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February 2001

Put on your red shoes... A recent Canadian airing of FT! Fashion Television, had a segment about the launch of a book on shoe designer Manolo Blaninck - maker of terribly expensive shoes for the Concorde set/Fashion elite. Bowie and Iman were there:
Iman : "I love Manolo's shoes - they're so comfortable"
[cut to hysterically funny footage of models on the runway falling off their high heels shoes]
DB : "I love Iman wearing Manolo's shoes... I mean I love Iman wearing ONLY Manolo's shoes" [meaning the shoes and nothing else] (from Richard J.)

Is there really Life On Mars? Expect some more Bowie references with the latest NASA news that magnetite crystals arranged in long chains in a fallen meterorite. (from Richard J.)

Glam and Glitter: UK TV Channel 5 featured a Glam and Glitter special on Sunday evening, including a considerable piece on Bowie with comments from Rick Wakeman, Mick Rock and the usual coterie of journalists. Included was a rare piece of film showing Bowie arriving at Victoria Station in 1976, sans the controversial "salute". (from Liz)

Gonna be sorrow, try and wake up for tomorrow: There's a 30 second clip from Beck and Timbaland's version of Diamond Dogs now available on the web. With the delay of the film until mid-year, look for the official release sometime around June. (from Bonster)

Joe Jackson covers: Pianist Joe Jackson has been covering some Bowie songs live in concert during the past couple of years, including Heroes, Life On Mars and Drive In Saturday. (from Marcel)

Bertelsmann still talking to EMI: German media group Bertelsmann AG is still in ongoing talks to buy Britain's EMI Group (which is Bowie's record label). However, talks hing on EMI selling off their Virgin label (the sub-group of EMI which includes Bowie, Rolling Stones, the Spice Girls and Lenny Kravitz) before Bertelsmann would complete the transaction.

Old Spiders Never Die, they just end up playing with leopards. Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey (ex-Spiders from Mars) and their group Cybernauts (formed together with ex members of Def Leppard) are making a live album to be available from their website, Cybernauts Rule OK. (from Meg S.)

She's so swishy in her satin and tat: Over the weekend a fashion show on The Style Network featuring designer Nanette Lepore used clips of Bowie's Queen Bitch as accompaniment to the runway models. (from Chris)

SOD: the Sisteurs of Utter Destruction website is back with a revamped look and feel! (from SOD)

Ziggy Stardust Companion's special feature this month is a CD soundtrack to Heddon Street/Ziggy Stardust by Philip Sanderson, all about Rosalyn, a rare 1973 promo single, a new picture of the month and a new article reviewing Aladdin Sane from Creem magazine in 1973. (from Mike)

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