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Bowie Briefs

April 2001

Diamond Dogs in the Dark: The May 2001 issue of Interview magazine talks with Beck about the upcoming Moulin Rouge soundtrack: "We got in the studio and we were just foolin' around. Tim wanted it to sound darker. I think we kinda turned it into a completely different song; we just kept the lyrics." (from TheNazGirl)

More U2 References: Bono has been singing a few lines from Young Americans during U2's performance of Bullet The Blue Sky on the currently running Elevation Tour. (from V2David)

20th Century Car: It's a nice song, but isn't it a little outdated in this 21st century? In any case, Mitsubishi is using T-Rex's 20th Century Boy in a series of car ads currently running on US television. Bowie, as well as being a close friend of Marc Bolan, performed the song in a duet with Placebo at the 1999 Brit Awards. (from BBJean)

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