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Site Updates September 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in September 1997

September 29
new Added two new fan contributed artpieces by Victor.

September 28
new Reviews from Jam! Showbiz and The Toronto Sun of the Toronto show.

September 26
new Added a link to Lady Artist Minotaur's transcript/scan of the Windsor Star review of the first Detroit concert.

September 24
new A review from Addicted To Noise for the Detroit concert.

September 23
new Added scans of the covers from Drive In Saturday.
new Added Trinia's European Bowie tour to the Close Encounters section.

September 21
new Added the text of the July 1997 Modern Drummer interview (thanks Cat).
new Pictures sent in by Rosie by her brother JoeLion of Los Angeles (1st night) and Los Angeles (2nd night)
new Added a picture of the poster from the 1995 Outside show in Birmingham (thanks Spider and Donny).

September 20
new A review from Reuters of the Chicago surprise concert. temporary only

September 19
new Added some nice new links to Bowie fan pages on the WWW Links page. Check out "A Crack In The Past", "Loving The Alien", and the "Scary Monsters" site. Great stuff!

September 18
new Pictures from D.S. of San Francisco (the 15th). and San Francisco (the 16th).

September 16
new Added my review of San Francisco.

September 15
new A new review of the Vancouver show, from Drop-D Magazine, complete with some nice photos.
new Ben sent in a transcript and photos from the Musician interview from 1987. Interesting reading given what Bowie says now about that period ;)
new A review of the second night at Universal Amphitheater by Robot Monster.

September 14
new Added a new setlist table for the US portion of the Earthling tour, listing each song, and order in which it appeared at each concert.
updated Updated the covers section, to add entries for songs which Bowie has covered.

September 13
new Added a new entry for the upcoming I'm Afraid Of Americans release on October 7. Note that both this and the Best of David Bowie 1969-1974 album are available for preorder at the music store.

September 12
new Two new pictures from the July Malmo concert.
new Reviews by Reuters and the LA Tims of the Hollywood gig and a Teenage Wildlifer review of San Francisco by Robot Monster.

September 11
new A review of Seattle from the esteemed Robot Monster.
new updated Two more reviews of the San Francisco show from the San Jose Mercury and San Francisco Chronicle.
new Two photos from Heather taken at the Vancouver concert, and three photos from D.S. at the San Francisco concert.

September 10
new A San Francisco Examiner review for last night's San Francisco show and another one for Seattle from Wall Of Sound. Note: Some of these press reviews are often only up for one or two days, so it pays to go visit them now to read them
updated Talkcity has updated their Java chat client, and I have provided the appropriate updated links on the Chat page. If your Internet browser suports Java, then come chat with people!

September 9
new Two more press reviews, one from Jam! Music for Vancouver, and one from Addicted To Noise for Seattle.

September 8
new Added a review of the Vancouver show from the Vancouver Sun, the Seattle show from the Seattle Times, and Alyssa' personal review of Vancouver.
new Our erstwhile contributor Rex sent in his poster which is being used to advertise the show for San Francisco.

September 6
new Astroboy also sent in a scan of the advertisement for the New York GQ Awards concert from the Village Voice.

September 5
new Astroboy sent in a scan of the cover of the Tao Jones Index single.

September 4
new Erick sent in the official track listing from EMI on the upcoming release of Best Of David Bowie 1969-1974.

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