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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in June 1997

June 30
updated At the prodding of a daft Swede (who shall remain nameless), I've changed the Earthling Tour concert pages so that the most recent comments (to a maximum of 3) show up on the main concert page. You can see all the comments (and add one of your own), by clicking on the link at the bottom of the comments.
updated Starling sent in the dates for the Station To Station world tour!
new Check out the new fan page links if you haven't visited them in a while. There have been quite a few added over the past month.
new New artwork from Ali.

June 29
new Helen2 sent in the lyrics to Buzz The Fuzz.
new Magienoire Torrent sent in another piece of art, while new contributor Geo Wolsten sent in three beautiful new works.

June 28
new More concert pictures from Leipzig and Munich, courtesy of Gilly!

June 27
new Ben sent in a transcript and scans from one of the first major Bowie press appearances, i.e. Rolling Stone in 1972.
new Artur sent in info on two more singles.

June 25
new Gilly sent in two slighly demonic looking pictures from Dortmund.
new BowieManiac sent in eight more pieces of her artwork.
new I slightly rearranged the miscellaneous section of the Fan Contributions section, and included the Windows 95 theme sent in by DJWeasl.

June 24
new Two more singles from Artur.

June 23
new KnightAngel sent in her Labyrinth Rises short story.

June 22
new Artur sent in info on two more singles.

June 21
new Artur sent in a new single, and also information about an interview disc.
new Adenike sent me a piece from the UK Telegraph.
new Artur sent me scans for You've Got A Habit Of Leaving and Can't Help Thinking About Me.

June 20
new Helen2 sent in a good shot at the lyrics to Pancho.
updated After thinking about it for a while, I added a new song entry for Is It Any Wonder, since Bowie seems to think this is a new song.

June 19
new Tura sent in a review of her experience at Hanover Grand experience, and Arabia an account of the Paris concert.

June 18
new Artur sent me some great scans of the very early single I Pity The Fool.
new That literary giant, Dara O'Wearney, sent in four reviews of the concerts he's been to: London June 2nd, London June 3rd, Lubeck June 7th and Paris June 14th.
new Added some pictures from Gilly to the Utrecht concert page, from Janet and John to the June 2 Hanover Grand, and from Villi to the June 3 Hanover Grand page.

June 17
new I created an easier way to see back issues of the guestbook by creating a guestbook archive.

June 16
new Laurie Ayla sent me a series of stills from the Bowie - The Video Collection.

June 15
updated Added a short review by Eric Castaing of the Paris concert, and added three more pictures from the Paradiso concert.
updated HelenG provided a scan for the latest issue of the Crankin' Out fanzine.
updated I fixed some of the anomalies in the on the fly lyric contests.

June 13
new Two new reviews of the London gigs added, one from June 2, and one from June 3.

June 12
new Eiichi sent me setlists for the Japanese leg of the Outside Tour.
new NME's review of the Hanover Grand gig, plus a couple of photos from Gilly from the Paradiso, Amsterdam show.

June 11
new Artur sent in information on three more singles.

June 10
new Jean-Marie sent me an article which appeared in the UK Sunday paper, The Gazette, which reviewed the June 3rd Hanover Grand gig.

June 9
new Der Spiegel had a review of the Hamburg secret gig in German. They call it the "concert of the year", and also reference Teenage Wildlife!

June 8
new Ramoana sent in her mature content story.

June 7
new Jean-Marie sent in some photos from the June 3rd Hanover Grand gig, while John Sellars has an update to his review of the concert on the same page.
new Markus tells me that the June issue of the German Rolling Stone has Bowie on the cover and a free CD.

June 6
new Colin McDonald sent in an interview with Iggy Pop.

June 5
new Another (tongue-in-cheek) London Evening Standard review of the first London gig, a picture and a Teenage Wildlifer review of the second gig.

June 4
new Two new reviews have been added for the first London gig.
new Anda sent in some photos from Bowie's 1996 Russian concert.
update Sara and BowieManiac sent in a continuation of their story.
new Rachel has a transcript for the April Vox article.
new Laurie sent in a piece of Bowie stationery on her art page.

June 3
new Due to incessant nagging, I added a more difficult lyric contest.

June 2
update Frank sent me the dates for the Tin Machine tour.

June 1
new Added a page for the 1974 Japanese compilation release The Best Of David Bowie.

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