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Server Changes October 1996

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in October 1996

October 30
For those of you with fast Internet connections, be sure to check out the new VH-1 Fashion Show Awards page, complete with sound and video.
Added a new link to the WWW links page, and also updated the FanZines page.
Added a couple of links for those of you who like bootlegs.

October 29
Added details of 808 State Sound+Vision remix.

October 28
Updated release details for the single Real Cool World. (Thanks Anthony!)
Added pictures of Jane Gilmartin's close encounter with David Bowie. (Thanks Jane!)

October 26
Re-introduced Java as an option to the Chat page. This is for all of you who could never get GlobalChat or Netscape Chat to work...
Added a scan of The Voyeur - the Dutch Bowie fan club.
Fleshed out more of the About contents, including information on sponsorship.
Added a link to the famous Hel's Kitchen from the WWW Links page.
Added a sound clip of the problem with "Dave" :-), and a video clip from the Roseland show to the VH-1 Fashion Show interview page.

October 25
Added a link to the exceedingly strange New Music Exchange review of Telling Lies. You can find the link on the new articles page.
Updated the search page to indicate the new option of searching all the text of the site (as opposed to just searching the lyrics).

October 24
Added a transcript of the VH-1 interview. Don't say I don't spoil you :-)
Also added a completely new section for pointers to both media and reader articles and reviews of Bowie.
There's a scan of the Absolute Beginners soundtrack album, thanks to Matt Westacott.
Added a scan of the Bridge Benefit concert flyer and a ticket to the Bridge Benefit concert page.
Now have a scan of the album cover for Iggy Pop's Blah-Blah-Blah.

October 23
Made a number of small cosmetic changes to the site. You'll mostly find these just by wandering around and browsing..

October 22
BowieGrrrl sent in an interesting artistic interpretation of Ziggy Stardust as a mole.
Added the Iggy Pop (co-written with David) album Blah-Blah-Blah.
Added photos of Bruce to his close encounter story.

October 21
Added scan of David Bowie BBC Sessions Sampler cover, plus more Ziggy Era pictures.
There's a new story on the Close Encounters page.
Added another one of Tia Doran's pencil drawings.

October 20
Lesley Mueller sent me some great photos of her encounter with Bowie.
Added first bash at lyrics for the People From Bad Homes album, and also the Reeves Gabrels song The King Of Stamford Hill, courtesy of Matt Westacott.

October 19
Added a new section for the report on the Bridge Benefit concert.
Started adding nicer navigation toolbars at the bottom of each page. This will take a few more days.
Added a scanned album cover of Bowie Rare.

October 18
Added a new photo, courtesy of Helen2, to the Outside section.
Added entries for David Bowie BBC Sessions 1969-1972 Sampler, the controversial limited release album of David's BBC recordings, and the collaboration album with Ava Cherry, People From Bad Homes.
Placed in a graphic of the Reeves Gabrels album The Sacred Squall Of Now and updated some details thanks to Matt Westacott.

October 17
Added an entry for the recently released Bowie tribute album, Crash Course For The Ravers.
Thanks to Noam Gal, there's now a much more filled out Singles section. Still waiting for me to fill in actual placeholders though...
Whoops! Voting had been broken for the past few days. It should be working again now. Also, I changed the minimum cutoff for making it into the Top (and Bottom) Five to be at least 10 votes.

October 16
As some of you may have noticed, a lot of the Outside lyrics left a lot to be desired (missing verses, incorrect verses, verses from other songs!) Well, I plead guilty to actually believing what is printed on the www.davidbowie.com site. So last night, I actually went through and listened to the whole album again, and tried to make the lyrics match as closely to what they really are.

October 15
Thanks to Trinia for pointing out the video clip from Bowie's Roseland show last month, which you can link to from the Ballroom Tour page (just click on the picture).
We've moved! Please update your bookmarks appropriately to our new home http://www.etete.com/Bowie/.
Working with Ruud Altenburg, we've updated his great discography and hypertext-linked most of the songs and albums to the appropriate entries on Teenage Wildlife. Check it out at the Discography page. (Warning - this is still experimental!)

October 14
Included new information on the 1976, 1978 and 1983 tours on the tours page (courtesy of Philip Obbard)
Revised some of the All The Young Dudes based on the original "master" version found on Rarest One Bowie. Thanks to Noam Gal.

October 13
Added an on-the-fly quote contest to satisfy some fans. You know who you are :-)
Revamped the news and rumours page, combining them into this one page...

October 12
Some more poetry contributions
Updated the Chat page to move away from Java and towards IRC, using Globalchat or the IRC client of your choice.
The search page has been touched up a bit. If you notice anything strange about the results of your searches, don't be surprised!

October 10
Fans are sending in poetry!
Scanned in a number of new pics for albums and singles. Specifically Early On, The Buddha of Suburbia and Hallo Spaceboy.

October 9
Updated and added more details about the Early On album.

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