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June 2000

A Little Bit Of Fresh Air: NPR's Fresh Air with Terri Gross interviewed VH-1 executive Bill Flanagan and quizzed him about the Bowie Storytellers appearance, playing China Girl from the VH-1 Storytellers CD. (from Paul M.)

And The Solid Book We Wrote: Amazon.co.uk has some notes from the author, David Buckley, on his updated Strange Fascination Bowie biography. Interesting reading. (from DKB)

Jim Bowie? Let's Dance! The June 21 show of Whose Line Is It Anyway featured a skit where the actors were portraying Daniel Boone and Jim Bowie. When Daniel Boone asked Jim Bowie "What should we do!??" (as in an emergency), Jim looked at him and said "Let's Dance" to loud cheers from the audience. (from Jarethlvr)

Hello! Sailor Last month's May 23 edition of Britain's Hello! magazine has a picture (in the background) of Eartha Kitt's Thursday's Child record, the same one which Bowie said influenced his Thursday's Child song during his VH1 Storytellers recording. (from Anthea)

Hitchcock and Phillips Brit songwriter Robyn Hitchcock and Los Angeles based Lee Phillips rolled out cover versions of Sound and Vision, Ashes To Ashes and All The Young Dudes in a "wacky" encore at their duo show at Hollywood's Trubadour club. (from David and rancell via Daily Variety)

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changing suburbs The amalgamation of two Auckland suburbs on Wednesday's prime time news in New Zealand was accompanied by, you guessed it, Changes playing wistfully in the background. (from Philip)

David Of The Day Swedish TV4 had David as their "name of the day" for June 25th. Referring to Bowie as a celebrity with that name the narrator said "The chameleon David Bowie is perhaps the most influential musician of all time". (from Carl G.)

Wear your Space Suit to cover band Space Oddity's two performance next month in Los Angeles. July 19 they're playing at the House Of Blues in Hollywood and July 21 at Scruffy O'Shea's in Marina Del Rey. Visit the Space Oddity web site for more details. (from Space Oddity)

Time Out! Bowie is on the cover of this week's London Time Out magazine and the article includes this snippet of particular interest for people wondering about the next musical production: "JUNE 9.....I hate to waste the energy of a show-honed band so I've asked one and all if they would like to make an album immediately we get back to New York. All are in agreement that they'd like that very much, so I've pulled together a selection of songs from a somewhat unusual reservoir and booked time in a studio. I still get really elated by the spontaneous event and cannot wait to sit in a claustrophobic space with seven other energetic people and sing till my tits drop off." (from Simon G.)

Sigismondi in Rotterdam: Visitors to Rotterdam can take in the Chic Thrills: Pop-Surrealism in Photography exhibit which includes works by Floria Sigismondi (director of the Little Wonder and Dead Man Walking videos) until July 16 at the Cokkie Snoie Gallery, Mauritsweg 55, 3012 JZ Rotterdam. Email Snoei-C@wirehub.nl for more details. (from Bart P.)

All The Young Dudettes: Jill Sobule of "I Kissed A Girl" fame came out for an encore last Saturday at City Stages in Birmingham, Alabama and gave an acoustic rendition of All The Young Dudes. (from DarcAngel)

Win Ben Stein's Money - the Comedy Central game show had a question last week which asked "Which British rock star's 1977 album Low was the basis for Philip Glass' Low Symphony". The answer was of course "David Bowie"! (from ProzachV)

Start Me Up! Mike's Start-Up Logo Page has a new logo based on the cover of the I'm Afraid Of Americans single. (Mike)

If it's good enough for Puff Daddy... it's good enough for Dom + Roland. The drum 'n bass UK artist has a new 12" single out called Can't Punish Me which is based on a sample of Bowie's Let's Dance. It's available on the Moving Shadow label, catalogue number Shadow144. (from Andrea and Moving Shadow)

Words are flowing out like endless rain: BBC's Radio 4 will be broadcasting portions of Bowie's honorary degree speech from Berklee College last year this coming Sunday, June 18 at 5:40 p.m. as part of their Maps For The Future three part documentary. (from Liz R.)

