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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in January 1997

January 30
HotNew Since Earthling has now been officially released (yay!), I can safely report that I have the lyrics to all of the songs (thanks to Hel2), and of course the album cover. Sorry MSO, but this is a worldwide Web site, so once it's released anywhere, it's fair game ;)
New I've also added a link to NME's review of Earthling on the Earthling page.

January 29
Updated Gilly's Birthday Concert review with some of the photos she took at the event.

January 28
Kristi sent in a great synopsis of the January 8th, BBC Radio 1 acoustic performance. Go and read it!!
Check out the Fan Contributions page for new artwork contributed by Wolfram and Greg Stephens, a new close encounter by Lodger, and a short story by Astre.
Two new reviews of the Birthday Benefit concert... one from Gilly (who flew in from Germany) and a hilarious repartee from Kali and Belle!

January 27
A new section has been added to some of the pages on the site, to be called the Hunters and Collectors section. This will list rare or collector type material (such as alternate album covers, rare releases etc). J.L. kicks us off with such interesting tidbits as prerelease Hunky Dory pressings, BBC Pick Of The Pops release, rejected artwork for Golden Years and the original single version for Liza Jane.
Another mostly positive review from Rolling Stone can be found on the Earthling album page.
Added an entry for the semi-legal live recording A Portrait In Flesh from the Diamond Dogs tour. (Thanks to Eric Castaing for reminding me of this)
Check the Appearances page for recent updates on new magazine articles, tv and radio appearances.
Starluck sent in an original story based on the character of Major Tom.

January 26
A fairly complete page now exists for the Little Wonder single release.
Thanks to Grant Wallace, we now have a full transcript of the BBC Radio 1 show ChangesNowBowie. Thanks Grant - I know how long it takes to do this!

January 25
Added new pages for the single releases of Miracle Goodnight, Black Tie White Noise and Buddha Of Suburbia. Also included some more information on Jump They Say single versions.
Finally fixed the Telling Lies page to point to the relocated sound clips on the official site.

January 23
New Musical Express (the usually Bowie-bashing English trade rag) actually has a favourable review of the Birthday Concert!

January 22
Another poem, this time from Starluck.
Added the link to the US Radio Station playlists site in the General Music section of the Other Links on the Web page. You can see who is and who isn't playing Bowie songs!
Added a short Quicktime movie clip from the Madison Square Garden Birthday concert.

January 21
Added another review for the Birthday Benefit concert from New York Rock (Thanks Emilio).
Included a reference to dotmusic's feature article on Bowie in the Appearances page.
Added a link on the Other WWW Links page to Bruce's Strangers When We Meet page. Also updated links to Blonde Ant's Cracked Actor film page and Mike Harvey's Ziggy Stardust Companion pages.

January 20
Anthony Lester sent me information about the missing Jump They Say single.
Amethyst sent me a new poem for the Fan Contributions section.

January 19
Thanks to Helen2, I now have a whole host of new compilation album pages and covers. They are Starman, Another Face, A Second Face, Just A Gigolo, Chameleon, Don't Be Fooled By The Name, and The Manish Boys/Davy Jones and the Lower Third. In addition, I have new scans for previously existing albums such as Love You Till Tuesday and Images.
Alyssa Palmer has sent in a short story based on the characters in Labyrinth. Access it from the fan contributions stories page.
David will be the musical host on Saturday Night Live on February 8, 1997. Read all about it on the appearances page.

January 18
MTV (!!) has a positive review of Earthling in their Sonic Stew section. You can get to it from the Earthling album page!
Steve Barritz sent in another review of the Birthday Concert.

January 17
Dara O'Kearney sent in the most comprehensive review to date of the new album Earthling. You can read the review here.
There's a very interesting article online about David's Web-viewing habits in a new magazine called The Web which you can find on newsstands now. Fortunately, they also have an online Web site, which has the article.. Read about it in the online section of the appearances page.

January 16
I have a report on the BBC Radio 1 ChangesNowBowie program broadcast on David's 50th birthday, including the surprising setlist of acoustic performances.
I now have the AOL chat transcript from David's 50th birthday online!
Added a new entry for the soundtrack album Lost Highway, a new film which features I'm Deranged.
Added a new entry for the compilation album The Collection. Thanks to Shai Shamir for the album info and scan.

January 15
OK, I finally got the Birthday Benefit concert page up and looking the way I wanted... I have a few more reader reviews to add in the near future.
Alys sent in three new fan contributions for the fan art gallery.
The official site has a few short excerpts of songs from Earthling in RealAudio 3.0 format. I have cross-linked to these from my song pages for the five songs provided, namely Little Wonder, Looking For Satellites, Seven Years In Tibet, Dead Man Walking and I'm Afraid Of Americans.

January 14
Added the setlist for the Birthday Benefit concert. Now working on the reviews, and ancilliary information.

January 13
A new Bowie-inspired poem fan contribution has been sent in by West.
A new Short Stories fan contribution page has been added with the first story being submitted by Elizabeth A. Allen the concupiscient creator.
And another Earthling review comes in from Colin McDonald.
Erick Haight sent in yet another Earthling review from an advance copy.
The Tape Trading Page site was permanently closed recently, so the link has been removed from the Other Links page.

January 8
Today at 12 p.m. Eastern time, the audio links for the birthday bash song releases will become active!
BowieManiac sent me the pointer about VH-1 showing Ziggy Stardust again this Friday, January 10th

January 5
We have another pre-release review of Earthling, thanks to Bonnie Powell.
We finally got the full information on the Bowie Birthday Bash Internet release. (You can also see the banner on the home page).

January 4
John Larkin sent me some of his personally taken photos from the 1978 tour, taken in Sydney Australia. You can go directly to them if you wish.
Added an entry for an early compilation album called London Boy. Thanks to Shai Shamir for the scan and information.

January 3
Added entries for the compilation albums which came out of RCA in the early 80s, i.e. ChangesTwoBowie, Golden Years and Fame And Fashion, as well as the early compilation album 1966, now with scans from all the covers as well! (Thanks Hel2!).

January 2
The complete list of UK TV and radio appearances is now on the appearances page in the upcoming section. Make sure to listen to the Radio 1 show on Wednesday the 8th if you like surprises :-)

January 1
Well, I've been threatening to do this for a while, and New Year's seems as good a day as any to turn over a new page (so to speak). Hence, I have finally finished writing the randomizing code for the birthday card submissions. Every night, you'll be jumbled up and placed on a random page on the virtual card! No more being on top of someone else! You can check where you are for each day by going to the registered users page and clicking on the appropriate link. Any problems? Then email me.

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