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January 2000

Brazil's EuroChannel used the following unusual image on a big Sao Paulo billboard to promote their Glass Spider airing last year. Click on the image for a full size version (from Laszlo)


Tigers on Vaseline has two new reviews, Quick Live and Last of the Dreamers. (from Chris)

Tower Records in the US is selling rechargeable gift certificate cards with printings of music artists on the front, including one with Bowie from the cover of 'hours...'. Minimum purchase amount is $10. (from Johnny V.)

Registered artists at MP3.com got a treat last month with MP3.com's mailing of a CD-ROM which included the Something In The Air 3D animation from Omikron: The Nomad Soul. (from Johnny V.)

Salon.com's Greg Villepique has an article on Bowie's "brilliant career". (from Steve A.)

You can rate Seven at Firstlook and increase its current 3-star rating. (from Patti)

As suspected, the mispressed Thursday's Child CD may not be as rare as some think. Although CDNow has stopped shipping said item, Amazon.com was still shipping mispressed versions as of January 20 according to one recent buyer. (from Ruud)

Exhuming Mr. Rice will be in the competition for best children's film at the The Berlin Kinderfilmfest section of the Berlinale. The festival opens on February 10th and the awards will be on February 20th. (from Reinhold)

Brian and Wendy Froud (responsible for the design of the critters in Labyrinth) will be featured speakers at the Santa Fe Doll Art convention (April 13-18). There'll also be a "premiere movie event" of both Dark Crystal and Labyrinth in association with the Jim Henson Organization after which both Frouds and sculptor Michael McCormick will talk about their involvement with the films. (from JanGenie)

Check out Velvet Goldmine Milano concert page, courtesy of the Italian Bowie fan club! (from Velvet Goldmine)

The Stardust Page is currently running a competition where you can win an hours... mousepad! (from Marc)

Another call to the Bowie Online Army. Italian MTV needs your help to push Bowie to the top of their online voting charts which will put more Bowie videos on Italian tv! Simply visit the MTV voting page, scroll down till you see Bowie and Survive, click on the video (Ed: you'll need Microsoft WMP installed to see it) and then click on Invia as many times as you feel necessary :) (from Velvet Goldmine)

If you just can't get enough of the Mahir phenomenon, try this more familiar version. (from QBC)

MSNBC Morning news (1/18) ran a piece on BowieBanc which also made their web site. (from Stiv)

The February 3 issue of the US Rolling Stone magazine has a Bowie blurb complete with the terrible trio of Bowie, Jagger and Townshend after the Astoria, London gig. The comment includes "In Y2K, Bowie hopes to record an album with.... Tony Visconti, write a musical, and do a career-spanning multinight residency in New York: 'It will be quite a year, really.'" (from LdyStardust)

A visitor to the UK's Millennium Dome in Greenwich reports that the Self-Portrait Zone ("an exploration of the state of being British") specifically mentions Bowie as being a world renowned figure in music. (from Jake)

Royal Carribean Cruise Lines is using Lust For Life in their most recent advertisements. (Ed: Somehow I can't quite see Iggy Pop on a cruise ship) (from Guy)

Thursday's Child came in at #94 in MuchMore Music's Top 99 videos of 1999. (from Eric)

Marcel has more on his Bowie adventure last year: 3 concerts in 4 days. (from Marcel)

Miryam pointed out a Bowie interview in Spanish online publication El Pais which asks some interesting questions (such as what happened to the Robert Wilson Salzburg opera). (from Miryam)

Dara O'Kearney pointed out this Guardian article from last October as an interesting read. (from Dara)

Bowie is this week's Newsmaker on the BBC Online site; looks primarily at his charges into non-music related areas such as the Internet and the new BowieBanc.com. (from Martyn)

SOD updates include a new SOD of the month, a Bitch of the month, contest winners and more at www.squeakie.com/sod/ (from sQ)

David Bolin's Bowie page, complete with tablature is back and running on the Net after a month hiatus. Check it out if you want guitar tabs at home.swipnet.se/dbolin/. (from David)

