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Server Changes November 1996

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in November 1996

November 30
Antoine Poncelet and Jessica N. have sent in new poems.
Laszlo Varga has a short story about his close encounter with Bowie in Paris in 1989.
Eric Castaing sent in an interesting piece of trivia about the cover of Stage.

November 28
Robot Monster sent me the correct lyrics to Play It Safe. Thanks Robot Monster!

November 25
Toby Germano sent me information about a Bowie/Pop collaboration on the album Soldier. If anyone has the lyrics to Play It Safe, please email me :).
Have started the creation of the artwork section by Bowie himself, with the first being links to his War Child creations.

November 24
We have a new poetry contributor in the form of Benjamin Lally.

November 23
I have revamped the film page so that now readers can submit their own reviews of movies. For the first example, take a look at Alys' review of Basquiat.
There is a new vote for this upcoming week. If you want, you can look at the results of previous votes.

November 22
Tia Doran has contributed another beautiful pencil drawing of Bowie from the "Heroes" era on the Fan Art page.
David Gibbs has an interesting piece of trivia about the song Day In Day Out.

November 20
Emmanuel Pasqualini from France (hmmm, our French fans seem to be popping up all over), sent me an interesting piece of trivia on the song Don't Let Me Down And Down. Go read about the song's original writer and how David came to record it.
Carl Robinson sent me a collage which he says he uses as his Windows wallpaper. Check it out at the fan artwork page.

November 16
After losing the French lyrics to "Heroes" a while ago (whoops!), Eric Castaing helpfully provided the lyrics and also details on Les Héros.

November 15
Melanie33 has graced us with a new poem in the fan contributions.
Speaking of fan contributions, Stephane Bedard contributed a Sound+Vision concert photo as well as a T-shirt design.
A new book which refers to Bowie (this time a Spanish book!) is included in the literature section.

November 13
Registered users can now vote on a topic of the week (which will appear each week on the home page). This week's topic is just for kicks, while we're testing this out! We'll have more serious topics in the future.
Alys has graced us with a new poem on her poem page

November 12
Made a first attempt at the lyrics to Little Wonder. Corrections welcomed!

November 11
Added the alternate scan and also fleshed out the production information for the single Telling Lies.
Added a new animated cursor to the ones already provided by Joseph Greback on the fan contributions page.

November 10
Added alternate album covers for Absolute Beginners, and for Christiane F.. Thanks Ramsey!
Deimos from Israel informed me about some Hebrew words in Station To Station.

November 7
Added a section to the Tours page for the 1991 Tin Machine tour.
Now have the latest version of Ruud Altenburg's discography incorporated with links to the appropriate Teenage Wildlife and The Unofficial Discography Page.
Added a picture of the German fanzine cover Panic In Detroit to the Fanzines page.

November 6
Try out the new Windows animated cursors, contributed by Joseph Greback.

November 5
Completely revamped the old Articles page, changing it to be the Appearances/Sightings/References page. This is the place to look for any upcoming, current, or old Bowie appearances in the press, literature, on television, radio or in concert. In particular, you can check out a list of the guestbook inspired Bowie in Literature.
Created new pages with dates of concerts for the Glass Spider and Sound+Vision tours on the Tours page (thanks to Trinia del Rosario)
"Fixed" the lyrics to The King Of Stamford Hill thanks to Dara O'Kearney.

November 2
Added the cover picture of Telling Lies.

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