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Site Updates August 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in August 1997

August 31
new More London second night pictures from Gilly.

August 29
new A great close encounter story from Lynne Barberian.

August 28
new A new collection of Gilly pictures from the second Dublin night, including Bowie with the dress from the infamous topless dancer.

August 26
new Gilly sent in a few more pics, from the Nottingham and Leeds.

August 25
new Noam sent in scans of his pictures from this year's Phoenix festival.

August 24
new Tia sent in another piece of wonderful Bowie artwork.

August 22
new Gilly sent in a bevy of photos from the Shepherd's Bush first night.

August 21
new Mike sent in the text of two reviews from UK papers of the Shepherd's Bush concerts.
new JeanMarie sent in a scan of the cover for the newly released Seven Years In Tibet concert.

August 20
new Added more information on some of the mid-80's singles courtesy of Artur.

August 19
new A couple of new pics from Frank at the Nottingham gig.
new Thanks to Mark for sending in a scan of the Miracle Goodnight cover.

August 18
new Added reviews by Dara of the Long Live Tibet album and the Seven Years In Tibet single.
new Added a scan of the Dutch wrapper cover for the rerelease of The Singles Collection from Ruud.

August 17
new Dara sent in his reviews of the first and second Dublin concerts.

August 16
new Helen2 had a bash at the Planet Of Dreams lyrics.
new Lots of photos! From Gilly for the San Sebastian, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds and Dublin concerts.
Also some photos from the secret rehearsal at Dublin in May by M. Carey.

August 14
new Two reviews from each of the Dublin concerts ( first, and second nights) by Arabia. Also two pictures from the second London gig by Steve.

August 13
new I added new information on the upcoming Seven Years In Tibet single release, along with information about the limited edition Pallas Athena/V-2 Schneider drum 'n bass vinyl release.

August 12
new Online Irish Times and Sunday Independent review of the first Dublin concert.

August 10
new A long review of the Nottingham concert by John Sellars.
new Three very good photos from the Malmo gig.

August 9
new Scans of the Newcastle ticket from Philip Young, the 1996 Tel Aviv ticket from Noam, and a picture of Bowie and Gail-Ann Dorsey in the airport from Spider.
new In the spirit of "the customer is always right", I added a message board this morning for those ex-MBers who can't get their daily fix. I'll be watching this closely...
new Frippertronic sent me a pointer to a picture and RealVideo clip for the Lollipop Festival.

August 8
new Pictures and setlist from the Leeds gig, courtesy of Samuel Barnesdore.
A picture from the Nottingham gig via Don Atkins.

August 7
new Gianluca sent in a couple of new pictures, one for the Hunky Dory era, and one for the Ziggy era,

August 3
new Check Den's brief review from the Liverpool gig.
new Some new singles sent in by Artur.

August 1
new Jean-Marie sent in a newspaper review of the Glasgow show.
new I added the Q review of the Hanover Grand show, an article from Marco magazine, and also a number of chart numbers (see the Trivia sections) for albums and singles in the UK and US (all courtesy of Dara the chart-meister).

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