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Site Updates November 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in November 1997

November 30
new Artur sent in a scan of the cover from Let's Spend The Night Together.

November 24
new There's a link to a large (i.e. 20 megabyte) video of I'm Afraid Of Americans in Quicktime format available.
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

November 22
new Neil sent in the scan of the cover of The Bridge School Concerts album released this week.
new Patti contributed a scan of the front of the October 30, 1974 program, and also a poster from Philadelphia's Tower Theatre promoting the November 30, 1972 appearance of David Bowie and the Spiders From Mars.
new Helen Spak sent in two photos from the Glass Spider tour.
new A couple of new pictures from Kelly Curtis (via Hans Morgenstern) from Ft. Lauderdale (including a great shot of Gail) and one from the signing outside on the second night.

November 21
new Poetry from Tia Doran, and another picture added to the Marz close encounter page.
new Two new RealAudio 3.0 clips from contributors; one a clip from Rachel's close encounter, and the other a musical performance by Michael Malouf Renning.

November 20
new New artwork contributions from Zane and Frauke Arnold.

November 18
new Thanks to Patti who sent in a scan of a Ziggy era contact sheet, and also a program from the Diamond Dogs tour.

November 17
new Hallu sent in a scan of a postcard containing an early picture of Bowie in his Beckenham flat.
new A new photo from Helen Spak taken this summer at Stockholm.
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

November 16
new Photos from Ramsey taken at Philadelphia.
new Patti scanned a piece of Bowie's artwork contributed to the Prince's Trust.
updated Walter sent in a better version of the Chilly Down lyrics (which must rate as some of the most indecipherable lyrics ever by Bowie).
updated Vampyre and Hans sent me updated info on Jump They Say promos.

November 15
updated Live 105 has a couple of pictures from their Breakfast With Bowie event (use the link link).
new Photos from Sarah taken at Juan-Les-Pins, France in July.

November 13
new A couple of new picures from Kiridee taken at Chicago.

November 12
updated Fan poetry from Libby Reis and babygraceblue.

November 11
updated A new release of the chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new Shai sent me info on a US promo Jump They Say release.
new Thanks to Ruud and Gilly for the information on the included disc with the Rolling Stone (Germany) October issue.
new More pictures from Shai at the Supper Club, New York City show.

November 10
updated Dave Priest has renovated his Bowie web site, and given it a new name Subterraneans.
updated Rachel sent in three photos from the Toronto concert to accompany her close encounter story.
new Added entries for two recent soundtrack releases featuring Bowie songs, Trainspotting 2 and Hackers 2. Thanks to all the Canadians who sent in info about Hackers 2, which is being heavily promoted on Canadian television at the moment ;)

November 9
new Mattie sent in the details and scan of a promo live version of Bang Bang from 1987.

November 8
update Another piece of artwork sent in by Simone Roddey.

November 6
update Ruud sent in a new version of his wonderful discography. Thanks Ruud!

November 5
update Added a series of pictures from the October magazine appearances... Take a look at the globe links on the press page for Mojo, GQ and Rolling Stone.
new A new picture from Pedro from the Rio de Janeiro concert.

November 4
update A 1997 update to Marz's close encounters with Bowie.
new Some additional pictures from 'lectriceye at Atlanta.
new Added a new video store section. Note for overseas visitors: these videos are in NTSC (aka Never The Same Colour) format.

November 3
new A great picture contributed by SpaceGhost from Curitiba.

November 2
new Added an entry and cover scan for The Laughing Gnome, courtesy of Ruud.

November 1
new The final Gilly pictures of the tour from Chicago.

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