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September 1999

Australian record store HMV has a date of October 25 pencilled in for a single release of The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. (from Adam)

Pythoner Eric Idle has a new book out titled The Road To Mars, a sci-fi comedy thriller which includes a "David Bowie robot circa 1983" character. (Ed: so that explains Tonight) (from VelvetWarhol)

Thursday's Child moves up from #26 to #21 on this week's MuchMore Music video countdown. (from Robin)

Red Hot Chili Peppers' frontman Anthony Kiedis was sporting an Aladdin Sane t-shirt at last week's MuchMusic Awards. (from Will)

Although general tickets have sold out to the Swedish Sen Kvall Med Luuk show which claims to have Bowie as a guest for November 4, there's still the possibility for Stockholm residents to enter a drawing for a chance at tickets by visiting their web page and signing up. (from Morgan)

SOD has new answers to their SOD Asks Poll question. (from sQueakie)

UK Pension company CGU is using "Heroes" as the backing track for their current television advertisements. (from Jakey)Speaking of Nine Inch Nails, Bowie's Station To Station is mentioned as a "brilliant suicide record" in the "tortured genius canon" by Spin Magazine in their review of The Fragile. (from January)

Nine Inch Nail's long awaited new album The Fragile thanks Bowie in the liner notes, but has no musical input from db himself. (from Alys and Fergus)

CNet's GameCenter has a sneak preview of the upcoming Eidos computer game featuring Bowie, The Nomad Soul. (from PattiBowie)

SonicNet has a story on the 'hours...' download. (Ed: we had a few reports of problems, particularly from non-US buyers who started the download on the first day, went back to finish it and were told they were no longer allowed to access it from their country)

NME continues their tradition of disparaging Bowie with their latest diatribe against Thursday's Child. (from Charles)

Check out this new interview and photo from yesterday's Canadian National Post, in which Bowie once again admits "I'm an addict" when it comes to the Internet. (from Peter)

Avant-garde saxophonist Simon Haram has a new album out on which he performs a version of Bowie/Eno's Warszawa. Released on the Black Box label and titled Alone... (Ed: that darned ellipsis again!), Haram performs works from other composers such as John Adams, Arvo Pdrt and Michael Nyman. (from Noel)

US sitcom Friends writers seem to be fans of Bowie. Last season they had Chandler singing Space Oddity. On tonight's season premiere, Joey was singing Space Oddity again, this time to Phoebe. (from Jennifer and Joe)

In what would be an amazing feat of trans-Atlantic travel, Italian newspaper La Repubblica is reporting that Bowie (along with Bono, Quincy Jones and Bob Geldof) will be meeting the Pope in Castalgandolfo, Italy tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, tomorrow is also the MuchMusic Awards Show in Toronto, Canada, so making that trip in time for sound check sounds like an impossibility to us. (from Stefano, Valeria)

Eidos Interactive, publisher of the computer game The Nomad Soul has published a 20 megabyte (!) MPEG movie of Bowie, Gabrels and Gail performing a virtual concert of Something In The Air. Make sure you have a fast connection before downloading. (from Neill aka Unkle Rupert)

Great Modern Pictures has an exhibition of Mick Rock's 1970 glam rock photographs in their New York showroom. You can also see a selection of the pictures online at their web site.

HMV.com will be one of the participants in this coming fortnight's 'hours...' download. They already have teaser information up on their web site. (from David)

MTV Italy had a two year anniversary show yesterday at which Blu Vertigo covered Always Crashing In The Same Car. (from Luisa)

Popular Canadian band The Tea Party (who will perform at the MuchMusic Awards Show), performed a cover of "Heroes" in their encore last night. (from Eric)

Eidos has put up three audio clips of Bowie's character Boz speaking on their web site. Check the "Virtual Voices" section. (from Bushlander)

Y107 FM in Los Angeles broke ranks and played the entire 'hours...' album earlier this week in a preview of the October 5 release. (from CrazyJuice)

The video for Thursday's Child debuts at #29 on this weekend's Muchmore Music Countdown in Canada. (from Robin)

Perhaps reflecting his on-again, off-again "richest rock star" status, the esteemed Economist has an article on him in their September 11-17 issue, titled "Reflections on the 20th Century". (from Sandra and Mark)

