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February 2000

They call him the Diamond Dog? TFI Friday from two weeks ago had this little segment on pets who look like celebrities. The Alsatian pictured has that somewhat familiar quality to his eyes, perhaps? (from Spidey and Don)


Canada's National Post has the Bowie (53) interviews Bowie (23) article on its website (from Alys)

Icelandic sales for 'hours...' were well over a thousand, which may not seem like much, but given the population is just 280,000, it's the equivalent of selling a million or so copies in the USA! (from Halldor)

Velvet Goldmine (the Italian Bowie fan club) has created an entirely new section Bowie in Italia with pictures of the 1992 Florence wedding, the 1997 SanRemo music festival and from the set of Il Mio West. (from VelvetGoldmine)

BoNINwie has created a Bowie album voting page to determine the most beloved Bowie album of all-time. from BoNINwie)

Rolling Stone.com has a feedback forum for suggesting names for David and Iman's baby. (from Amanda and Rancell)

A little bit late, but check out Diana Poulsen's Imaginary Bowie Christmas Special (from Diana)

The Dutch (and possibly other?) edition of Penthouse magazine has a two part interview with Bowie in the February and March editions, focussing on music, drugs, sex over the span of his entire career. (from Patricia)

Coldfyr is running a Bowie Lyric Contest at her site, Running with Scissors.

A comedic spin on the Bowie baby announcement last night from the UK's Channel 4 11 p.m. show.
Ian Lee: "Announced this week that David Bowie and wife Iman are expecting a baby, the last time DB took delivery of anything weighing 6lbs 11oz he immediately stuck it up his nose."
Daisy Donovan: "When asked if he preferred a boy or a girl David replied that he is married now and those days are behind him."
(from Neill M.)

David has a report and photos from Bowie backup singer Emm Gryner's "living room shows" in Boston over the weekend (from David E.)

US school news channel played What's Really Happening as the lead-in to a story on computers and hacking this past week. (from stardustgrrl)

Quote from Iman found on the Virgin Radio Magazine section: "My ass is the biggest part of my body. If I can't hide from it, I have to celebrate it." (from Ulfdub)

'hours...' helped Virgin/EMI to their best quarter of 1999 with its international success - being one of only two Top 20 hits in Japan all year, one of 7 in Germany, one of 4 in France, one of 5 in Italy and one of 3 in Holland for the UK-based record company. (from Dara)

Sick of all those Best of the 90's polls? How about Worst of the 90's? Tin Machine was nominated in The Onion's Least Essential Live Album for 1991's Oy Vey, Baby, but managed to get beaten by Depeche Mode's Songs of Faith and Devotion Live. (from GayJames)

First it was BowieNet.com, now it's edavidbowie.com: web sites in one case clashing by coincidence, the other apparently a calculated attempt to attract traffic by promising direct access to the man himself. (from spaCeb0y)

More Macy Gray news from this month's Q (March 2000). She tells a reporter David Bowie likes to telephone ("He called and told me that he was really in love with his wife. He hadn't seen her for three weeks and he couldn't wait to see her. Don't know why he called to tell me that but he did"). (from Akko)

First the ISP. Now the video game. Seems KISS can't stop following in Bowie's footsteps, as news comes that they are due to release a video game, just a few months after Bowie's The Nomad Soul. (from Celine)

The Bowie Covers and Collaborations has been updated with new covers from the Stardust tribute band. (from David)

If you're looking for the Outside screensaver for Windows, look no further than this site. (from snottfunny)

Billboard Online has a feature on Nile Rodgers, the producer of Bowie's most successful worldwide album, Let's Dance. (from rancell)

UK subscribers to the Sci-Fi channel will get a chance to see Bowie hosting the 30 minute episodes of The Hunger television series starting Friday March 10. See their web page for details. (from Damian)

Ireland's Hot Press Reader's Poll gave Bowie #3 in the Best Male category behind David Gray and Beck, but ahead of Robbie Williams! Hot Press is Ireland's leading music/youth culture magazine. (from Dara)

The current issue of Rolling Stone (Mariah Carey cover) has a letter to the editor thanking Bowie for reminding everyone of the girl rock group "Fanny". (from Will)

Here's another way to see the Survive video online: just visit The Raft for the RealPlayer version. (from Diana)

Another victory for the Bowie Online Army. After requesting help to get MTV Italy to broadcast Survive, BOA crushed the competition to vault Survive into the #1 position on the web for the last two weeks of January. (from Velvet Goldmine)

Check out Chicago-based Stardust - The David Bowie Tribute Band for links to live performances. (from Stardust)

The first $1.7 million of a total of $12 million to be distributed by Netaid has been awarded to non-government agencies in Kosovo and Africa. Bowie played at the NetAid concert at Wembley Stadium last October. (from Richard Joly)

Atlanta radio station 99X has the entire replay of their 1997 Bowie Breakfast Show on their website in RealPlayer format. Go here to read the transcript and then listen to the country version of Scary Monsters! (from Stephan)

Aladdin Software mentions in their promotional materials a Newsweek mention for their new product Flashback "Aladdin Flashback isn't David Bowie's latest stage persona. It's software [...]". (from doug)

If you missed last December's BBC NewsNight interview with Jeremy Paxman, the BBC has it online in RealPlayer format, while Akko has spent a lot of time to transcribe the entire interview. Recommended reading for one of the more cerebral interviews in recent times. (from Akko)

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