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November 1999

The December update of The Ziggy Stardust Companion has an exclusive interview with Brian Sands (then Kinchy) who was the President of the International David Bowie Society (founded 1969). Brian met Bowie twice on the 1st Ziggy US tour in 1972 and the interview includes interesting memories of that time plus rare photos of him with David and others. Click here to see (from Mike H.)

Bowie is on the cover of the December issue of French monthly magazine Music Up which includes a translation of a db interviews db article authored by Bowie and which has appeared in numerous magazines around the globe. Subscribers to the magazine also get a CD with some "archival Bowie material". (from Leona)

Music Up

Last Wednesday's Wall Street Journal quoted EMI chairman Eric Nicoli as confirming that 1,000 copies of 'hours...' were downloaded during the two weeks prior to its official release that it was available for sale over the Internet. (from rancell)

French videogame magazine GEN4's last issue has a report that Bowie will also be involved with the forthcoming follow-up to The Nomad Soul. (from Leona)

Ink Blot Magazine has launched The David Bowie Mothership, a section of the magazine dedicated to Bowie-specific content. Features include reviews, fan tributes, and a regular trivia contest. Check it out here. (from Jesse)

George Michael will cover Wild Is The Wind on his new album Songs From The Last Century as detailed in this MTV News article. (Ed: yes, we know Wild Is The Wind is not a Bowie-authored song, but it's probably associated more with him than to the original authors and performer) (from Richard J., Starling and David Phipps)

The Times of Malta lists Bowie in 7th position of the greatest musicians/bands of the 20th century. Leading the rankings are The Beatles, Elvis Presley and Queen. (from Herman)

The November 1999 issue of The Voyeur is now out. Click the cover below to find out what's in it, and how to subscribe. (from Ludo)


Hans Morgenstern has capsule reviews of the entire EMI back catalogue in the December 3 Goldmine, along with a review of 'hours...' (from Hans M.)

BowieNet has 20 more tickets to give away to members only for the Alcatraz, Milan, Italy show. (from BowieNet)

Christina Ricci has been appearing on USA's VH-1 counting down the Top Ten videos in a Man Who Fell To Earth t-shirt. (from B Mathew)

BowieNet has been nominated for best artist web site in the French Midemnet Awards, open to the public for voting according to this Billboard Online article (from Richard J.)

Spanish radio station M80 is dedicating this week to Bowie music, with interviews and special material at 14:00 on both Saturday and Sunday. (from Pedro)

The special photo issue of Rolling Stone which hits stores today features Bowie on their cover (along with 15 other stars). Bowie also ties for 1st place with Pete Townshend with three photos in the issue. (from Daniel S.)

For desperate London ticket seekers (Ed: see the Astoria comments page for some serious venting), you might do better being in Israel where Tel Aviv 102FM is giving away a pair of tickets to the London show. Callers to 03-6023102 when they hear a Bowie song will be entered in the draw for the tickets. (from Shai)

MP3 hunters may want to check out Napster, a program which finds "available MP3 files for immediate download". (from Adam)

The David Bowie "Petition Repetition" page is attempting to get the Grand Rapids classic rock station to play some Bowie songs. (from TheNazGirl)

Bowie admits his brain is "like Swiss cheese" in the December issue of ZM magazine due to his cocaine addiction in the 70's, as reported by BBC News and DotMusic. (Ed: Just think of what he would look like now if he had been drug-free like Emm and Holly.) (from Baz, Arild, Celine)

Stardustgrrl and CrystaltJapan have created a MSN Web Community for Bowie fans to join. It's called David Bowie: A Crash Course for the Ravers. (from Stardustgrrl and CrystalJapan)

Bowie bonds? And now Iman goes public? Well, not quite, but a stock did debut on the US stock exchange yesterday with the ticker symbol IMAN.

The Alcatraz, Milan concert has been brought forward a day to December 4. (from Stefano and GWTMH)

Little Richard (who Bowie has oft-cited as one of his idols when he was growing up) was on VH-1's The List program last night and nominated Bowie as one of his three "Greatest Male Rock Performers of All Time", saying that Bowie took the most important element of "having an image" to its extreme. (from strange divine)

Lots of SOD updates in the past week including a new SOD of the month and a new SOD Asks poll question. (from sQ)

American Eagle is running a Xmas promotion where if you buy $55 or more worth of merchandise, you get a free CD, one of which includes the ubiquitous during this season Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy by Bing Crosby and Bowie. (from Stardustgrrrl)

Virgin Music Italy and the Alcatraz venue are still telling callers that the Milan, Italy concert for next month is "not confirmed". (from Stefano and Pietro)

Marcel has a new Bowie concert ticket page and invites contributions from around the world. (from Marcel)

The listings for this week's Rosie O'Donnell show with Bowie on Wednesday, Nov 17 says he will perform "a classic favourite as well as a new hit". (from Tess)

