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Site Updates May 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in May 1997

May 31
update Markus sent in yet more releases for the Little Wonder, Dead Man Walking and Hallo Spaceboy releases.
update Completed the Ziggy Stardust tour pages thanks to Artur.

May 30
new Lady Labyrinth sent in a new poem.

May 29
new New singles information from Artur and Eric on the singles page.
updated Also Artur sent more information on the Ziggy Stardust tours.

May 28
update I updated the Outside 1995-96 Tour page to include all the dates, and provide a unified interface for the concerts as for the Earthling Tour.

May 27
new Two more Bowie singles from Artur.

May 26
updated Dara updated the chart watch with some new US figures.

May 23
new Another piece of artwork contributed by Magienoire Torrent.

May 22
updated Marius pointed out a bug to me for the ticket pages for the Earthling Tour which prevented more than one advertisement. I've fixed it, so advertise to your heart's content.
new Sara and BowieManiac sent in their most recent steamy short story, while Shannon added a second part to her story.

May 21
new Alys sent me some more artwork.
new Added some new pictures courtesy of Jean-Marie to the Thin White Duke, Outside Tour and 1997 section.
new Arabia sent me another review and reports of the Dublin rehearsal gig.
new Artur sent info on two more 1975 singles.

May 20
updated Dara the chart-meister sent in a new edition of the chart watch.
new A new pointilism Screaming Lord Byron from Magienoire Torrent.
new Added entries for the Spanish 1990 David Bowie release and the UK 1990 Introspective.

May 19
new Added the When I Live My Dream album, and the British cover for Love You Till Tuesday.
updated I now have both an official Irish Times review, and a contributed review by Gerry Matthews for the Dublin Secret Gig.
new William Urban sent me a piece of artwork together with three pictures from the Halloween Hollywood 1995 concert.
updated The saga of the Santa Monica 1972 release continues, with Michael Harvey sending me info on the video released with the limited edition boxed set.

May 18
new Shai sent me the information on The Gospel According To David Bowie compilation album.
updated Gilly sent two of her close encounters.
updated Mikael sent me info on a 3 track Santa Monica 1972 sampler.
updated Alys sent me the official lyrics to Get Real.

May 17
updated Paul Morgan and Shai Shamir confirmed that the UK version 1 for Dead Man Walking is actually a limited edition.

May 16
new Nathaly Dorset sent me a couple of her poems, which come from her book which you can buy by contacting her.
new I added a page which provides statistics on the surveys as answered by Teenage Wildlife registered users. We have now passed 2000 registered users!
new Eric Slim sent me info on a jukebox only 7" release of Dead Man Walking.
updated Three more singles from Artur.

May 15
new Some new Brazilian and other TV appearances are on the appearances page.
new Added an entry for the recently released cover album David Bowie Songbook.
updated I changed the WWW links page a little bit, putting my highly recommended sites at the top of the page.
new Information on three more singles from 1974 contributed by Artur.

May 14
new CD Universe is now advertising the Japanese Earthling colour picture CD and The Forgotten Songs of David Robert Jones, together with the Black Tie White Noise video (although they are on backorder or special import).
new Alyssa sent in two pieces of fan artwork.
updated Artur sent in more information on the 1973 singles.

May 11
new For those of you looking for movie posters to buy, you may try visiting concertposters.com which has several Bowie posters for sale (note that their alphabetization is by first, not last name, so look under D).

May 10
new Artur sent me info on the 1973 release of Sorrow.

May 7
new Artwork and a close encounter from Jessica N.

May 6
new More singles from Artur.

May 4
updated Dara the chart-meister sent in this week's chart watch.
new Registered users can now change their password as well as their vital statistics from the Registered User Info page.
updated Three more singles from Artur.
updated Added information about the latest issue of The Voyeur fanzine. Thanks Ton.

May 3
new Added a page for the upcoming release of The Deram Anthology.
new Artur sent me more info on the singles from 1972.

May 2
updated The two French concerts at Lyon and Antibes are apparently Bowie-only shows as well as the Spanish shows.
new Joseph Lee Greback sent me new artwork.
updated Helen2 sent me a pointer to the stills from the Dead Man Walking video, which I now link to from the song page.

May 1
updated Added information about the 1972 Pye single rereleases of Can't Help Thinking About Me and Do Anything You Say.

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