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October 1999

More than a couple of people have mentioned the Addicted To Noise interview which includes video footage of Bowie talking and singing. This is currently linked on the 'hours...' page under reviews (along with a lot of other promotional news at the time of the album's release), but we may as well mention it here again. (from Vern and Valeria)

Record Collector's November issue has an extensive Bowie component including the last 10 years' discography, a critique of Bowie's work over that time and a review of 'hours...' all by Steve Pafford. (from Valeria and Martyn A.)

Record Collector

Italian magazine Panorama also has two good articles on Bowie; here and here. (from Valeria)

Dutch television station TMF broadcast a list of viewers' top 10 favourite songs. The winners (in order) were Space Oddity, "Heroes", Under Pressure, Let's Dance, This Is Not America, China Girl, Tonight, Dancing In The Streets, Ashes To Ashes, Golden Years (info from JJ)

The October 28 Jeopardy show on US television had an all Bowie theme in Double Jeopardy, with all the categories being plays on Bowie songs, and the final category having five directly Bowie-related questions. (from Sean, Lewk and Fergus)

The Thursday's Child video moves up a spot to #12 on Canada's MuchMoreMusic countdown. (from Robin)

Reeves Gabrels website is finally back and running after a long hiatus at www.reevesgabrels.com. (from Reg)

GameCenter.com has an interview with Bowie about his involvement in the Nomad Soul computer game which is due out later this week and early next. (from Zarg and Benjamin)

Iman will be on the Rosie O'Donnell show this coming Thursday. (from Diana)

Thursday's Child entered the official German single charts at #62, dropped to #92 the next week, and climbed a little to #85 for last week. (from Joerg)

CDNow has an interview with Bowie (part 1 of two) (from Aki)

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet ranked Bowie #10 in their best 100 artists in the world. (from Daniel)

'hours...' dropped forty-two places to #89 from #47 on this week's US Billboard charts. (from Eric)

Last week's ABC's "It's like, you know..." television show was full of Bowie references with the Jennifer Grey character complaining about getting a newsletter from Bowie and Iman which was always incredibly boring but she couldn't get off the mailing list. Carrie Fisher even made an appearance (as herself) whining about the newsletter saying it had caused her to become a manic depressive, she'd checked into a mental hospital, and Bowie and Iman still hadn't taken her off the mailing list. (from Kali)

Bowie's appearance last night on Italian TV was unremarkable. Bowie performed Thursday's Child and then was asked a series of irrelevant questions by the host Adrian Celentano. (from Stefano)

'hours...' has finally been released in New Zealand, and as a special bonus, the first 100 buyers at each outlet get a free Bowie clock (Ed: hours, time, clock - spot the connection) (from Dave R)

More infiltration of Bowie into the US school system. Channel One (the widespread high-school "tv news" channel) played Starman at the end of their show yesterday (Oct 19th). (from Stardust Grrl)

Speaking of magazine appearances, one of Bowie's paintings graces the front of October's Flaunt magazine and can be punched out to make a suitable Halloween mask (lengthy article inside). Also, Libro published their monthly circular with Bowie on the front cover. (from GlamGeek and Doris)

Rock and Folk cover

The November issue of Rock & Folk has a cover article/interview with Bowie, including plans for the anthology, a remix of a demo version of Aladdin Sane (A Lad In Vein?). (from Eric C. and Leona)

Rock and Folk cover

Toronto's largest record store, the downtown HMV superstore, has 'hours...' at #2 on their wall of top-selling albums; over at the competition, Sam The Record Man, it's #1. (from Will)

CNN has put up the transcript of World Beat, this past weekend's program which interviewed Bowie and focused on NetAid. (from Cat)

The Man Who Fell To Earth will be airing in uncut, widescreen form this Friday and Saturday at Cinema Classics, 332 East 11st St, New York City. If you haven't seen it on the big screen, don't miss this opportunity! (from Antonio)

SOD has been updated with a new SOD of the month and lots more! (from sQ)

The Oct 18 NY Times had a review of the Storytellers episode (for registered users)

At least 10,000 fans tuned into the Vienna cybercast according to this press release from Lion.cc. (from Bernhard)

Bowie's appearance on ZDF's Wetten Dass was another vocal-only rendition of Thursday's Child. Other guests on the ZDF show were Hugh Grant and Liz Hurley, but there was no interview (just as well, according to correspondents) from Phillip)

Try this link for the Vienna concert RealPlayer webcast.

Bowie performed Thursday's Child on the Wetten Dass program this evening wearing a yellow shirt. Hugh Grant was also on the show. (from MoonageGirl)

There's an interview with Bowie in today's Swedish Aftonbladet talking about his #2 ranking (behind Tom Jones) amongst other things. (from Daniel S.)

Bowie's appearance on France's TF1 Les Années Tubes had him perform a live vocal version of Thursday's Child accompanied by prerecorded backing music followed by a brief 10 minute interview. The only new confirmation was that he would "spend December 31 at home". (from Eric C.)

