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Site Updates February 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in February 1997

February 28
New Rachel has obviously been pretty busy lately, with her new Live! article.

February 27
New Dara also sent in his full review of the Wetten Dass German TV show appearance from February 22.
New Rachel sent in a great pointer to her Raygun article, and there are a couple of other printed press appearances.

February 25
New Helen Spak sent in another oil painting.
New Added a new charts section, which includes Dara O'Kearney's chart watch as well as your own votes here on Teenage Wildlife.
New Dara also sent in his review of Bowie's German VIVA2 TV appearance.

February 24
New SpAcEbOy sent in his poem Atmosfear.

February 23
New Ramona sent in a little number she pieced together from a number of songs for the Poetry page.
New Marc sent in a new review of Earthling.
New Helen2 sent in some details on the Phoenix Festival CD, a live recording from last year's Phoenix Festival which includes Hallo Spaceboy.

February 21
New Cat sent me the transcript to the Radio Galatz interview recorded in January. Interesting reading... is an acoustic album in the works??
New Eric Castaing sent me two pictures from France, one a promotion for his Canal+ TV appearance, the other a very interesting movie poster for the French version of The Man Who Fell To Earth (in France, it was called L'Homme Qui Venait D'Ailleurs).
New Starluck sent in a new ode to Bowie.

February 20
New Added a link to the RealVideo page at Virgin Records for the Little Wonder video.
Updated Included information about the Australian release of the Little Wonder single.
New Added three new press appearances courtesy of Hel2.

February 18
New Philippe Girard sent me info about the live album David Bowie At The Tower Philadelphia, which seems to be a cut down version of David Live.
UpdatedDave Priest sent me information about a UK promo CD for Little Wonder, and also mentioned that he has recently updated his Missing Link page.

February 17
Updated I got to the scanner last night, so I now have full-size versions of the Earthling artwork.
New Added a new section to the Pictures page for the 1997 Birthday and Tour photos. There are some interesting Birthday Benefit photos here to start...
New Alys sent in three more pencil drawings of Bowie.
Updated I added a photo to my Birthday Concert review.

February 16
New Added a long and very interesting UK Telegraph interview from last year, which touches on a lot of Bowie's personal life.
New Eric Castaing sent me the French translation of the Nathan Adler diaries from 1. Outside.
Updated Updated information on the latest issue of the fanzine The Voyeur.
New Rachel updated her site to include the Q Magazine feature on Bowie at 50. I've also added a link to this on the appearances page.
New Yet another press review of Earthling, from the Philadelphia Inquirer (thanks Patti)

February 15
Updated CNET has moved their streaming video and interview of David to their TV.COM site. You can get to the link by going to the appearances page.
New I added about 11 new press reviews of Earthling, which you can find in the reviews section of Earthling.
New Added a cover of the David Buckley book, and also included a scan of the French limited edition single in the Hunters and Collectors section of the Earthling page.
New Included scans of the covers for the UK editions of the Little Wonder single.
New Also added a Bowie interview/retrospective from Time in the Press Section, and a UK Daily Telegraph look at Bowie's career at 50.

February 13
New Several people have pointed out to me the Mr Showbiz interview which also features a career retrospective. You can also find a link to this on the Appearances page.
New Geoffrey McNulty contributed a review of Earthling which he wrote for his student newspaper.
Updated I have added a link to Rachel's Jay Leno transcript on the entry for the Leno appearance on the appearances page.

February 12
Updated I have the updated news about the Pay-Per-View special to be broadcast March 8 on the appearances page (thanks Eric!).
Mr. Showbiz has a long interview and career retrospective look at Bowie on their Web site. (Thanks to Jason Fortun for pointing this out.)
Updated Andrea Casamurata sent in the correct Italian lyrics to Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola.
Kristi contributed a new poem inspired by the song The Supermen.
Shannon sent in a Major Tom and Jareth story.

February 11
Alys and Starluck sent in a new short (?) story about their abduction of Bowie.

February 10
Alex Zachary sent me the "official" lyrics for Little Wonder, complete with all its references to the seven dwarves...

February 8
Added an Earthling world tour page. As dates come to hand, they will be added here...

February 7
Added yet another press review (from the Boston Phoenix) to the Eathling review listings.

February 5
Added a new entry for the Basquiat soundtrack, as well as updated the art for Showgirls.

February 3
Calvin sent me info about his collector's Web site (which you can find on the WWW Links page). Interesting stuff...
If you didn't see the original cybercast of last year's Telling Lies event on Compuserve, and you can't see the actual video from CNET, then you may want to check out the transcript and some pictures on Compuserve's wrapup of the event.

February 2
Several people sent me information about the CNET Webcast for this week.
Rachael sent me info about the Pulse! magazine interview she has featured on her Web site, which you can find on the WWW links page.
I also indirectly (through Rachael) finally found a copy of Eyal's FAQ online (I'm still waiting for Eyal to update it), so I made a link to that from the FAQ page

February 1
New The Times has a review of Earthling available on the Web. Go to the Earthling page Reviews section.
New Hans sent in a review of the tribute album Crash Course For The Ravers that he originally wrote for Goldmine magazine. Thanks Hans!

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