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December 2000

Record Collector magazine in their January 2001 edition rank Bowie At The Beeb at #1 in their list of The Best of 2000 reissues and compilations. Calling it a "stunning" release, they note that "In a market place where the phrase "long-waited" is used for almost every re-issue, this package is truly long-awaited". (from Liz R.)

Bootleg Tree is a new section on the StationToBowie web site, designed to help people to begin or enlarge their Bowie bootleg collection.

Slinky Vagabond: Fashion designer Keanen Duffty's Slinky Vagabond line of men's clothing does indeed derive its name from the line in Bowie's Young Americans. Duffty admits to being a "huge David Bowie fan" in this New York Magazine article.

Xmas Downloadable Dave Special: Three new shows added to the concert performances section for Xmas at The David Bowie Archives. (from DB Archives)

Got your Mojo? The Winter 2000 Mojo pictured below has a few Bowie nuggets, including a comment by Tim Bret-Day about his "crucifixion in flames" photograph, a review of Bowie At The Beeb and a comment by Gary Numan about his favourite Bowie gig, Wembley 1976: "I dyed my hair orange with gold sprayed in the front and wore a waistcoat with Gitaines cigaretts in my pocket, even though I didn't smoke. I don't think I looked very cool. When I managed to get to the front, I was holding one of those glowing green sticks that you used to get at gigs. I lobbed it at Bowie during The Jean Genie and caught him in the chest - probably the greatest moment of my life at that point." (from Skyler)

Mojo Winter 2000

Diamond Dogs is the name of this band which admits they got the name from Bowie's album and song. (from LiquidSatan)

Ken Scott, producer of The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars, will produce George Harrison's new album My Sweet Lord (2000), due out on January 23. (from Richard Joly)

Slash's father figure: This Daily Express article on former Guns 'N Roses guitarist Slash makes reference to Bowie acting as a "surrogate father" to Slash when he dated the guitarist's mother while Slash was in his teenage years. (from gj)

Start Me Up: Another David Bowie start-up logo based on The Man Who Fell To Earth for Windows 95/98 is available in Mike's Start-Up Logos page. (from Mike)

December Downloadable Dave: Three new shows added to the concert performances section at The David Bowie Archives. (from DB Archives)

A Thin White Duke by John Rowlands is up for auction at VH1's Save The Music holiday auction. (from pattibowie)

NME Plugs Teenage Wildlife in this week's edition with their Guide To Essential Websites (from spaceface)

NME Plug

Bowie fan chat/music swap returns this Saturday 9th September 10:00 p.m. GMT at the britpop.napster.com server. Mac users can now gain access via th Mapigator software. For local times and software set up, visit bowie.netfirms.com. (from Adam)

Inspiring the Chili Peppers: Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Frusciante is due to release a solo album To Record Only Water For 10 Days in January. When asked, Frusciante said "It's probably inspired by the songwriters who I like, like Lou Reed and David Bowie and Syd Barrett". (from rancell)

Inspiring Emm: Emm Gryner played a show in Vancouver November 25 and in an interview with The Georgia Straight made the following comments about this year with Bowie: "It (the Glastonbury Festival) was pretty crazy, just because I've always wanted to go, and then to be there for the first time and be on stage with the headliner. And it also gave me an amazing perspective on how much he's loved in England. But I think the highlight was being in the studio with him a few times this year; some of his new songs are really inspiring." Emm also has a new album Dead Relatives out on her own Dead Daisy Records label. (from Mark)

Bowie Advent Calendars: With just 25 days to go until Xmas, the Bowie fans have set up their own Bowie Advent calendars. Each day, open up a new door to get a different Bowie picture. You can check them out at: 1. Simone, 2. Gilly and 3. David E. (from Simone and David)

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