Seventh Stranger has a website with some of Bowie's recent live performances in MP3 format. (from Seventh Stranger)

Bowie is listed as #55 in the Top 100 stars of the century in this week's Entertainment Weekly (from Fergus)

The London Free Press has an article about backup singer Emm Gryner, where she talks a little about touring with Bowie this past couple of months. The Ottawa Citizen has a similar article. (from Eric P. and BlackRose)

Someone on Buffy the Vampire Slayer must be a Bowie fan because in addition to playing Memory Of A Free Festival on the season opening show, last night the character Oz's (played by Seth Green) apparel consisted of a red Ziggy Stardust t-shirt. (from Katie)

Vancouver radio station CFOX 99.3 FM is holding a weeklong contest with the grand prize a trip to the Kit Kat Klub show in New York. (from ParaNirmal and sQ)

Here's a glowing review of The Nomad Soul from the San Francisco Chonicle. (from Bonster)

Bassman's David Bowie Page is running an 'hours...' promo kit competition. Last day to enter is this Friday, November 12, so hurry on over! (from Stefan W.)

Gail-Ann Dorsey has backing vocals on two songs on Michael Hutchence's posthumous and self-named CD. (from SteeOui)

Detroit radio station 101.1FM WRIF is running a competition all week for tickets to the Kit Kat Klub show. (from BOWIEism)

GQ has a half-column glowing review of 'hours...' in their November Man Of The Year issue. (from Steven)

The Thursday's Child video directed by Walter Stern has been nominated in the MTV Europe video awards which take place this Thursday, November 11. The broadcast goes out live at 8 p.m. on MTV UK and Ireland. (from Doris and BowieWonderworld.com)

Shift.com has an online Bowie interview which touches on the Internet, MP3, bootlegs, music production and the atomic bomb. Some interesting quotes in there to read. (from SlashDot - which also has some interesting comments :))

On BBC Radio2's Saturday Music Mix, Bowie gave an approximately 20 minute interview and played two, "live for radio" tracks (Ed: pre-recorded from his previous week in the UK), Survive and China Girl. (from Eyeball Kid)

UPDATED The National Portrait Gallery in London is currently showing its Faces of the Century exhibition. Bowie was asked to pick ten faces for the exhibit. His choices? Samuel Beckett, Eduardo Paollozzi (sculptor), McDonald Hobley (1940's/50's BBC presenter), John Logie Baird, Peter Lanyon (fantastic Cornish painter), Stanley Spencer, Peter Mandelson (Politician), Sid Vicious, Max Wall and Peter Cook. (from John L and Jake)

Bowie gets busted by the police, the fashion police that is in this E! Online article. (from DarkAuthor)

GameSpot magazine has a great interview with Bowie about the music for The Nomad Soul. Particularly interesting since so much of the music turned up on 'hours...'. (from BlackRose)

Check out this Rolling Stone piece which has clips of the Thursday's Child video with Bowie answering the interview questions over the top. (from Fripp)

Norway's Dagbladet newspaper had an interview with Bowie in their Saturday, October 30th edition. (from Helen)

Australian online record store Sanity lists ChangesTwoBowie (enhanced) and Best of 1980-1990 in their upcoming releases when you do a search for David Bowie... (Ed: I've seen Best of 1980-1990 for over a year on upcoming lists, and it never appears) (from Simon)

On Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST, you can hear a 20 minute block of Bowie by dialling up Rowan 89.7 FM and listening to Strange Divine's show. (from Strange Divine)

The Nomad Soul has been awarded the Yeehaa price of the year at Planet Internet provider in Belgium. In their review (in dutch) they call it the best game of the year (from Erik)

In the Austrian magazine News this week, Bowie gets #13 and #33 on the "Top 100 songs of the century" with "Heroes" and Space Oddity. He also makes it at #7 in the "50 Top Stars of the century". (from Doris)

Canal+ will air the remaining four songs from the Nulle Part Ailleurs show on Friday the 26th November at midnight. (from Leona)

The MTV Europe Music Awards will take place November 11, 1999 from 9 p.m. CET. Bowie is nominated for Thursday's Child. (from Leona)

Amazon UK has an exclusive interview with Bowie to celebrate the opening of their online music store. (from David C. and Philip J.)

CDNow also has part 2 of their Bowie interview (from Aki)

Bowie graces a number of computer game magazines this month with the release of The Nomad Soul (Ed: now available in stores). Included is this French publication Gen4 which includes an interview and a CD-ROM with a demo version of the game (another similar publication to look out for is PCZone from the UK). (from Leona)

Gen4 cover

The recent Nulle Part Ailleurs which only aired 4 of the 8 songs performed may air the remainder if you contact the producer of the show via email at greg@cplus.fr. (from Eric C.)

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