In another 1999 list, German radio station NDR 2 put 9 Bowie songs in their top 2000. Let's Dance was the top Bowie song at #583, followed by This Is Not America at #1022. (from Simone)

The Aladdin Sane web site has added a Top 20 Charts section, listing Bowie's chart appearances from 1972-1980. (from Aladdin Sane)

The December issue of Vanity Fair's Icons of Rock layout had a quote from Bowie, referring to the glam rock era, saying "it must have been fun to have been in the audience" (from Jyll)

Chris Carter, LA disc jockey picked 'hours...' as his #1 album for 1999. (from Chris Carter's Mess Top 20)

Fame is in the movie, but not on the soundtrack for Next Friday, the sequel to 1995's Friday (from Bonster)

More post-1999 "lists": Chicago's Q101 FM Top 1011 countdown has six Bowie songs on the list; Seattle's KNDD 107.7 Top 1077 has 16 Bowie songs plus a few related Bowie songs (Ed: Nirvana's (sic) Man Who Sold The World beats all of Bowie's songs); The Netherland's 20 and Under station has 10 Bowie songs in their Top 1000 while the 40 and Over has 12 (Ed: an older demographic?) (from spaCeb0y)

Catching up on some old news, the Eurythmics performed Life On Mars during their New Year's Eve London concert. (from OVAL)

Bowie is listed at #20 in Planet Out's Queer Century poll (from Adler)

The Glastonbury 2000 Festival website is running a web vote for who they should try to get to headline the festival in June. (Ed: the voting page is currently dead, but should be up again soon. Bowie has expressed an interest in making the festival his only live appearance of 2000.) (from Bonster)

Spin.com has a tongue-in-cheek interview with Bowie about his role in The Nomad Soul (from Bonster)

Velvet Goldmine, the thinly veiled Bowie/Pop/Eno/Reed portrayal will finally debut in Brazil this week, almost two years after it appeared at the Sao Paulo music festival. (from Laszlo)

Ashes to Ashes? Mike Garson has just composed Requiem for the 20th Century, a modern tribute to the death of the 20th Century. Using a Yamaha Midi Grand Piano, Mike composed, performed and produced the entire track himself. Click here to listen (from Now! Music)

VH-1's Top 100 Rock Songs picked Space Oddity at #60. (from Myriada and Amanda)

Jazz pianist Geoff Keezer's new CD Zero One scheduled for release January 25 on Dreyfus Records contains a cover of Life On Mars. A preview of the track is available via www.dreyfusrecords.com. (from Mark)

Radio Tel Aviv has named David Bowie Artist of the Millennium; and 'hours...' continues to sit entrenched at #1 in the Middle East according to this Undercover.net.au report. (from Richard)

Party Time: The Cube-Club in Berlin (Wuehlischstr 29, Berlin-Friedrichshain) will have a David Bowie birthday party with DJ Stardust at 10 p.m. this coming Saturday, January 8. (from Carola)

Tomosuke has opened a We Are Strangers When We Meet web page which is designed to report Japanese fans' reactions and activities and events about Bowie in Japan to an English speaking audience. (from Tomosuke)

Allstar News has this brief article from an interview with KROQ's Rodney Biggenheimer which talks about Bowie taking 18 months off from touring, Tony Visconti producing the next album, and Bowie going back to rework some of his unfinished tracks, demos from albums in the distant past. (from Richard)

The first 2000 edition of The Voyeur includes lots of information about the Hours... promo concerts, radio and TV shows during the months of August till October, the German cyberchat, a short story by Holly Palmer and an Omikron contest. For more information go to http://huizen.daxis.nl/wopereis/TheVoyeur.htm. ( from Ludo)


Bowie's appearance on Steve Wright's BBC World Service show had him complaining of flu (Ed: again?) and describing Bermuda as a cold, wet and windy place to live! Along with plugs for 'hours...', Bowie said his favourite album of the 90s was The Buddha of Suburbia and his favourite current artist was Macey Gray. (from Liz)

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