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November 2000

'Alf a farthin' is better than none as noted in this CNET article which reports that Bowie's licensing of his catalogue to MP3.com will result in payment of one third of a cent for every stream of a master recording and a further quarter of a cent for each publishing copyright held. As the article notes, Bowie is one of a handful of major artists who owns the copyright to some of his master recordings and thus is not covered by previous settlements which MP3.com has worked out with major record labels. (from Tony Martin)

More Downloadable Dave at The David Bowie Archives, including five new shows added to the concert performances section. (from DB Archives)

The Voyeur's new issue is out with news and photos of new baby Alexandria, more 1999/2000 tour news and CD and books reviews. Also, there's a new go.to/bowiefanclub web address. (from Ludo)

The Voyeur

Boys Keep Swinging on Lorette Velvette's new album Rude Angel released last month by the hybrid punk/blues singer. (from dizthewonderkid)

Clockwork Orange is one of Bowie's favourite films, according to a quote in Issue #3 of Revolver magazine. In a section on rockers and their favourite films, Bowie picked Kubrick's 1971 classic, saying "This film literally heralded the end of the 20th century. It was incredibly influential in terms of some of the characters I've created. I didn't particularly like A Clockwork Orange, but I knew it was an important film. I thought the social dialogue was just terrifying--and absolutely on the money." (from Skyler)

Annette Peacock, who is almost certain to be appearing on Bowie's next album, will be signing copies of her new album An Acrobat's Heart on Saturday, December 16th at New York City's Downtown Music Gallery, 211 E. 5th Street. She will give a short solo performance at 6 p.m., her first public show in New York City in almost two decades. (from Zumi)

It's Back to the Future for the imminent Future Sound Of London's new album, as it features some famous 60s/70s musicians including Herbie Flowers, bassist on Bowie projects from the Space Oddity single to the Diamond Dogs tour. (from Chris)

BowieWonderWorld.com is running a new competition with three prizes of a copy of The Complete David Bowie and the grand prize winner also getting a delve into the Little Wonderworld vault to choose three items. (from Paul)

Bafta Berners-Lee Award: Missed this when it happened last month, but the 2000 Bafta Interactive Entertainment awards gave the Berners-Lee Award for the best personal contribution to the Interactive Industry to none other than David Bowie. (from gj)

Ananova reports on Toy: UK entertainment web site Ananova has picked up on the March release date and likely supporting gigs for Bowie's new album Toy. (from Philip)

Bowie Fan Chat/Music Swap will hold its next online meeting Saturday, November 18 at 11 p.m. GMT at a new independent location: johnmerricks@squidcafe.com. You can get more details including time zones and software set up at bowie.netfirms.com. (from Adam)

Bowie On The Move: This Village Voice gossip column makes some wise cracks about Bowie and Iman, but also suggests (via an email with Moby) that Bowie is in the process of moving into his new apartment in New York. (from Richard J.)

Celebrities Under Pressure: ABC's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire celebrity edition is using Under Pressure in their commercials as they show the celebrities stressing in the hot seat. (from Fionnuala)

Hollywood Squares celebrity square Max Weinberg had the question asked this week "This song was sung as a duet by Bing Crosby and David Bowie". Max picked the correct answer, "The Little Drummer Boy"! (from Lindsey)

Velvet Goldmine, the Italian Bowie fan club has an article and pictures from Bowie's appearance with Aldo Bagli on Italian TV in 1977. Just visit the Velvet Goldmine web site and click through on the Bowie In Italia - Odeon 1977. (from Velvet Goldmine)

Plati's Interview with David Buckley, the author of Strange Fascination, is now available on MarkPlati.com. It's the full text of the interview - only portions were used in the printed book. (from David Buckley)

Hedwig's Heroes: At the final night of the London production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, lead Michael Cerveris and the band played "Heroes" to end the evening. (from Marcus)

Start-Up Logos: Mike's Start-Up Logos page has two new logos based on Bowie At The Beeb and The Man Who Fell To Earth. (from Mike)

Bermuda's delights are not as idyllic as they once were according to this Times article which includes a mention of Bowie's part-time resident status. (from gj)

Julian Vrebos who indicated that he had asked Bowie to star in an upcoming film earlier this year has now confirmed that Bowie won't be in his movie because of scheduling conflicts. (from Eric V.)

November's Australian Women's Weekly has an excerpt of the Hello article on Alexandria including photos. (from Susi D.)

Bowie Spewing: ABC's PrimeTime Thursday will interview Paul McCartney next Thursday (Nov 9) including a segment where he talks about his painting Bowie Spewing. (from bewlaysib)

TheGuru's UK 2000 Review: Marcel has a long review of his Bowie 2000 campaign including TFI Friday, Glastonbury and the BBC concert. (from Marcel)

Bowie Covers Update: The extensive Bowie Covers and the Like web site has been updated after a long hiatus, with one of the new features being a link to the Six Degrees of Bowie Internet streaming audio station. (from David)

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