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Site Updates July 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in July 1997

July 31
new Another two photos from Frank Toal at Glasgow.

July 30
new Lots more photos... from Jean-Marie at Phoenix and Manchester, Gilly at Werchter, Frauenfeld and Madrid, and finally a great kilt shot from Frank Toal at Manchester.

July 28
new Steve sent in two great pictures from the Manchester concert.
new See Gilly's signed ticket from the Madrid show.

July 27
new Mike sent in scans of the Long Live Tibet album.

July 25
new Jim K. sent in some photos from the Glasgow show.

July 24
update I've updated to version 2 of the EZTalk Java client on the Chat page. If you have a Java-enabled browser, this version is a lot nicer (although bigger!) than the previous version.
new Gilly sent in some of her photos from the Spanish shows at Zaragoza and San Sebastian.

July 23
new Steffi sent in some excellent photos (via Gilly) of the shows from Dortmund, Paris, Leipzig and Munich,

July 22
new John sent me a scan of the picture CD for the Mandarin version of Seven Years in Tibet called A Fleeting Moment.
Added photos from Marcel at the Lubeck and Torhout concerts.

July 21
new John sent in two great reviews of the two Phoenix nights 19th and 20th where the Bowie audience redeemed themselves.

July 20
new Ben went to a lot of work, and sent in the transcript and pictures of a very interesting interview from the May 1983 Musician interview.
new Check out Zig Dust's Tin Machine site.

July 19
updated A couple of new concert pictures from magazines, one for Hanover Grand? and one from Paris.
new Janet sent in a scan of the cover of the French version of Heroes.
new A new combination poem/artwork from Cat.

July 18
updated Kevin sent me the full tracklisting for Long Live Tibet, which in addition to the Bowie/Dorsey composition, also includes a cover of Moonage Daydream.

July 17
updated Version 6.7.3 of Ruud's Discography is online.
updated Paula sent in a revised and updated version of the Ashes To Ashes MOD sound file (playable by MOD players on most computers).

July 16
new Some new pictures from Pistoia, Italy (from Gianluca) and from Werchter, Belgium (from Mirlou). Also, a review of the Clermont-Ferrand concert by Nathaly.
new Added another great Ziggy photo sent in by Peppe, and a pic of Bowie from the BBC Top of the Pops appearance earlier this year.
new More artwork from Victor Otero.

July 15
new Four new excellent photos from the Torhout festival, courtesy of Gilly.
new A delightful close encounter story from Maria Tsodokova.
updated FYI: A reader sent me email to tell me that David Bowie Songbook is available for sale on the Web at AB-CD Planetwide. Crash Course For The Ravers is also available there.
Stefano sent in another review of the Brescia concert.

July 14
new Fan poetry from ThinWhiteDuke.

July 12
new Artur sent in info on a couple more singles.

July 10
new Thanks to all the Italian readers (I didn't know there were so many!) who sent in information about the Brescia concert, including two reviews.

July 8
new Added a new Ziggy picture (very high quality!) to the Ziggy picture page.

July 6
new Rien and Gilly sent in their impressions of Torhout, a.k.a The Mud Festival.
updated Dara sent in what will probably be the last chart watch for a while (until the third single is released?)

July 4
updated Finally got another one of Gilly's pictures from the Leipzig concert, where it looks as though David is trying to fly, and some other nice pictures from the Hamburg and Lubeck gigs.

July 3
updated Added the scans (courtesy of Artur) for 3 early singles The Prettiest Star, Memory Of A Free Festival and Holy Holy.

July 1
updated The afore-mentioned daft Swede also suggested putting a little icon next to each concert for which Teenage Wildlife readers have sent in photos. Check it out on the Earthling Tour concert pages.
updated Rachael tells me that she has added transcripts of the June Guitar Player and April Swing articles. You can reach Rachel's transcripts by clicking on the link icon next to the description of each article at the above links.

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