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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in March 1997

March 26
new I added a new entry for The Saint soundtrack, which features Dead Man Walking. Thanks to Fishboy for the details and cover scan.

March 24
new Charlie Sutherland finally worked out the contents and the source of the spoken line in the middle of Little Wonder.

March 23
Updated Kris Simon sent me the full size scan for the Telling Lies limited edition cover, as well as a lot of new scans of the limited edition box set for the Santa Monica 1972 release.
New A new fan page by Carlos Giovani discusses Bowie appearances in Brazil, as well as his personal collection.
New Magienoire Torrent sent me some of her artwork.
Updated Anthony Chefles sent me an update on the lyrics for Some Are.

March 21
New Ruud Altenburg sent me the scans (and hence prompted me to create pages) for the following compilation albums: El Ray Del Gay Power, Coccinelle Varietes, Mille-Pattes, 20 Bowie Classics, Profile, Historia De La Musica Rock.
Ruud also sent me a new scan for The World Of David Bowie.

March 20
New Teenage Wildlife picked as This Week In Rock History's Site of the Week.

March 19
Updated Dara sent me this week's incarnation of the Chart Watch.

March 18
New Helen2 pointed out some new videos from the official site, which I've linked to... one a live version of Seven Years In Tibet, and the other two from an interview about Earthling.
New To end the controversy once and for all, I now have a sound recording of David Bowie saying the name "Bowie". Hear it on the biography page.
New BowieManiac sent in a short story.

March 17
New I finally found a working scanner to scan Jean-Marie's artwork, as well as scan a picture Kathleen Donnelly sent in to go with her close encounter story.
New Sue Law sent in a fan contributed short story based on the characters from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.
New Kathleen Donnelly sent me the Earthling Press Release kit.

March 16
New Two new reviews of Earthling, one an Australian press review, and one from our own Kristi Barnett.
New Ruud sent me the scan for the cover of ChangesOneBowie.

March 15
New Steve Enright reminded me of a little bit of Move On trivia.

March 13
Updated Dara sent me the latest Chart Watch. Note that you can access this from the Music page from the front index.

March 12
New Mattie sent the scan and details for Dana Gillespie's album Andy Warhol which includes two Bowie-penned songs.

March 11
Updated Astroboy sent in the setlist as he remembers it for the Roseland 96 Ballroom show, together with the proper cover for the US version of The Buddha of Suburbia.
New Helen2 pointed out a 45 minute long RealAudio review from Radio Station KCRW about the Earthling album. This is great stuff! Don't miss!
New Bonster sent me a pointer to an Earthling review where Bowie is treated more favourably than U2.
UpdatedMagnus Bath sent me the scan for the cover of the European The Singles Collection.

March 8
Updated Mattie sent in information about the Australian release of The Singles Collection.

March 7
New Kathleen Donnelly sent me a pointer to some great photos of the Hollywood Star Walk Of Fame event.
Updated Dave Priest sent in the explicit details about The Singles Collection, including mention of a slightly different mix of Under Pressure
Updated Joan Sands suggested Lou Reed and Mott The Hoople be added to the Music Store as artists associated with David. In particular, there's a retrospective Mott The Hoope album available at CD-Universe, which Joan says is great!

March 6
New Dauphne sent in a review of the pay-per-view birthday concert special (based on an advance copy).

March 5
Updated Tom Mallon sent in a try at the background vocals for Dead Man Walking.
New Helen Spak sent in another sample of her artwork.
New The Rockline broadcast has been transcribed by Blonde Ant.

March 4
New Two more press reviews of Earthling, courtesy of Miriam.

March 3
Updated Added a short description and links for the Rosie O'Donnell appearance.
New Sue Law sent in a reader review of Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence
Updated Eric Castaing pointed out that the promo CD from France is actually the promo CD which was released with Earthling in France.
Updated David Stuart sent me yet more dates from the 1991 Tin Machine tour.

March 2
New Astroboy sent me the scan for the Baal album.
New Finally added an entry (since it's sufficiently different) for European release of The Singles Collection.

March 1
New In a thinly veiled attempt to move his name up the credits list, Mattie sent me the scan and info about the Tina Live In Europe album which contains three Bowie songs.
New A new Labyrinth picture was added to the Mid Eighties picture page. Thanks Diane
New Astroboy sent me a scan and the information for the compilation album Starting Point.
Updated BeauBelle sent me a couple of new dates for the Tin Machine tour.

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