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July 2000

Dave Matthews injects a little Bowie into this live MP3 version of Too Much from 1997. Tune in about three quarters of the way through the song. (from Patrick)

Napster Lives to fight another day. A last minute stay by federal judges allows Napster to remain in service without change until the case goes to trail.

Mick's Day Mick Jagger turns 57 today, July 26. (from richj)

Win Seven! Enter to win the UK three CD single set + European promo (link updated) of Seven at Bassman's David Bowie page. (from Bassman)

Bowie Online Army Summons: Help move Bowie to the top of VH-1's 25 Sexiest Artists Over 50 poll. (from crimsondynamo)

Bob Seger the anti-Bowie? Detroit Free Press' columnist Terry Lawson wrote a piece this week about Bob Seger after a Michigan senator suggested Seger be named Michigan's poet laureate. Lawson writes "Michiganders love Seger, with far more devotion and depth of feeling than is traditionally lavished on hometown rock heroes. It's partly, I think, because Seger is the anti-Bowie, a roots rocker with less than zero interest in trends, bandwagons or rock critic approval." (from Jaime)

Christie's to Auction Photos: Christie's auction house in London is planning a sale this autumn of some of the late Linda McCartney's best rock and roll photographs. In addition to her prints, the sale "will also feature prints by other photographers of contemporary stars including David Bowie, Michael Douglas and Daniel Day-Lewis." (from Liz R.)

EnZed Bowie Tribute: Tom McGinty is putting together a Bowie tribute show at the Indigo Bar in Wellington, New Zealand on September 2. For more information, email tom@catalystproductions.co.nz. (from Tom)

Online Swaps: A new site, the International Bowie Fan Chat and Bootleg Swap page is intended to provide a time and meeting place for all Bowie Napster fans. (from AdAd)

Drug Dealing Musicians? The Recording Industry Association has a guest column by Thomas Dolby this week which likens people in the music industry to drug dealers - providing just enough free samples to get people hooked. Of interest to Bowie fans is a case study where he describes Bowie's use of the Web. (from Mark)

Songs of the Seventies: Musicians and bands will join in Bussum, The Netherlands on August 19 to play a small festival featuring Bowie songs from the seventies era. The event starts at 2100 at Opsessie Bussum. For more information, visit the event's web page (English) or (Dutch). (from Paul)

Happy Birthday Mr G. Mike Garson's birthday is just ten days away on July 29. Send your birthday wishes to birthday@mikegarson.com and be creative. The best will be assembled into a birthday gallery at Mike's website. (from Now! Music)

Station-To-MP3-Station: STATIONTOBOWIE bills itself as the ultimate guide to every David Bowie music file available on the Net. (from kooi)

Watch out for SOD!:The SODs have returned - visit the newly updated Sisteurs of Destruction - the "Bowie Fan Site with a Bite". Amongst the many updates, there is something called the "SODOM application." Dare we ask? (from squeakie)

Movie screenings:The Anthology Film Archives on 2nd St and 2nd Ave in New York City, will be screening Velvet Goldmine and Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars on July 21 and 22. Visit the Anthology Film Archives site or call (212) 505-5181 for more information. (from religitania)

Ziggy Stardust Companion updates: New on the Ziggy Stardust Companion this month is an extensive Masayoshi Sukita gallery as well as interviews, images, articles and reviews about a December 1972 RCA Press Conference and the Pirates World Amusement Park concert of 17 November 1972 plus transcripts from Part 1 of the recent BBC 2 Radio Show called Golden Years. (from Mike H.)

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