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April 2000

The dozen Easter Eggs decorated by Iman and supermodel friends sold for $4,550 after 87 bids at eBay with proceeds going to Rosie O'Donnell's children's charity. (from Richard)

Arcane caught Beck at Seattle's Mercer Arena last night, where the soon-to-be Bowie collaborator broke into a snippet of Let's Dance. Unfortunately, it seems Beck needs to do a little more brushing up on his Bowie knowledge since he referred to the song as "that Puff Daddy song". tongue (from Arcane)

Sure can't complain about a lack of beauty in the Bowie household. Iman was picked as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People for the year 2000. Insisting that they are simple homebodies, the pregnant Iman says she likes to put her feet up in their Manhattan apartment while sitting in a 1920s Japanese chair that Bowie bought in Kyoto. (from Mandy)

Today, April 29 is 7 years since Mick Ronson passed away from cancer in 1993. Play Don't Worry, a Japanese Ronno fan site, had their first ever Mick Ronson Tribute Meeting in Nagoya today. You can read more information on Tomosuke's web pgae. (from tomosuke)

Ian Hunter has a new website up and running at ianhunter.com and is on the verge of his first full band, full show tour in the US in almost a decade. Only one show has been confirmed; a night at the Bowery Ballroom on June 2. The US tour follows a limited engagement run in the UK which concludes with a night at the Astoria on May 20. (from rancell)

VillageWorld has taken over the hosting of BowieNet from Concentric Networks as noted in this press release.

Swedish Bowie newsletter: Soul Love - David Bowie On Swedish is a Swedish-language newsletter about all things Bowie. To subscribe, send email to subscribe-soullove@teenagewildlife.com. (from Daniel S.)

The April 2000 issue of The Voyeur is out. In this issue: Copenhagen report, Bowie and family, Hours... promo tour Part 2, Cd reviews, Dark Hall of Fame (The Bad Traders Page) The winners of the Omnikron contest, Adverts. (from Ludo)

The Voyeur

May 13 is the opening date for the Rock Style exhibit at the Cleveland Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The exhibit first opened at the New York Met and features a section devoted to David Bowie's costumes throughout the years. (from rancell)

Holland America's latest cruise ship, ms Zaandam, features music-related decor throughout its public rooms - including a collection of guitars signed by Iggy Pop and David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, and Queen. (from rancell)

SOD breaks new sod with more updates, including new SOD of the Month, Bitch of the Month and some answers to "What Would Bowie Do?" (from sQ)

Chris Parker has added a review and listing of the 4CD set bootleg Longest Hours to Tigers on Vaseline. (from Chris)

Mike Garson will be recording a live jazz album this Thursday, April 27 at the Wyndham Bel Age Hotel in West Hollywood, CA. Show starts at 9 p.m. For more information, call the hotel at (310) 854-1111 or visit Now! Music. (from Now! Music)

Italian cover band Mr Ziggy and the Glass Spiders had a footstompin' 2 hour show last night in Rome. Next show is May 5 at the Blackout (Ed: how appropriate :)) Club in Rome. (from Gloria)

Next month's NBC miniseries The 70's leaves Bowie off the soundtrack but the front album cover sports mysteriously familiar "lightning bolt" makeup on one of the actresses. (from Chad)

Thursday night's episode of Popular about genderbending featured Changes twice in the same show. (from GlitterGlamAngel)

Listen out for Mike Garson on a bonus hidden track at the end of the album on No Doubt's Return of Saturn. Mike also guests on the Smashing Pumpkin's Machina - Machines of God on the song With Every Light. (from Now! Music)

A current Tommy Hilfiger ad on US television enlists the help of Watch That Man as the musical score (from Hallu)

From the "It's art Jim, but not as we know it" department, RaMOANa has a scan and commentary on the art piece "With Right Hand" which Bowie donated to the Cause for Celebration charity auction held last month in Denver. (from RaMOANa)

Bowie t-shirts multiplying like rabbits: Actress Jenna Elfman appeared at VH1's Men Strike Back wearing a Bowie Scary Monsters album cover t-shirt (see picture at VH1) and, clutching her breast, proudly proclaimed "This is where David Bowie belongs". Elfman joins Christina Ricci and Sheryl Crow as female celebrities showing up with Bowie t-shirts. (from Oxehuf)

Even Salon.com picked up on yesterday's Iman pregnancy rituals in their People section. (from Tim L.)

Mick Rock Book Signing: The official signing/book launch for Raw Power: Iggy & The Stooges will take place Thursday May 4, 6 p.m. at Helter Skelter, 4 Denmark Street, London WC2. All are welcome! (from Creation Books via Liz R.)

