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May 2000

Don't you wonder sometimes about Sound and Vision? Adobe.com has a front page feature link to an article about the use of Adobe products in the creation of BowieNet and includes some quotes from Bowie about his reasons for setting up the ISP. (from Hans M.)

Station To Station? Travellers on Dutch rail this coming month can see Bowie in the free June 2000 edition of Rails magazine with an article about his latest art and music endeavours. (from Vivian)

You can get Iggy! Great Modern Pictures has a limited number of Mick Rock autographed Raw Power: Iggy Pop and the Stooges 1972 books available for purchase at their website. Upon request, you can even get a personal dedication from Mick - just ask when you order. (from Robert K.)

You've got Ziggy! As this AOL splash screen shows, Ziggy made a feature appearance on the biggest ISP in the world yesterday as promotion for the Rock Style exhibit currently showing at the Cleveland Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. (from Bonster)

AOL Splash

Britain's Music Live event will conclude tomorrow with a nationwide karaoke version of Lou Reed's Perfect Day. Included in the five day schedule is an Instrument Amnesty which appeals for people to donate unwanted musical instruments. Amongst the contributions, David Bowie has donated a saxophone, Sting a guitar and Elton John some keyboards to encourage children to take up music. (from Celine)

The Tribute to David Bowie show last month now has pictures from the event up at their web page. Go see all the fun you missed out on! (from Kelly)

King Crimson, including Adrian Belew and Robert Fripp started their European tour yesterday in Copenhagen. Comprised mostly of songs from their upcoming album, the 1 1/2 hour show ended with a cover version of "Heroes", complete with Fripp's trademark guitar licks as he laid them down on Bowie's "Heroes" album over 22 years ago. (from Peter)

The long-awaited Live and Well CD from BowieNet (a double CD set of live songs from the Earthling Tour) is close to release. If you're a BowieNet member, go update your information at the BowieNet web site. (from Chris)

Bowie Fan on Jeopardy: For television viewers in the US, Teenage Wildlife reader Mike from Los Angeles is the current Jeopardy champion and tomorrow, Friday May 26 enters into a spiel with host Alex Trebek about how saw Bowie live 20 times in one year. Unfortunately, Mike gets dethroned later that night, but not before his 3 day winnings come to $30,000! Congratulations Mike! (from Mike)

Fury's new album, Home Inside will feature a "shimmering cover version of All The Young Dudes." (from Gilly)

Brendan Gallagher, guitarist for Karma County and the axeman on the Marius deVries single remix of Survive will be touring Europe, USA and Canada over the next few months. Of particular note is an acoustic WOMAD appearance with Suzanne Vega, Jimmy Little (Australia), Telek (Papua New Guinea), Yunchen Lamo (Tibet) and others at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, London in mid July. (from Brendan G.)

Vivian - an all girl band are due to play Rodney Bingenheimer's English disco this coming Friday at 5257 W. Adams Blvd, Los Angeles. The Bowie link? According to Rodney, the band is managed by the infamous Tony DeFries! (from Elma)

Iman will appear on NBC's Later show on late Wednesday night (actually Thursday morning) at 1:35 a.m. ET. According to the TV listing, she'll talk about her relationship with Bowie and being pregnant with the couple's child. (from Richard and Dakobah)

The Rock Style Exhibit has now moved to the Cleveland Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame. This photograph of Bowie's Glass Spider Outfit appeared in the Cleveland Plain Dealer last week. (from JohnO)

Glass Spider outfit

The RMAT Music Trivia Test given at select Tower Records locations had several questions concerning Bowie. One involved a question about Stevie Ray Vaughn's contribution to a certain 1983 album, and another asked which Bowie album was made without any assistance from Brian Eno. A match the rock star to the model had Bowie and Iman, while match the year-title song with the artist include 1984. (from James G.)

Swedish pop/rock group Toothler has a cornucopia of Bowie-referencing clips in their new video Summer City Sorrow. First, singer Kajsa Leman walks through a city with Never Let Me Down under her arm. Then, she steps into a music store with a Young Americans poster on the wall, and in every chorus sequence she emulates Bowie from his Life On Mars video. As a grande finale, in the last verse they quote from Eight Line Poem. (from Daniel S.)