VH-1 in the USA played the Thursday's Child video yesterday morning; making it the first airing on US television? (from Jennifer)

Italian fan club Velvet Goldmine now have their own web page. (from Stefano)

Lots of SOD updates today, including a new SOD Asks Poll Question, new Bitch of the Month (BOM), more Ask SOD advice, and a new somewhat Bowie-related goody in Bowie Speaks. (from sQueakie)

Keith got into the competitive spirit and has another entry for "obscure information". In the current issue of Mean an interview with Mystery Men creator Bob Burden is titled The Man Who Fell from the Ceiling, and begins with a full page photo caricaturing Bowie's Man Who Fell To Earth poster/Low album cover, albeit with Burden's face in place of Bowie's. (from Keith)

Mark S. wins the "obscure information" category this week for spotting an item in his local newspaper about a house being built for Isolar president Bruce Dunbar (Ed: Isolar is Bowie's management company). Designed by Michael Leader, the Hawaiian mansion features a home-theatre system connecting the bedroom, a 2500 square foot living room, and a full music studio. The paper (The Georgia Straight) reports the system is valued at about $CDN2 million. (from Mark)

The University of Georgia is showing The Man Who Fell To Earth at the Tate Student Center tonight at 6 and 9 p.m. In addition, Philip Glass will be appearing at Hodgson Hall next year on April 18. Tickets are available now. (from Rebecca)

Chicago radio station CD94.7 counted down their top 500 classic rock songs of all time over the weekend, but Bowie only made it in with three. Rebel Rebel at 494, Changes at 276 and Suffragette City at 216. Mott The Hoople's All The Young Dudes made it at 272, and number one was Stairway To Heaven. (from Christina)

The UK Daily Mirror has started selling prints of photographs from its archives. They have over seventy of Bowie for a cost of £10.00 for each 10" x 8" print. Check their web site at www.mirrorpix.com. (from Martyn)

MuchMoreMusic and MuchMusic in Canada are already airing the Thursday's Child video. (from Jacquelyn and Robin)

Mike Garson's Now! Music Network has a listing of Stigmata related news, reviews etc at his web site. (from Matt)

Australian radio station Triple J played "the first single off Bowie's new album", which to our correspondent's surprise turned out to be The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell. The song also makes it to Triple J's "hit list" which ensures it will get regular airplay over the next week. (from Mattie)

Bowie appeared at a New York press conference along with Bono, Wyclef Jean and was joined by various heads of state to promote the NetAid concert. BowieNet has some pictures of the event and CNN ShowBiz today ran a small segment yesterday for which you can read the transcript (from Sue and BowieNet)

MTV UK have added Thursday's Child to their viewer's daily request show playlist, Select, after it debuted at #10 on the playlist this week. If you want to see it more often, you can request the video by emailing Selectuk@mtvne.com, faxing 0171 499 4451, or phoning 09009 11100 (UK) or 1550 122405 (Ireland). (from Dara)

Entertainment Weekly has three mentions of Bowie in their September 10 issue: (from FaeRogue, AladdinSane13, Rick)

  1. in the "Hot Sheet", they note the Liquid Audio download of 'hours...', saying "Fans can download his new CD on the internet 2 weeks before it hits the stores. How convenient-they don't even have to leave their planet."
  2. In an ad for the MTV music award there is a picture of him as Mephistopheles from "Faust"
  3. And lastly there is mention of the Hunger (the cable television series) in which they say that it's boring and lifeless, giving it a C-

CNN International's World Beat program had a one minute report on Bowie's downloadable 'hours...' album. (from Cat) In a brief interview, Bowie said:

"You'll receive it in liquid audio, which means that it is actually encoded so that it can't be so easily copied. Although, you see, I see absolutely no problem taking a CD and copying it and putting it straight back online again. I'm very ambivalent about that side of it."

NME.com has a short blurb on the downloadable 'hours...' album. (from Space Duck)

Danish Music Magazine Gaffa has Bowie and Iggy Pop on the front of their September issue. Inside, there's an interview with both Bowie and Pop, followed by two separate interviews. (from Ole)

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