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August 2000

The Jean Genie interview: Spaceface has put together an interview with pictures with John Mainwaring, the frontman for UK Bowie tribute band Jean Genie. The resemblance is startling! (from spaceface)

Arthur Andersen poll: Accounting/consultant giant Arthur Andersen is running a poll on their internal web site for employees. Given the question "What musical performer(s) best encompasses the idea of the new economy?", Bowie is currently running at 14%, ahead of The Backstreet Boys, Yanni and Metallica, but behing Moby (at 21%) and "Music has nothing to do with the new economy" (at 33%). (from Paul M.)

Ibiza Opening: From Ibiza To The Norfolk Broads, the new play by Adrian Berry opens todya at the Camden People's Theatre in London. For more details, see our feature article from earlier this month.

Just in time for xmas? The September issue of UK Record Collector has this one sentence mention of a new album by Marc Roberty. "A few days later, Bowie and his touring band, including veteran guitarist Earl Slick, flew to New York to record a new studio album, for release as early as Christmas." (from Alan M.)

Animating 'hours...': Mike has two new animated startup logos from the hours... album on his web page. (from Mike)

The Man Who Phoned Home: Thomas Jerome Newton could have used some of these Man Who Fell To Earth phonecards. A great gift for phonecard collectors. (from Andy)

Landscaping with David Iman: Think this landscape architect is a closet Bowie fan? Or is it just coincidence that his name is David Iman Adler? Seems a little suspicious to us! (from Colin)

Discography Update Ruud's discography had a minor fix to get the full version of Over The Wall We Go. Check it out. (from Ruud)

Backstage Bawling: Angie Bowie has a new CD out titled Moon Goddess. The story behind the songs as well as MP3 downloads are available on the MP3.com website. (from Skyler and Adam)

Backstage Bawling: Angie Bowie has a new CD out titled Moon Goddess. The story behind the songs as well as MP3 downloads are available on the MP3.com website. (from Skyler and Adam)

Your Wife Is A-Man? Irish radio satirical comedy slot Gift Grub featured Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern visiting Bowie in New York (both characters were parodies just so nobody gets confused!) Topic turned to the new baby with gifts including a Fisher Price laptop computer for Alexandriah, and Bowie saying "I think this baby has helped redefine my masculinity in terms of early 21st century Zeitgeist". The old chestnut "My wife is Iman/a man" featured as one of the main gags. (from Dara)

Tigers on Vaseline has added a new update - Memory Of a Not so Free Festival - Glastonbury 2000. Visit the Tigers on Vaseline web site for more. (from Chris P)

Cover Me with Covers: Ramsey has ShoutCast streaming audio of all of the DeeBee Cover Song Project submissions. Listen to all of them and then vote for your favourites by emailing Ramsey. (from Ramsey)

Artist Of The Day: Rolling Stone has The Thin White Dad as their Artist Of The Day. (from rancell)

Maximum '65: The September issue of UK magazine Mojo bundles a free CD called Maximum '65 - 20 Tracks from the Birth of Rock. Included is Bowie's recently-revived Can't Help Thinking About Me (which was actually released in January 1966). (from Liz)

Mick Ronson's Indian Summer: UK label Burning Airlines will be releasing the original soundtrack to Indian Summer by Mick Ronson for the first time on CD this September 25. Catalogue number will be PILOT57. (from Andrea)

MTVE goes vote-wild: Bowie has four candidate songs listed on MTVE's Top 100 Songs Ever Weekend. The top 100 will be ru on the 26th and 27th of August, so race over to vote if you want to see Bowie on the telly in Europe. (from Adriana)

The States Strike Back: Music companies were dealt a blow of their own when twenty eight US states filed a lawsuit today against the world's five largest record labels accusing them of price fixing for compact discs. The states are seeking "hundreds of milions of dollars" in damages.

Bowie versus Botticelli: Iman strikes a positively Venusian pose in these photographs on Iman's site from this week's US Weekly. (from Cat)


Bowie Bootleg Swap and Fan Chat returns this Saturday, August 12. Visit this website for details. (from Adam)

Prince nominates Bowie for chair: In an interview with Matt Peiken of the St Paul Pioneer Press from late July, Prince reiterated his theme of taking power back from the music companies and giving it to the artists. One of his suggestions was for artists to take over every facet of the music-delivery process, including the manufacture of devices that play the music and control of radio stations. Industry standards, he adds, would be decided by a commission or board made up of established artists. Potential boardmembers, according to Prince, could be himself, David Bowie and members of Metallica. (from Per N.)

Like The Video Films We Saw - check out New York Cinema Classics next midnight special on August 18 and 19 where they'll be airing the Japanese NHK special from December 12, 1978. The program will also include some never-before-seen Bowie rarities. Visit the Cinema Classics website for details. (from CinemaClassics)

An Animated Ashes To Ashes startup screen is available from Mike's Startup Logos page. (from Mike)

Iman in Bloom: The August 7th-14th edition of US Weekly magazine has a three page article on Iman, including photos of her Bowie tattoo and an interview where she talks about her life with David. (from DizzyGlitter)

Dress Sense: On the August 1 edition of CBS' The Late Late Show, host Craig Kilborn asked guest Brenda Blethyn about an elaborate costume in her new film Saving Grace. Kilborn had earlier mentioned Bowie as an English actor, and noted "See, that's where the Bowie influence comes in. You know, Bowie says every gentleman looks good in a dress." (from KaffeeIstGut)

New This Month on the Ziggy Stardust Companion is a story and picture of the whereabouts of the original K.WEST sign featured on the Ziggy album cover, as well as a special feature on a David Bowie Tarot Card set. (from Mike H.)

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