New LA-based band Blueroom is rumoured to derive their name from Bowie's Sound And Vision "blue, blue, electric blue, that's the colour of my room". They have an MP3 up on their site. (from Aaron)

Philippe Auliac has more pictures of Bowie up on his F*ckin' Paparazzi exhibition preview site. (from Philippe)

Check out this Space Oddity theme/skin file for Windows. (from Alois)

Mike's Start-Up Logos has returned after a year long absence with a new Bowie logo for Windows users on Page 4.

Ultrastar.com, the company Bowie co-founded and responsible for BowieNet has announced another in their line of "community-based ISPs" with www.clevelandbrowns.com - a site for fans of the NFL Cleveland Browns. (from Rancell)

Something In The Air Interruptus? Those who have seen pre-release screenings of the American Psycho film report that while it does indeed start at the beginning of the credits, it begins halfway through with Abracadoo, I lose you and only plays about a minute and a half before being interrupted by the Tom Tom Clubs Who Feelin' It. (from Jer)

Aqua, the band, steals the Wham bam, thank you ma'am lyric from Suffragette City for their new track Bumble Bees. (from Will)

Eric Idle described Monty Python in a recent A&E special as "among other things, Rod Stewart with a tiny touch of David Bowie". (from TheNazGirl)

Depeche Mode have put up a QuickTime 4 movie of the backing concert projection used on their 1998 Singles tour at their official site. If you remember way back from September 1998, the footage makes obvious homage to Bowie with lead Martin Gore in Aladdin Sane lightning bolt makeup as well as another reference to The Thin White Duke (from Zarg)

The July issue of Q Magazine will have Bowie as the subject of their Cash for Questions feature. Get £25 for the "sharpest, funniest questions" printed in the magazine. Send it in to: (from Rene)

Cash For Questions (David Bowie)
Q Magazine
Mappin House
Wonsley Street
London W1N 7AR
Fax: (44 171) 0171 312 8247
Email: q@ecm.emap.com

Powerman 5000 in their song Nobody's Real sing at the beginning "Scary Monsters and super peeps", an obvious play on Bowie's own Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps). (from Anjyl)

Looks like Glastonbury is a definite go for Bowie. Even the venerable BBC News is reporting the festival will go ahead "with veteran rocker David Bowie the top attraction". Tickets are already on sale, at £89 for the three day event. (from Bonster)

Looks like Glastonbury is a definite go for Bowie. Even the venerable BBC News is reporting the festival will go ahead "with veteran rocker David Bowie the top attraction". Tickets are already on sale, at £89 for the three day event. (from Bonster)

Oops: Ever wondered what happens to fallen rock stars? Steve Strange, the "New Romantic" from early 80s band Visage (known for their hit Fade To Grey) has been sentenced to three months in jail for stealing a Telletubby from a store in South Wales, part of a wider shoplifting spree including cosmetics and a lady's jacket. What's the Bowie connection? Steve Strange was one of the actors/characters in Bowie's ground breaking Ashes to Ashes video from 1980. (from NME)

Simon responded about getting Bowie on the radio. As co-presenter of a Jazz station, he put together the following five Bowie tracks on consecutive "theme" days: I Pity The Fool for "Blue Monday", Young Americans on "Soul Spin Tuesday", Looking For Lester on "Jazz Hero Wednesday" (Lester Bowie), Volare for "Easy Cheesy Thursday" and Fame back-to-back with James Brown's Hot on "Funky Friday". Simon says that he was eventually axed as the Drivetime show presenter after he played two Ananda Shankah tracks back to back as a tribute when Shankah died. (from SimonG)

Bassman's David Bowie page has had a huge update for collectors, including fully illustrated versions of the 1981 CD edition, 1990-92 CD and LP edition and 1999 CD edition. To see the complete updates, visit Bassman's David Bowie page. (from Stefan)

Teenage Wildlife contributor Vikki aka WildWind was asked to do a guest spot on her local talk radio station in Houston. She brought along Young Americans as her "bumper music", but sadly reports that the hosts of the show had no idea what the song was. (from WildWind)

The David Bowie Archives is running its own Esprit CD giveaway this month for a 7" vinyl box set of Day In Day Out. Just click on the Win A Vinyl Box Set link. (from The David Bowie Archives)

Last month we mentioned that Morrissey was ending his concerts with Drive In Saturday on the last part of his US tour. Well, totally illegally of course, someone now has a MP3 cover of his performance on the web - Morrissey changes a couple of lyrics along the way including switching "David's eyes" for "Jagger's eyes" :-) (from spaCeb0y)

Phillip Glass, classical composer of the Low Symphony and "Heroes" Symphony will be performing at the University of Georgia on April 18th, 2000. Tickets are on sale now and available at the Tate Student Center Cashier's Window or call (706) 542-8074 to order. The concert will be held at Hodgson Hall in UGA's School of Music. (from Rebecca)

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