Natalie Merchant gave a stirring rendition of Space Oddity on the Jay Leno show last night. If you recall, Merchant sang her cover of Bowie's classic regularly on her tour earlier this year, and it is expected to be the first single off her upcoming Natalie Merchant Live In Concert album to be released November 9. Merchant will also be appearing on the Rosie O'Donnell and David Letterman shows later this month, so look for similar performances then. (from VelvetWarhol and Skippy)

Visit the NewMusic Show website to see three clips from the Bowie interview due to air this Thursday. (from Vernard)

From the "more royalty checks, Mr Bowie" department, Florists' Transworld Delivery (better known as FTD) has just started a US television ad campaign featuring a cover of "Heroes" with the slogan "Be A Hero".

Swedish soap-opera "Special Tide" has an early Bowie-era fixation, with recent episodes featuring the live version of The Width of a Circle from David Live and Cygnet Committee. (from Daniel)

For those who missed it on Saturday, TNT in the USA will broadcast a two hour package of highlights of NetAid on Wednesday evening at 8:00 p.m. ET. (from David and J.S.)

October's Teen magazine is corrupting the innocents with a rock 'n roll fashion spread featuring a pink t-shirt with Aladdin Sane emblazoned on the front. (from Morphea)

More Bowie references on US network television: last night's episode of "That 70's Show", had character Jackie telling her boyfriend Michael about David Bowie and convincing him to get "glammed up" to the point where he was wearing a dress and dancing to Walk On The Wild Side, at which point she told him he was "hotter than Bowie!" (from JanGenie)

Chris Haskett, who played rhythm guitar on If I'm Dreaming My Life will be playing in an instrumental trio (King Crimson/Rollins/Zappa/Jeff Beck vein) at Black Cat, Washington DC Oct 12; Tonic, NYC, Nov 4; The Elbow Room, NYC, Nov 8; CBGB, NYC, Dec 10. (from CH)

If you're going to be in Paris for the 14th but are afraid you won't get tickets, you can try your luck at the Eidos Interactive Contest for concert tickets (ends October 12). (from GayJames)

The Rupert Goldsworthy gallery 'hours...' release party was a huge success. Celebrity attendees included Alesya, the actress from the Thursday's Child video.

Rupert, Walter, Matt, Ron, Alesya, Antonio

CBC has an online interview with David by Laurie Brown. (from Vernard)

Macintosh OS 8.5 and later users with a hankering for Bowie sound themes should check out the MacThemes web site which has two bowie-related soundsets. (from Rudy)

Danish music magazine Blender has a cover and 4-page interview with Bowie on 'hours...' and a review of the entire re-release of his back-catalogue. (from Anders)

Paul McCartney has a painting titled "Bowie spewing" viewable here. In a joking riposte published in the Belgian magazine "Humo", Bowie said "Paul sent me a picture of the painting, together with the question if I would mind the title of it. I answered 'Of course not, but what a coincidence, I am currently working on a song that's called McCartney Shits'." (from BBJean and Eric)

The November issue of PC Format magazine has the 20 MB mpg demo of Bowie and band singing in The Nomad Soul available in a cover-mounted CD for those of you whose network connections can't handle a 20MB download. (from Rupert, Liz and Jason)

Virgin.net has an amusing Battle of the Bowies in which the various Bowie personas are matched against each other in the ring. Surprisingly, the Plastic Soul Man wins on points in the final over Ziggy Stardust. (from Martyn)

Peter Murphy of Bauhaus has a few comments about working with Bowie in The Hunger over at BauhausMusik.com (from David)

The premiere of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's season featured Memory Of A Free Festival playing in the background of one of the scenes. (from Amlapura)

CityMusic's The New Music show will air an interview conducted with Bowie during his recent Canadian jaunt on their October 14 edition in Canada. It repeats on Oct 19 on MuchMusic (from Will C.)

The Chris Carter Mess on Y107FM radio last night didn't produce the desired "live call from Bowie", but was very entertaining for BowieNet chatters listening in all across the world. pFuRs (a Teenage Wildlife member from early on) called in and mentioned the chatroom, and later won a copy of 'hours...' for getting a correct Bowie trivia answer. Some great BBC rarities were heard, including a live version of Bombers from 1970.

BowieFest in London: If you're going to be in London this coming Friday (October 8), you're all invited to the BowieFest. Just email Electric Blue and Spaceface for details. (from EB)

Help Margot out by sending her to New York. (from Margot)

An article in Philadelphia's City Paper relates the story of a student intern at Virgin who literally gave David Bowie the shirt off his back. (from Patti)

Swedish newspaper Expressen has an interview with Bowie in their October 2 issue in which he talks about the Ziggy 2002 project and his Internet addiction. Of course, you have to be able to read Swedish. (from Daniel S.)

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