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September 2000

Duchess of Dorsey goes Dar: Long time Bowie bassist Gail-Ann Dorsey is out on tour with singer/songwriter Dar Williams (who covered Starman herself a couple of years ago). Go to Musical's list of dates to see when she'll be playing near you! (from abbagirl)

Beck will sashay on the boardwalk officially come December 25 according to a newsletter on the Beckdirect.com mailing list. As mentioned last month, Beck's cover of Diamond Dogs will appear on the soundtrack to the film Moulin Rouge which will premiere Christmas Day according to the newsletter. (from WiLLeM, Simon G and Richard J)

ReadySexGo: Atlanta based band Marvelous 3 have just released their third album ReadySexGo with one song Cigarette Lighter Love Song noted in the liner notes as written by "Butch Walker and David Bowie". The song itself is an interpolation of All The Young Dudes. (from Rebecca)

Dancing in the Streets of Jerusalem: Another television commercial for an international phone company in Israel features a cheap cover of Dancing In The Streets which Bowie and Jagger covered themselves in 1985. (from Yinnon)

Turn and face the n-n-n-network? Novell Networks has a new ad campaign out on US television featuring the sound of Changes. (from Dizthewonderkid)

DotMusic Beeb competition: DotMusic has a Bowie At The Beeb competition running in which you can win a t-shirt, the album, a signed print of the cover and more. (Ed: As of Monday afternoon, the submit button for the competition was not working correctly.).

Bon Jovi's Beauty Queen from Mars: Clearly we don't have too many Bon Jovi listeners because his album out since June has an undisguised takeoff of Bowie with the song Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars. Included in the song is the line "Dressed up just like Ziggy but he couldn't play guitar". You can see the entire song's lyrics here. (from Ziggi)

Whine and Dine with Spit-ups as cabaret: The David Bowie Archives has the Hello! world exclusive photos and story available in their special features section. (from DB Archives)

Making bullet-proof faces: New York Daily News gossip columnist Mitchell Fink reported in Monday's column that new parents Bowie and Iman just installed bulletproof glass in all the windows of their Manhattan apartment as pictured in the photos from Hello! magazine. (from rancell and Liz R.)

Swap to the Beat: The third international Fan Chat and Bootleg Swap (live via your Internet connection) will be held this Friday 22nd of September 10:00 PM GMT at britpop.napster.com (server). All the information including local time zones, software setup and site updates can be attained from http://bowie.netfirms.com. Mac users are now able to join. (from Adam)

VH1's Best Dressed television show features Bowie in a short segment even though he's not nominated for their 2000 Fashion Awards show (you'll remember he was the featured performer at the 1996 Awards show. (from Melissa)

Black Box Suicide: Some old but uncovered news. UK band Black Box Recorder has a cover version of Rock 'N Roll Suicide out on their The Art Of Driving single. (from Rich)

Beeb Sampler: Cyberspace Oddity has WMA samples from the Bowie At The Beeb 8-track sampler. (from Hans)

Ben Stein's Rebel Rebel: A question on Thursday's edition of Win Ben Stein's Money on USA's Comedy Central had a question about "Which musician who wrote Rebel Rebel also played the title role in a Broadway production of The Elephant Man". None of the contestants rung in, but Ben himself chimed in with the full verse of Rebel Rebel seemingly from heart and gave the correct answer "It's David Bowie, of course!"

Stroke Me Like The Rain: VH1's 20 to 1 television show features Bowie as Ziggy at #7 in their countdown of the Top 20 sexiest rock moments. Look for the show at 10 p.m. on Friday evening on VH1. (from Kate)

Temple Of Fashion: The Velvet Goldmine Fan Club has exclusive photographs and a report on Bowie's 1996 Biennale Di Ferenze exhibit. See David with Iman at the opening gala. (from VelvetGoldmine)

BabyPics: GMG scanned in all the pictures from Hello Magazine and has them up on her Baby Pictures page. (from GMG)

Survive? Not! Investment website The Motley Fool's Fool Survivor game saw Bowie voted off their fictional island on Day 3. You can read the daily report on Bowie's eviction: the reports are particularly amusing if you're familiar with the personalities involved :-) (from Kaliman)

The Hunter one is out there on his own: Ian Hunter of Mott The Hoople fame (All The Young Dudes) will make his first US television appearance in more than a decade on the David Letterman show, Tuesday, September 26. (from rancell)

Protest on the Wind: According to this MTV news item, Bowie is considering a contribution to the Last Party 2000 soundtrack, a political documentary for which Tony Visconti is producing many of the included tracks. (from Carl)

Sound+Vision+Aces? CBS used Sound and Vision as bumper music during one of this past weekend's US Tennis Open commercial breaks. (from Carl)

More Elfman Tees: Jenna Elfman sports a Scary Monsters t-shirt in this month's In Style magazine. The Dharma and Greg star has regularly been seen sporting Bowie visages on her front. (from Vikki)

Iman and Alexandria are still bonding, but expect photos including those taken by David himself, according to this diary entry on Iman's web site. (from bladz)

Auliac Additions: Philippe Auliac has three new Bowie photographs (Bowie 33,34,35) on his F'n Paparazzi page. (from Philippe)

Saving Grace: This film starring Brenda Blethyn has a very early scene where one of the main characters discusses The Man Who Fell To Earth and Bowie, saying "...have you ever looked into David Bowie's eyes?" (from Stephanie)

Andy, where's my 15 minutes? The trailers for 15 Minutes use Fame extensively, but according to the LA Times, the version on the soundtrack will be a cover performed by God Lives Underwater. The movie starring Robert De Niro is due late this year. (from Bonster and David E.)

Ziggy Stardust Companion Update: See part 2 of an exclusive interview with Angela Bowie on this month's updates to the Ziggy Stardust Companion as well as a special report on the Trident piano used for the Ziggy Stardust album. (from Mike)

On Top of the World: Delta Airlines' current in-flight programming has a recent picture of Bowie and two songs, Rebel Rebel and The Jean Genie to listen to while you eat those stale peanuts and drink flat ginger ale. (from CaSoulByrd)

Always Crashing in my TVC-15? Naomi wrote in to say that she's procured her own set of personalised plates for her New Hampshire registered Acura Integra. So if you see someone driving around with a license plate saying TVC15, say hello! (from Naomi)

Bowie's still a roadie according to last week's NY Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink. He wrote that Bowie was seen carrying a baby's car seat behind Iman who had new baby Alexandria with her. (from rancell)

Sound Affects on VH1: Although the VH1 website is not updated (Ed: as usual!), this press release indicates that tonight's (9/1/00) Sound Affects #5 show at 7:30 p.m. features a segment about "a man who learned to accept his friend's homosexuality with the help of David Bowie's "Jean Jeanie" (sic) and "Rebel Rebel"". (from rancell)

Media Madness: The David Bowie Archives has added over 100 media articles from 1997 and 2000, including album and gig reviews, news items, the odd interview or two, and of course the latest addition to the Bowie family. (from the David Bowie Archives)

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