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October 2000

Stardust Contest: French Bowie fan site The Stardust Page is running a one week long contest with one question each day for a French promo of Bowie At The Beeb and a final day grand prize of a full Bowie At The Beeb 3CD set. Simply click through to the second page and then follow the Concours 5 link starting November 1. (from Marc)

Music MisMatch: An update on the downloadable Ziggy Stardust track for those of you with mispressed Bowie At The Beeb discs. The MusicMatch "bonus" track software has a couple of restrictions. First, it will only work with the Windows version of the software (the Macintosh version will not support it), and second, you'll need to use Internet Explorer as your browser when you get to the site for the bonus material. (from Simon Smith and MusicMatch technical support)

Mojo's Leper Messiah: the November issue of UK magazine Mojo has a 6 page full illustrated article on Vince Taylor, the rocker who was supposedly the inspiration for Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character. (from Andrea)

More Mullet Mania: the latest issue (Oct/Nov 2000) of bLINK magazine (the official magazine of ISP Earthlink) has a nice picture of Bowie with a caption of mullet god in their Weird Web section. (from dejah-thoris)

The Hunger and Bowie: E! Entertainment's Hollywood Nights had a program on the goth scene in Los Angeles, with one goth girl saying "Goth has a lot of gender-bending and glamour; Bowie is a huge influence in the scene". (from WildWind)

God Lives Underwater invited fans to a video shoot for their "21st century cover of the 20th century Bowie classic" Fame, which will be used as the lead single from the upcoming soundtrack for the film 15 Minutes starring Robert De Niro, Ed Burns and Kelsey Grammer. The director of the video is the film's director, John Herzfield. Fans were invited to The Sunset Room in Los Angeles and admonished to wear "glam" clothes.

The Bowie Online Army gets a callout again for this vote on the VH1 Fashion Awards Most Stylish Couple. Bowie and Iman are one of the nominees, but they're currently running well behind!

A Furrier's dream: This Times article reports on failed fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi's new career in a cabaret style show. Included in the show are anecdotes about his time as a fashion designer, including a quip as he asks Iman her opinion about wearing fur. (from JerryisAngie)

Sight and Sound: The current issue of UK film magazine Sight and Sound has a free copy of Walter Tevis' novel The Man Who Fell To Earth bundled with it. The bundled book is a special edition with a still of Bowie from the film on the cover. (from Heathen E.)

Labyrinth Heart Mother: This web site proclaims a synchronicity between Labyrinth and Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother (similar to the also claimed link between The Wizard of Oz and Dark Side Of The Moon). Go here to read more! (from Adam)

They read them the Diamond Dogs: Author Alan Watt's novel Diamond Dogs hit #15 on the October 1 LA Times bestseller list. The author, perhaps sensing a Bowie addict's attention, mentions that the book has "no connection to David Bowie or his album". (from Bushlander)

The Boy's Starman: Boy George still has Starman in his repertoire on his current tour, including it as part of his encore in Iowa City two nights ago. The self-confessed Bowiephile was also seen buying a Bowie CD at a local music store on the day of the show. (from station)

The replacement CD for mispressed copies of Bowie At The Beeb is starting to arrive in people's hands. It's just a single track with the correct Ziggy Stardust version - not a complete replacement of the entire Disc 2. (from Mervyn)

Like Father, like Son? Sky One news reported this week that Duncan Bowie (David's son) submitted a video treatment for Samantha Mumba's Body To Body (her new single which heavily borrows from Ashes To Ashes), but that the suggestion was rejected. (from Dara)

I Can Read: More articles and updates to the David Bowie Archives are now on file for your reading pleasure! (from John C.)

More fa-fa-fa-fa-Fashion references to Bowie in the September issue of Vogue with an article Tracing a Trend: King David which shows how fashion designers are using the Bowie look on the runway; from Givenchy's Ziggy, to Ralph Lauren's Thin White Duke, to Jean-Paul Gaultier's 'hours...' look. (from Ziggi)

The Strange Fascination hardback is out of print with no immediate plans for another print run, so as of now only the paperback edition of this extensive Bowie biography is available. (from David B.)

Dag Allemaal's Alexandria: last week's (October 3, #40) edition of Belgian magazine Dag Allemaal has a few pages of interviews and pictures of David, Iman and new baby Alexandria.

Q Essential Chill Out - a free CD bundled with the November issue of the UK's Q magazine contains Art Decade. (from Martyn)

Internet sales roared for Bowie At The Beeb in the US, debuting at #9 according to this week's Billboard Internet Album Sales chart (Ed: this link only valid for next week). Emphasizing the huge gap between retail and Internet, the album barely made it into the traditional top 200, debuting at #181 in the USA compared to its Top 10 debut in the UK. (from rancell)

Life On Mars? Listen in to Teenage Wildlifer Diz the Wonderkid's two hour radio show at Thursday midnight EST, direct from the University of Maine's WMEB 91.9 campus radio. (from Diz)

Oh show me the way to the next whiskey bar: The Wallflowers made an appearance at the 150th anniversary of Jack Daniels whiskey distillery in Lynchburg, Virginia over the weekend. Highlight of the evening according to the press release was Stephan Jenkins of Third Eye Blind joining Jakob Dylan on stage for lead vocals on the Wallflowers' cover of "Heroes". (from rancell)

Embarrass this! PageSix.com's celebrity photos section has a couple of pictures of Bowie at the Yahoo Music awards, accompanied by some sniping comments about Bowie's "embarrassingly 80's" appearance. (from rancell)

Golden Oldie Charts: The lead news story on Billboard.com yesterday was the UK chart performance of Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Mark Knopfler and one David Bowie in garnering 4 of the top 7 spots. (from rancell)

Five Years Update: This month's special feature on Ziggy Stardust Companion is an audience photo gallery. Go see a large collection of photos taken by audience members in the Ziggy Stardust era. (from Mike H.)

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