Golden CDs, whoop whoop whoop: The Sega Dreamcast version of The Nomad Soul has gone "golden master" (i.e. ready for final release) and should arrive in stores June 22 according to this Daily Radar report. (from James W.)

The Sun Machine Is Coming Down... If you're visiting Cologne, Germany and in need of a tan here's a great place for you, the Bowie-Sun Sonnenstudio. Click for a full size picture. (Ed: Perhaps this is where Bowie went to get his tan for the Serious Moonlight tour!).(from Markus)

Bowie-Sun Sonnenstudio

MTV Bumper Music: At last week's US MTV Movie Awards, Rebel Rebel accompanied Mel Gibson's plugging of The Patriot and Young Americans played in the background for an award to American Pie (from ProzachV)

The London Girl: Akko's Art Decade site has added pictures of some of the items available at the National Portrait Gallery as well as a review of Mick Rock's visit to London for the Raw Power book signing. For Japanese readers, she has a translation of the Q Cash For Questions issue into Japanese. (from Akko)

Minding your P's and Q's: The David Bowie Archives has just put up The David Bowie Q Collection, a collection of articles from British magazine Q through the years, including the most recent Cash For Questions issue. (from The David Bowie Archives)

If it's good enough for Bowie... UK soap Brookside had a scene with a relatively elderly man being told he was about to become a father again. When asked how he felt about being the oldest dad in the playground he replied "If it's good enough for David Bowie..." (from Liz R.)

RIP Tom Ayres: Music producer Tom Ayres who is often credited as the man who helped sign Bowie to RCA Records back in the early 70's on Bowie's first trip to the USA, died last week of a heart attack at the age of 67. According to Chris Carter who is producing the Mayor of Sunset Strip documentary, audio still exists of Bowie playing acoustic versions of After All and All The Madmen on the floor of Tom Ayres' Hollywood Hills living room. (from Chuck and Zarg)

The Pretty Things are Mixing to Hell: Macromedia's Shockwave.com is hosting a way to remix your own version of The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell provided you have the ShockWave plugin installed on your computer. (from Toby G, Hans M and Zella)

He's So Swishy: Boy George was on Jerry Springer's UK chat show last night, having a great time "poofing it up" (his words) and enjoying Springer's apparent discomfort. At one point, Jerry asked him how he got into cross-drssing and he replied "Well, I was a huge Bowie fan first, and then I got into punk". (from Dara)

He Shook Me Cold! The Hunger costar Ann Magnuson told The New York Post that her sex scene with Bowie in the 1983 movie had her "trembling like a teen groupie". Comparing Bowie to Samuel L. Jackson (with whom she does a nude scene in Jackson's next movie), Magnuson reports "Sex with Jackson is totally different from doing it with Bowie. Bowie seemed so fragile he might fall to pieces, but because he was such a famous rock star, I was trembling like a teen groupie. Physically, Bowie is incredibly diminutive, especially without his big heels on. Jackson is amazingly big in the flesh and totally imposing, but ... no intimidation at all." (from WebWolf)

Beauty And The Beast: According to Bjork's official website news, David Bowie (along with Bjork) is one of the contributors to La Beauté, the French government's official artistic contribution to the millennium. Each contributor has an installation featuring their version of beauty - with each being sited in different venues in Avignon: churches, houses, factories, clubs etc. The event opened to the public last Saturday and will run through September. (from Paoola and OVAL)

It's Only Rock And Roll VH-1's special on the history of musicians and movies featured a short clip about Bowie's thespian roles in The Man Who Fell To Earth, The Hunger and Last Temptation Of Christ, claiming inaccurately that "Bowie parlayed his Ziggy character into a feature length film in Man Who Fell To Earth" and suggesting that Bowie played a "decent" Pontius Pilate in Last Temptation. (from Vikki O.)

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