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Site Updates April 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in April 1997

April 30
new Added a new daily feature to the site, a fan contribution of the day, which can be found in the daily features section of the main page.
updated Mattie sent me the info on the roo-rooters' release of Dead Man Walking.

April 29
updated Brian Gallagher sent me a scan of the wooden box set for Santa Monica 1972.
new Artur sent me info on four more singles.

April 27
updated Jan sent me a picture of the cover to The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones.
updated Dave and Shaz have moved their Missing Link webzine to a new location. Please update your bookmarks.
new Alys sent me a pointer to a new Bowie charcoal drawing of Reeves Gabrels.

April 26
Updated For those of you who are registered users, I have made substantial revisions to the weekly vote code so that now votes can have multiple choices. This should allow for a more interesting variety of votes.
New Artur sent me the details on the singles Ragazzo Solo, Ragazza Sola, The Prettiest Star and Memory Of A Free Festival.
Updated I found three Quicktime clips from the Little Wonder video for us poor sods in the US and elsewhere who have never seen it.
New Added cover pictures for Lost Highway, Heaven And Hull and Young Lions.

April 25
New Music Central has an interesting online interview with Bowie, including a clip from the Dead Man Walking video.
Update Ramona sent me her Just A Gigolo review, as well as the last line to the infamous Little Toy Soldier.
New Artur sent me more info on the early singles.

April 24
New Eric sent me information about the following singles: Prisoner Of Love, You Belong In Rock 'N Roll, and updates to Buddha Of Suburbia and Black Tie White Noise
New Dara's chart watch page has been updated, in spite of his crappy OS/Netscape combo which can't submit a simple form.

April 23
New Desiree sent in an interesting parallel between the song Diamond Dogs and a science fiction novel by Samuel Delaney.
New Magienoire Torrent sent me another piece of fan artwork.

April 22
New Valeria sent me the location of Bowie's sculpture exhibit at last year's Florence Fashion Exhibition.
New Artur sent me information about six of the early single releases in the 1960s.

April 21
New Various people sent me a report on David's appearance on the Jack Docherty show.
New Ruud sent me scans for the Phoenix Festival and Best Of Grunge Rock albums.
Update Nick sent me the full listing of the picture disc set.

April 20
New Janet sent me two photos from the Fort Apache, Cambridge, MA appearance.
New Samantha sent me the translation of an Italian interview with Bowie.
Updated Astroboy sent me better scans for Dead Man Walking, Cat People and Jump (CDROM).
New Laurie sent in another wonderful piece of fan artwork.

April 19
New Mattie sent me information about The Crossing soundtrack which features an alternative version of Tin Machine's Betty Wrong.

April 18
Update I revamped the voting mechanisms so that registered users can now vote directly through the Web browser without having to send email!
New Alys and Starluck sent in Part 2 of their short story.

April 17
New John Sellars sent me a report on the BBC Radio 1 appearances this morning.
New I've provided a link to Rachel's excellent transcript of the WBCN special appearance.
Updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.
New Lugh pointed out this site which has a few Bowie MIDI files.
New Updates on promo versions of Dead Man Walking, and information on the Earthling radio edits disc.
Update The aforementioned The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones appears to be a bootleg after all.
Update The Appearances page has been updated with a link to the BBC Radio 1 site.

April 15
New Eric Slim sent me information about what appears to be a semi-legal release of previously unreleased songs on the album The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones.
Update Ruud sent me version 6.7 of his updated discography.
New Smoothi sent me a transcript of half of the Atlanta 99X breakfast show from April 8.
New Added a number of new pictures/artwork to the fan contributions page.
New Marz sent in a family story of close encounters with Bowie.

April 14
New Added a link to Rob Hall's Conan O'Brien's show multimedia extravaganaza.
New Included some new trivia for the following songs: African Night Flight, Yassassin, Red Money.

April 13
New Laurie sent in a watercolor.
New Deke sent in a scan of his ticket stub from the Arizona Coliseum during the 1974 Diamond Dogs tour.
updated Dave Priest sent in some interesting trivia info about the Jump CD-ROM.

April 12
New Tony Chefles sent in a drawing of Bowie.
New Kali sent in the transcript of an interesting article from British Airways Highlife magazine.

April 10
New Bowie performed two songs on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. You can read more on the television appearances page.

April 9
Updated You can read a short review (available for one day only) of the Fort Apache Studios, Cambridge, MA appearance from the Boston Globe.
updated The Chart Watch page has been updated with Dara's latest figures.
new Added a couple of new artwork contributions, as well as a new poem.

April 8
new Jam! Music has a short piece about Bowie's Toronto trip which you can find from the online appearances page. You can also find a link to Jam!'s David Bowie page on the other links page.

April 7
new Rachel transcribed the Guitar World article.

April 6
new Addicted To Noise has a new interview which I've linked to on the appearances page.
updated Bassman's Bowie page has two new entries called Videos and Cassettes. You can find a link to it on the Other Links page.
updated Kristi sent me some information about revised lyrics to Untitled No. 1.
New MagieNoire sent me another piece of fan artwork.
new West sent me a new Bowie poem, as did Rob.

April 5
new Added a link on the television appearances page to Rob Hall's Letterman performance page.
updated Dave Priest sent me info on the UK Dead Man Walking single release, slated for April 14.

April 4
new Dara's Chart Watch page updated with Dead Man Walking appearance.

April 1
new Updated the Dead Man Walking page for the US promo single.

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