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March 2000

BowieNet has signed an agreement with VillageWorld.com to provide Internet dial-up and DSL service for subscribers in the USA (Ed: looks like Concentric is out the door). (from Bonster)

Check out this Duran Duran page for RealAudio versions of their covers of Diamond Dogs and Fame. And on this video page, you can catch a video performance of them doing Rebel Rebel from Las Vegas' The Joint. On a final Duran Duran/Bowie link, their upcoming album Pop Trash is being produced by none other than Ken Scott - a name which may be familiar to Bowie fans. (Ed: You can also pick up Duran Duran's cover of Diamond Dogs on their Thank You import.) (from Starling and Viv)

Bowie Online Army alert! UGO.com is running a web poll for Which popular musician/band has created the best original music for a game?. Bowie and The Nomad Soul are in the running of course, so go over and vote! (from Aimee)

Akko has uploaded part 2 of her Bowie-related London landmarks on his website - this section includes Heddon Street (site of the Ziggy Stardust album cover) which she notes seems to have turned into a posh restaurant haunt for yuppies. (from Akko)

Simon Smith sent in this picture from the Australian April edition of Rolling Stone magazine, taken after the London Astoria concert last year. (from Simon)

Billy Goats
Three Billy Goat Gruffs?

Clive Dunn's Grandad made the Top 10 most irritating records of all time in the UK. So what you ask? Well, Herbie Flowers, aka bass player for Bowie and most famous for Walk On The Wild Side's bass was the poor sod who wrote Grandad and ended up regretting it for the next 25 years as he lost all credibility. Interestingly, Flowers stated that playing with Clive Dunn was just like playing with Bowie. "Clive or David would go on and do their thing, and I'd be just, like Buuuuuuummm (affects dull bass line with voice) "Ground control to major Tom" Buuuuuuum (bass line) "Ground control to Major Tom". Suprisingly Bowie's own novelty effort The Laughing Gnome did not make the Top 10 most irritating records of all time. (from Rupert)

Cat Power's new release The Covers Albums includes a cover of Nina Simone's Wild Is The Wind (also a cover by Bowie on Station To Station album. (from rancell)

DJ Chris Carter has moved to another station, but is still regularly playing Bowie on his new show, now called A Crash Course For The Ravers. Tune into Spike Radio between 3 and 6 p.m. PST for the show. (from Chris)

Mickey Strange's new CD Killing Fashion is now available at all Harmony House locations. Mickey Strange was the group which made the Top 20 in Detroit for their cover of Panic In Detroit. (from Mickey Strange)

Danish cover band David Bowie Experience will be performing live at the Pumpehuset in Copenhagen on Friday, March 31. Tickets will be Kr 65. (from Anders)

Philippe Auliac has a preview of his upcoming exhibitions in London and Paris (in June). Look for some of the Bowie pictures in the directory at the bottom of the page. (from Philippe)

French mobile phone company SFR is using Starman to promote its Carré rouge option for its GSM contract (from Eric)

Italian tribute band Mr Ziggy and the Glass Spiders will play their next date in Rome on the 21st April at Radio Londra Café. Go to check out their new renditions of Cracked Actor and Breaking Glass. (from Gloria)

If David and Iman are still thinking up possible baby names, perhaps they need look no further than this landscape architect from New York who manages to combine David, Iman and the Adler (from Outside's Nathan Adler) all in one name! (from Crystal)

The DVD Criterion Collection of Last Temptation of Christ has been pushed back a couple of weeks to April 18 (Ed: to avoid being released during the middle of Easter?). You can still advance order it from Amazon.com at a great discount. Ed: In the past, DVDs seem to have their biggest discounts when they are on pre-order. The price has seemed to rise after they are officialy shipping. (from Amazon.com)

The Cause for Celebration gala to conclude Clean your Closet week in Denver Colorado next Saturday, March 25 will auction off two drawings from invited artists. Organized by Jeff Koons, the artists will also include James Rosenquist, David Bowie, Cecily Brown and Brian Eno. (from RaMOANa)

In the March 20 issue of Time, Joel Stein makes mention of "Bowie's surreal sexiness" (from TheNazGirl)

Helen Fayle who wrote the Dark Labyrinth fan fiction reports that she won the Best Overall Story and Best New Character in the 1999 Labyrinth Fanfic Awards. Also picked third for Best Explicit Scene! See a cover created for the story by Nathan Skreslet here. (from Helen)

Bowie and Sarah McLachlan are on the cover for the most recent issue of Canadian magazine MacLeans in an article about music on the net. (from Vernard)

Bowie is one of the judges in the Music category for the Webby Awards, to be held on May 11 in San Francisco. No nominations for any Bowie-related sites; the five music nominations were FarmClub, Sputnik7, Napster, Wired Planet and Launch. (from rancell)

Akko has pictures of famous London Bowie landmarks starting with Brixton, and continuing over the next few weeks with Heddon Street, Hammersmith Odeon etc for London visitors who want to traipse around the old Bowie haunts. (from Akko)

Tool frontman Maynard Keenan is a big Bowie fan according to a report in Billboard. "One of my biggest heroes in music has been David Bowie," he says, describing his latest band A Perfect Circle as an expression of his artistic feelings in a similar way to Bowie's exploration of other artistic mediums. (from rancell)

US television watchers over the last month will have seen the Royal Carribean ad which uses Lust For Life. (from Guy P)

Calling Hermann Nitsch, calling Hermann Nitsch. According to a report in the Times from last month, Somali tradition calls for the sacrifice of a humped beast to celebrate the birth of a new child. Referring to Iman and David's impending arrival, Surer Abshir, director of the Somali Community Information Center said "There should be a feast, and a slaughter". (from Liz)

The Sega Dreamcast version of The Nomad Soul should be in UK stores for the beginning of April. One of the porters to the Dreamcast says the new version "will be noticeably smoother and faster" than the PC version, according to an ad in the official UK Dreamcast Magazine and this snippet on the Eidos UK website. (from Graeme B.)

