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December 1999

Select, MTV UK's viewer request show, has playlisted Survive at #47. You can request it by emailing selectuk@mtvne.com. (from Dara)

There's a two page article and picture of Bowie in the January/February issue of Nylon, the one with Sarah Michelle Gellar on the cover. (from Violet27)

Mike Garson has released his MG3 album online in RealPlayer format. The album, playfully titled in recognition of the MP3 format is the first of two albums Garson plans to release online. (from Mike Garson Now! Music)

Gary Numan gives a one-word review "hmmmm" to Bowie's London show earlier this month on his official web site. (from Sarah)

For the Bowie fan who has everything, you'll just have to get one of Squeakie/Kelmar Supervixen Production's Bowie Chia!. (from sQ)

Be on the lookout late Saturday night, early Sunday morning in the USA, as NBC has been airing old episodes of Saturday Night Live in chronological order for the past few weeks. If the pattern continues, this weekend's replay will be from Bowie's 1979 appearance when he sang three songs in amazing costume and garb. (The replays usually air sometime on Sunday morning after the current year's show premieres at 11:35 p.m.) (from Pete and George)

The December issue of Australian magazine PowerPlay comes with a CD-ROM which includes the music video of Something In The Air from The Nomad Soul (from Mattie)

In another case of confusion by homonym, IBM is planning to build a "Blue Gene" supercomputer, 500 times faster than the current fastest computer in the world. Now, if their spokesman were only called Screaming Lord Byron... (from Myriada)

Another "End of the Century" poll at Rolling Stone.com has Bowie trailing badly in the Best Artist, Best Album (Hunky Dory?) and Best Song (Space Oddity) categories. Bowie Online Army to the rescue! Click here! (from spaCebOy)

Bowie's appearance on the (feared by Scandinavians) BingoLotto show turned out to be just a single performance of Thursday's Child. (from Steen)

Danish radio has a photograph and a 20 minute interview (just the first half minute or so is in Danish) with Bowie on the P3 Radio website, where he talks about his next album, being on the Internet, painting and sculpture and more! (from Peter Frederiksen)

SOD has launched the 2nd Contest of the Millennium! They've also updated many portions of the site, including Sod of the Month for December, SOD Hits the Media, What Would Bowie Do, Ask SOD, and SOD Poll question answers. Hurry up and see what's HOT at SOD! (from SOD)

Yesterday's Review Page on the Space Ghost website had "Bowie/Crosby - Peace on Earth" as their Staff Pick for music. (from JanGenie)

Last night's episode of VH-1's The List saw Ashes To Ashes and Blue jean chosen as "best 80's video", but neither made it to the show's final top 3. (from Amanda S.)

David Pullman, creator of Entertainment Securitization Bonds (aka Bowie Bonds) is giving a free talk tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec. 8 on the NYU campus @ 5 p.m. Go to Tisch Hall - Surdna North - 3rd floor, 40 W. 45th Street, New York. (from Daniel S)

Sunday's Boston Globe had an article on Reeves Gabrels which also includes a few Bowie quotes. (from DizzyGlitter and David E.)

Today, live from London's Shepherds Bush Empire club, it's Iggy Pop! Catch him in RealAudio at 9 p.m. GMT, 4 p.m. ET on VirtueTV (from Richard J.)

Italian fanzine Velvet Goldmine has a review and pictures of the Milan show, along with a report and pictures from the Quelli Che Il Calcio television show yesterday. If you need to brush up on your Italian, you might want to visit BabelFish (from Velvet Goldmine)

As Dotmusic reports, Bowie told all on the Jools Holland show that he would like to work with Macy Gray, she who is currently at the top of the UK album charts with her debut How Life Is. (from Alan M.)

Christina Ricci must be keeping the laundry busy as she was again wearing her Ziggy Stardust t-shirt for her monologue on tonight's Saturday Night Live. (from Slightlydazed)

Ricci twins

SNL seems to love Bowie lately as they included another skit, lampooning his Bing Crosby Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy duet as part of a Jewish Chanukah famous songs skit. (from Joe)

SNL skit

French-Canadian web site Voir en ligne has a 17 minute RealAudio interview with Bowie from his time in Montreal for the MusiquePlus Artist of the Month show last month which touches on Sensation, The Nomad Soul, visual arts and advertising, the Internet. (from Jean-Philippe L.)

The MTV/TV Guide Top 100 video vote is over, and thanks to the BOA, Ashes To Ashes vaulted into the top 10 at #10 after languishing in the bottom 10 before the troops were sent to war. Of course, readers votes mean nothing to MTV (Ed: why does this not surprise us?) who has predestined Ashes To Ashes to be #58 on their countdown which starts next week. (from Omega)

An eBay listing looks to be the first (unofficial) release of the collaboration between Rustic Overtones and Bowie as reported last July. The promo sampler is said to include Man Without A Mouth (featuring David Bowie). The full album is expected early next year after being delayed from September. (from Brian)

Fashion was used on WB's Popular show in a scene shot at a fashion show with a man chained to a chair. (from G. Vasickanin)

A remix or out-take of Mike Garson and Billy Corgan's Reflect from the Stigmata soundtrack made its way into the daily soap opera General Hospital yesterday, December 1. (from Matt G.)

Montreal's "Mix 96" organized an auction to buy toys for underprivileged children at Xmas on November 30. Two sets of signed lithographs from Bowie were auctions: one, a set of four small sketches of himself done in 1999; the other, a set of 5 small paintings (star, moon, death..). The first sold for $C750, the second for $275. (from Martin)

French fan club Les Inconditionnels de David Bowie has a new mailing address and welcomes letters from all, in French or not! (from Estelle)

The Under Pressure (1999 Rah Mix) video should be available for two weeks starting today from WindowsMedia.com

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