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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in December 1996

December 31
The media frenzy continues. CityTV in Canada will be showing an interview with David on January 10th and 11th, and ITV in the United Kingdom will be showing the full televised Bowie performance from the Phoenix festival held in England earlier this year. Details once again are on the appearances page.
I finally got around to adding entries for some of the soundtrack albums on the Official Albums page, including The Falcon And The Snowman, When The Wind Blows and Cool World. If anyone has access to these and a scanner, I would be interested in getting scans of the album covers - you can email me.

December 30
David is currently the Webcast feature of the week at TV.COM. You can find the link to the webcast on the appearances page.
Also, Canadians should be sure to check out the 3 part spotlight on Bowie to be aired on MuchMusic, January 8-10. Details once again are on the appearances page. (Thanks to Paul Morgan for the info).
Shai Shamir sent me the cover, and so I now have put up a page for the Australian only release of Rock Reflections.
Teenage Wildlife is listed as a cool alternative and underground site on the Web by PUG e-zine, which you can find on the WWW Links page.

December 29
Shay Shamir sent me an alternate album cover for the album Santa Monica 1972.

December 28
Three new press articles in the Bowie press appearances, including links to a Rolling Stone article, and David's comments about the origin of Ziggy Stardust.

December 21
I added a lot of information about the upcoming Bowie appearances, as well as a short summary of the recent Billboard interview, which mentions these appearances and some other interesting information about upcoming Bowie tours, appearances and facts about the new album.

December 20
Stefan Westman sent me the lyrics to Little Wonder (the new Bowie single), as he hears them from an advance promotional copy. These are probably more reliable than what David sang at the VH-1 Fashion Show awards!
Andrew Follon sent me information about a Bowie appearance in Mojo magazine.
A new poem on the poetry page from Robert Niles.

December 18
The BBC has apparently produced an entirely new documentary about Bowie by Alan Yentob (of Cracked Actor documentary fame). Read about when it will be shown on the Upcoming Appearances page.

December 16
Added an entirely new page for the upcoming 50th Birthday Benefit concert. You can check out the venue information and seating plans. More information will be added here as it is released! :)
Added information about a rare fanzine called Avant Garde.
Updated and added some new links on the WWW Bowie links page. In particular check out Stardust: The Unabashed David Bowie Music Guide.

December 15
As the 50th birthday approaches, the press becomes more frantic! Check out the appearances page for information on upcoming television (MuchMusic), radio (French and English station) appearances, and of course the press (a new UK Telegraph interview).
Elizabeth Allen informed me of her site devoted to Jareth from Labyrinth, which you can find on the other links page.

December 13
You can now buy David's favourite book Seven Years In Tibet in the Teenage Wildlife bookstore!
Peter Birgerstam sent me an interesting email about an article in the Swedish magazine Pop. You can read about it in the press section of the Appearances page.
Jason Fortun pointed out an interesting online interview by CNET, which you can also find in the press section of the Appearances page. Note particularly the reference to his reading the Web sites to see what people think of him... Ah, such an ego, David :)

December 11
Colin Jenkinson sent me information about an upcoming Radio 4 show in the U.K. on Bowie's career.

December 10
Ton van der Horst sent me information about the next issue of the fanzine The Voyeur, which is due in mid January.

December 9
Jennifer Baily sent in a correction to the lyrics for I'm Afraid Of Americans, and I also updated the actual track listing for the whole album Showgirls.

December 8
In association with Amazon.com, Teenage Wildlife now has an online bookstore! Visit it to buy books about Bowie.
People were having problems downloading the entire birthday greeting page, so I have now split it up into multiple pages.
Made a few changes to the lyrics of Turn Blue courtesy of Benjamin Lally.

December 5
I updated my own version of the Earthling album page to reflect Stefan's news.

December 3
On the same day, I got new information about the phrase "Kether to Malkuth" used in the song Station To Station from two different sources!
Updated my links to Stefan Bassman's page on the WWW links page. People who are interested in all of the artwork for each of Bowie's albums and singles should definitely check out Stefan's site.
Helen2 sent in a first cut at the lyrics to I'm Afraid Of Americans.
Antoine Poncelet has sent in both a couple of new poems, and a close encounter of the Bowie kind.

December 2
Finally remembered to add Only After Dark to the collaborations page (thanks Matt).

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