But the key to the city
Is in the sun that pins the branches to the sky

Cinema Classics in New York City will be hosting post-concert receptions for Roseland Ballroom concertgoers on all three nights, June 16, 17 and June 19 from midnight-2 a.m. The cafe will be open exclusively to concert attendees while the screening room will feature rarely-seen Bowie television appearances. Cinema Classics is at 332 East 11th Street, Manhattan. For directions, email cinemaclassics@excite.com.

On the May 14 premiere of The Simpsons "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Marge", Homer Simpson changes the oil in his car while singing "Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, time to change the oil... Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes, don't wanna be a greasy man" indicating there's at least one Bowie fan on the Simpsons writing team. (from Fio and Leah!)

This SonicNet article refers to Bowie's press release quote of Roseland shows with a response from publicist Fran Curtis that "she knew of only one event being scheduled". In a related story, PRWeek magazine found that 25% of public relations employees admitted lying to journalists.

The latest issue of Spin has an article about electronica musician Curtis A. Jones, who calls himself Green Velvet. Asked about his unique style of dress, he is quoted as saying "It comes from my idols: Grace Jones, Sly Stone, and David Bowie." (from Anjyll)

Closet Microsoft fans? In an advisory to Danish Microsoft customers about the ILOVEYOU virus, the example given of a file which may be deleted is bowie.mp3. (from Tomas)

Legally belegeaured Napster.com won the Best Music Award in last night's Webby Awards for which David Bowie was one of the judges. Napster also won in the People's Voice Awards. (from rancell)

Ashes To Ashes, Body to Body?? This week's Irish TV guide says 17 year-old Samantha Mumba has been "given permission by David Bowie" to sample his 1980 hit Ashes To Ashes for a track called Body To Body on her debut album. (from Dara)

Mike's Start-Up Logos has a new 'hours...' based logo on page 4 of his Bowie section. (from Mike)

Mr Ziggy and the Glass Spiders played another gig at the Blackout Club in Rome last Friday, with the audience rocking out to Rock and Roll Suicide and Little Wonder. (from Gloria)

The June issue of Q magazine has a 100 Greatest British Albums Ever feature, voted on by Q's writers. Given Q's usual Bowie-philia, the list includes 4 Bowie albums: Scary Monsters at #30, Ziggy Stardust at #25, Hunky Dory at #16 and Low at #14. Click on the thumbnails below for Q's full description and evocative moment of each album. (from Spaceface, Philip Q. and Jem)

#14 #25 #30

Last weekend's Pittsburgh Bowie tribute show was a great success! Around 300 people turned up in the old theatre and were greeted by the sounds of the Low Symphony. Costumes ranged from Bowie-imitators to the bizarre. One audience member dressed up as a Spider from Mars complete with eight arms and bug eyes, while a singer donned the Ashes To Ashes clown costume. At the end of the night, th floor was a mass of tinsel, glitter and feathers! (from Kelly)

Go vote for Bowie at the Mosiqa International Music Directory. (from Heidi)

The Ziggy Stardust Companion's feature article this month is about the Carnegie Hall concert on September 28, 1972 - Bowie's breakthrough performance in the American market. (from Mike H.)

Reeves Gabrels is a guest performer (along with Tori Amos and Cindy Wilson) on Family Fantastic's debut album, Nice! (from DEmerson)

The Beck "Puff Daddy" incident looks like it might just have been a case of muffled sonics from the stage. Todd V, also at the Seattle show, says he heard Beck start in on Let's Dance and pay Bowie a compliment by actually saying "This ain't no Puff Daddy song... this is the real thing!" (from Todd V.)

RZig caught Tony Visconti at the Mother club in Manhattan last week as part of a T-Rex tribute with his band called The Leather Boas. RZig caught Tony V. passing by and asked
"Are you Tony?"
With a grin, he said yeah.
"Are you playing bass tonight?".
"Yes I am"
"Well, that's why I'm here baby! Thanks for all of your work"
The band performed well and did all the classic hits including Telegram Sam. Tony V. said from the stage that this was their first show, but it wouldn't be their last. (from RZig)

The David Bowie Archives has a new downloadable dave update including five shows from the 1999 'hours...' tour. (from The David Bowie Archives)

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