder at Amazon.com (from Kristin and Sarah)


"Teeny girl" catalogue Blue Asphalt has a Labyrinth review under a list of must have dorm movies, complete with references to Jareth's notoriously "tight" pants. (from Engel)

Speaking of the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, BowieNet is nominated for the new "best artist web site" category. (from Dale)

USA Today and Time report that Bowie will be appearing in an MTV promotion for their Video Music Awards which features musicians dressed as opera characters. Bowie reportedly will be dressed as Faust's Mephistopheles according to Time which says "Photographer Mark Seliger says the opera music played during the shoots was tolerated to varying degrees...'David Bowie wanted me to turn the music down'." (from Teresa)

Some more information/fallout from the Gisborne concert, including where to apply for a refund if you're a purchaser through Odyssey's End, along with the request of Split Enz for Bowie to play with them in Auckland. (from Trev, Philip, Rachel)

From the "Nice money if you can get it" department comes this story from New Zealand's TVOne News which claims that Bowie received a non-refundable advance of $NZD200,000 on an appearance fee of $NZD1.7 million for the failed Gisborne Millennium concert. (from Bonster)

In the latest issue of the magazine ARTnews, Bowie is named one of the world's top 200 collectors of modern and contemporary British art. (from Bill)

Latest news on Gisborne from The New Zealand Herald and The Christchurch Press.

SOD has a page full of links, as well as the first batch of answers to the latest SOD Asks Poll question. (from Squeakie)

NBC's Today show (Aug 6) had Sheryl Crow as the musical guest performing in Manhattan. Throughout the entire segment, she was wearing a Ziggy-era t-shirt, complete with the David Bowie name splashed across the top. In a short interview, she mentioned her influences as Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones while pointedly keeping her arms folded over Bowie's face on the shirt. (from David Phipps and stardustgrrl)

'The Artist' has dropped his lawsuit against fanzine Uptown in a settlement which bans Uptown from publishing discographies of bootlegs, although they may still comment on said records. More information in this Wall of Sound article. (from Bonster)

CNN has a transcript of Bowie's appearance on ShowBiz Today. You can also order the videotape from CNN via the same page. (from Cat)

The London Sunday Times has a positive review! on the Without You I'm Nothing Placebo/Bowie duet. (from Paul)

SOD has a new poll question along with answers to their most recent "What do you think 'Hours...' will be like?" (from Squeakie)

An interview in yesterday's Irish Times with the Pet Boys has three or four references to Bowie and his influence on them. (from Gary)

MusicSales in the UK has piano and guitar chord transcriptions of the songs from the Best Of 1969-1974 and Best Of 1974-1979 albums (just do a search for Bowie to find them).

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