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January 2001

Chris Haskett fans should check out his self-described "nasty-guitar-over-nasty-drum'n'bass programming" at MP3.com. Chris is the musician who played rhythm guitar on of If I'm Dreaming My Life from the 'hours...' album. (from Chris)

God Lives Underwater's cover of Fame (the making of the video we reported on back in October) is now making the rounds of radio stations in preparation for its release on the soundtrack of Robert de Niro's film 15 Minutes in March. (from Erick)

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes seems to have become almost accepted vernacular for any company undergoing a name change. The software division of Adaptec uses Bowie's 1971 lyric in announcing their name change to Roxio. (from ChickenJug)

McSweeneys.net has a long rambling conversation which includes a somewhat ignorant (Ed: in my opinion :-)) view of Bowie's current work and status. (from Taxi)

John McEnroe played guitar? Tennis great John McEnroe was interview on Irish radio show Today F.M. by Eamon Dunphy last week and the talk turned to a question about whether McEnroe had ever received guitar lessons from David Bowie. McEnroe laughed for a few seconds and replied: "Well yes and no....you see a few years ago although I didn't know it at the time I was staying in the same hotel as David Bowie. I was in my room strumming a Bowie tune on my guitar when a knock came to my door. It was one of Mr David Bowie's people inviting me to have a drink with the star, I was delighted and asked should I bring my guitar? The swift reply was : you are invited but it would be best if you left your guitar in your room!!!!!!! So I suppose that my lesson." (from Chris G)

Last week's Ed (a US TV comedy) had a karaoke night at the bowling alley to drum up new business. Unfortunately only one person showed up, delivering a comic yet painful rendition of Space Oddity. (from Lucy)

Annette Peacock gives an interview in this week's Eye.Net and towards the end explains her decision to work with Bowie on his next album. (from Kilko)

Uncut's Top 100 Singles in their latest issue ranks "Heroes" at #16, sandwiched between The Jesus and Mary Chain and Chic. (from Fashionboy)

100 Greatest TV Moments on the UK's Channel 4 had the Live Aid benefit concert ranked at #8 (higher than the assassination of JFK or the Chinese student riots in Beijing). To spotlight the event, Channel 4 used Bob Geldof, Queen performing Radio Ga-Ga, and David Bowie's final few lines of "Heroes". (from Akko)

New Music One Hundred: Bowie is listed at #53 in the February 2000 issue of Revolution Magazine with the following subtext: "Papa's Got A Brand New Bag: He's called himself the great synthesizer, and with good reason. Blessed with a fast ear, Bowie mined glam, ambient, funk, R&B, techno, and the use of the Internet way before most of his compatriots. Over the years, though, it's apparent that his most important creation is himself. The savior of last year's Glastonbury Festival, Bowie proved not only that his songs could get a crowd on its feet, but that aging gracefully is the best revenge. (If there were any doubt, listen to the tape of the recent BBC concert, available as part of Bowie at the BEEB.)" (from Oval)

Beck-delay: Beck's cover of Diamond Dogs which was due in the film Moulin Rouge last month has been pushed back to June to coincide with the film's release. (from MrsMick)

Bowie's Favourite Lennon Song? In the current John Lennon special edition from Mojo Magazine, David Bowie has this to say about Lennon's I Am The Walrus: "I am the Walrus's 'otherness' was transporting in a way that nothing before it had even approached. A one-way ticket to ride out of Bromley." (from Skyler)

Bowie On Bowie: Online now at the David Bowie Archives is part 2 of Melody Maker's 1978 publication Bowie On Bowie. Click on the Special Features link on the front page. (from The David Bowie Archives)

Business 2.0 magazine has a small piece about BowieBanc.com and cross-marketing. (from B)

Contessa's Destined is an evolving project of a Bowie-themed story (albeit with names changed). Visit Nancy's website to learn more and get the first chapter mailed to you. (from Nancy)

Almost Famous is now indeed famous, being chosen as one of the Top 10 soundtracks of 2000 by CDNow. Bowie's live version of Waiting For The Man is one of the tracks included in the movie and on the soundtrack.

Ben Stein showed his Bowie-philism again at the beginning of a celebrity show including Henry Rollins as a contestant. In his opening monologue, Stein recited verbatim the lyrics for Fame. (from Dana)

Glastonbury can't survive Bowie onslaught: Fence-crashers who according to some reports inflated the crowd at last year's Glastonbury Festival to over 100,000 have forced the organizer Michael Eavis to cancel this year's 2001 Glastonbury. After threats of prosecution from local councils due to the huge number of gate-crashing fans, Eavis has made the decision to postpone this year's show until better security measures are in place. Readers from last year will remember that Bowie made a triumphant return playing many of his old hits in front of an adoring crowd on the final headline night in 2000.

Mark Plati talks a little about the technical side of the recording process for the upcoming Toy in this TechTV news story. (from David Nettles)

Spanish novelist Espido Freire, the most famous young female writer in Spain, confessed in her diary published last Sunday Dec. 24th that a copy of Labyrinth is one of the few home videos she owns, and that as a sort of homage to the film, she decided to name her pet hamster Jareth. (from Miryam)

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