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Site Updates October 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in October 1997

October 31
new Pictures from Gilly at Minneapolis.

October 29
new Lots of pictures... Helen2 sent in a bevy from her Bowie marathon, from Glasgow, Manchester, San Francisco, New York (Supper Club), and Minneapolis; Kelly Curtis sent in more from Ft. Lauderdale; Gilly donated her New York (GQ Awards) photos, and Andherson sent in tickets and posters from Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro.

October 28
new Ali sent in her review of Chicago.
new More pictures from Gilly at Washington, D.C. and from Rachel at Toronto.

October 26
new Jen Stardust and Jaded Owl sent in two new contributions of fan poetry.
new Jessica Anderson and Hallu sent in more artwork.

October 25
new World-renowned Teenage Wildlife photographer Gilly sent in her pics from Supper Club, New York.
new A new piece of artwork from Simone.
updated Fishboy sent me scans of the covers of Ice Storm and Live From 6A.

October 24
new RaMOANa sent in her close encounter story from Ft. Lauderdale.

October 22
new More photos rolling in from Janet for the Toronto (1) and Toronto (2) shows (second show includes a great crotch-grab); from 'lectriceye for the Atlanta show, and K.O. for the Chicago show.
new The esteemed RobotMonster directed her keyboard at the infamous St. Paul show.

October 21
new Matt sent me the official setlist from the Chicago MGD show. Yay!
new Thanks to Claire who sent in a reader-contributed review of The Linguini Incident.
new Also another press review of the St. Paul/Minneapolis show.

October 20
new Reader-contributed reviews from LaLune of the Chicago show, and from Dara for both the first and second nights at Philadelphia.

October 19
new A review from the Star Tribune of the St. Paul/Minneapolis show.
new Kelley Curtis sent in some beautiful professional pictures from the Ft. Lauderdale show.
new A couple of people sent in scans from the program for the GQ Awards show.
new Mikey sent in the scan of the I'm Afraid Of Americans single, and Neil a scan of GQ's Earthling In The City bonus CD.

October 18
new A review from the Chicago Tribune of the Chicago Show.

October 17
new A review from the New York Post of the Supper Club show.
new An anonymous donor sent in a transcript of the KFOG San Francisco radio appearance (click on the globe icon for the transcript).

October 16
new Pictures from Mikey of the Supper Club show.
new Review from the Washington Post of the D.C. show. and the New York Times of the Supper Club show.
new A new fan artwork sketch from Greg Stephens.

October 15
new Personal reviews from Hans and Marni of the Ft. Lauderdale concert.

October 14
new Great concert pictures from John O at Washington D.C., and close encounter pictures from Ft. Lauderdale by RaMOANa.

October 13
new Starling sent me his review of both nights at Philadelphia.

October 12
new Shai sent me the tracklisting from Live From 6A.

October 11
new Brian sent me a picture of his body artwork, and Simone some of her Windows wallpaper.

October 10
new Daniele informed me of a limited UK EMI vinyl release of Best of David Bowie 1969-1974 to be released October 27, 1997.
new Tia sent in some fan artwork. as did Robbie.
new The Electric Factory at Philadelphia has a web page with pictures taken from the first night

October 9
new Rachel sent in her close encounter with Bowie during his Toronto visit.
new Read Hans' review of the Ft. Lauderdale concert.
new Added scans of the cover and back of Best of David Bowie 1969-1974. Thanks Fishboy!
new Added a press review for the Detroit concert

October 8
new Wall Of Sound has an article about the new version of I Can't Read from the Ice Storm soundtrack.
new Added a link to a review by Dick Mac of the Boston concert

October 7
new Included a table of recent/upcoming releases available through CD Universe on the Music page.
new Added the customary negative review from the Philly Inquirer about the Philadelphia show.

October 6
new Added an entry for the Conan O'Brien Live From 6A album featuring the acoustic version of Dead Man Walking.

October 1
new Added a link to the Boston Globe's review of the Boston show.
updated At the urging of a daft Swede, I have moved the setlist table to its own page.

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