Horror of horrors. The bloody black comedy film The Item features a chorus of Bowie's I'm Afraid Of Americans during one of the murder scenes. (from pyrimyd)

Peter Murphy, currently on tour in the US and Canada, is popping in a few snippets of Oh! You Pretty Things and Memory Of A Free Festival at the end of his own song Subway. (Ed: You'll remember that as leadman for Bauhaus, their biggest hit was a cover of Bowie's Ziggy Stardust). See the Peter Murphy Tour Page for dates near you. (from David Phipps)

Micharel has his own cover of Width of a Circle/A Lad In Vein up on his website for download. (from Micharel)

The afore-mentioned Italian tribute band Mr Ziggy and the Spiders will be playing in Rome on the 16th and 24th of this month. Check the local papers in Rome for venues. (from Gloria)

Noted art critic and ArtNet contributor Charlie Finch will have his two hour lecture to New York University students last month broadcast as an audio file on BowieNet starting March 13th. The lecture is an overview of the New York art scene with special attention to the hot young stars. (from ArtNet)

Also in the contest vein is The David Bowie Archives monthly Esprit giveaway - this month it's Tin Machine and Tin Machine II. Just visit the website and click on the Win A Free CD link. (from John C)

The Stardust Page is running an hours... competition until March 15. Just go to the main page and click on the Rubrique Concours link in the left hand frame. (from Marc)

MacCentral.com's Famous Mac Personages section has a mention from Trinia del Rosario about Bowie using a Powerbook and a PowerMac for his artwork and surfing the net. There's also this photo shoot and interview from Yahoo Internet Life where he confesses the same. (from Rudy)

Special Note: Cinema Classics who held Saturday's screening of Cracked Actor would like to thank all of the Teenage Wildlifers who came out to make the evening a smashing success. Bowie-militia assembled from far and wide in their glam-gear to witness the epic Bowie-documentary. Watch this space for future Bowie-related events... (from Walter J Magnuson II and Antonio Farruggio)

Photos from Japan: The Japanese Bowie fan site run by Mr. Minami has uploaded some pictures of Bowie on his Japanese Outside Tour in 1996. Explanation is on Tomosuke's English language website. (from Tomosuke)

G.Q. UK's best dressed Brits list places Bowie at #5, behind Liam Gallagher, David Beckham, Gianluca Vialli and Nick Moran. (from Roger B.)

At NME's website you can email e-cards of past NME covers (including some Bowie photos) to other Internet users. (from Will)

MTV Europe's Bowie Day last week selected their top 10 Bowie videos. In order, they were: 1. Jump They Say, 2. Heart's Filthy Lesson, 3. Hallo Spaceboy, 4. Dead Man Walking, 5. Life on Mars, 6. Ashes to Ashes, 7. Absolute Beginners, 8. Little Wonder, 9. Thursday's Child, 10. Heroes. Surprisingly the award-winning China Girl video didn't even make it onto the list. (from Erik)

One the subject of Bowie tribute bands, Italy's own Mr Ziggy and the Glass Spiders, consisting of Stefano Cannone on vocals and saz, Lorenzo Raparelli on bass, Alessandro Bagagli on drums, Michele Ricciardi on keyboard and Gianni Russo on guitar also makes regular appearances. Over the weekend they were in Rome, playing an 18 song setlist from Hallo Spaceboy to Moonage Daydream. (from Gloria)

Here's a rarity for you. Deadsy, led by Elijah Blue, son of Cher and Greg Allman, has a cover of Teenage Wildlife on their site in MP3 format. This demo version is six years old and will never be officially released, so if you want to hear it, run on over to their MP3 section and download it. (from Akashaman)

Last call!: Tomorow, Saturday March 4, Bowie fans in New York will want to wend their way to Cinema Classics, 332 East 11st Street for a midnight showing of the Cracked Actor documentary. Price is just $5, seating is limited, and a few bonus clips (e.g. db's drug-addled interview with Dick Cavett) will be shown after the main documentary. Email cinemaclassics@excite.com to reserve your seat! (from Antonio)

Ever wondered about the dance company LaLaLa Human Steps which Bowie worked with last decade. Go visit Adeline's A Page in Black and White which focusses on the band and includs a section on their involvement with Bowie. (from Adeline)

Mr Morose himself, Morrissey, ended his New York concert at the Beacon Theatre with an up-beat Drive In Saturday on Tuesday evening. (from IspaCebOy)

The limited edition Divine Comedy Secret History album includes on its bonus CD a live cover version of Life On Mars. (from Anon)

Yeehah, Commissioner Cowboy! Gillespie County, Texas has David Bowie on the ballot for Commissioner. The David Bowie? Well, no. But he sure looks good in a cowboy hat. (from John)

Commissioner Bowie
Commissioner Bowie
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One year ago today, Mike Garson launched his Now! Music Network web site. To celebrate, Mike has written a commemorative poem. (from Now! Music)

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