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Site Updates December 1997

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in December 1997

December 31
new New fan artwork from Ivan Palaia, where Bowie looks suspiciously like a werewolf.

December 30
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

December 29
new Gilly sent in a scan of the Up The Hill Backwards single, along with a scan of the limited edition stamps which accompanied this single.

December 28
new Provided a link to Aki's breakfast with Bowie page, as well as a link to her Velvet Goldmine site on the WWW Links page.
new Thanks to DarkAngel for sending me scans of the Heroes Symphony front and back.
new More artwork from David Nettles, Magienoire and Tia Doran.

December 27
new Completed the concert dates for Serious Moonlight and Heroes 1978 world tours. Once again, corrections are appreciated.

December 25
new Entered all of the Glass Spider concert dates in the same format used for the more recent tours. Information about these older tours is not always accurate. If you are certain that something is wrong, feel free to email me with the details.

December 24
new Dara contributed an analysis of the liner note inaccuracies in the US version of Best Of David Bowie 69-74.
new Added a belated, but good review, of Earthling from Details Magazine.
new Added the liner notes from The Buddha of Suburbia album, which give an indication of the method by which Bowie wrote the songs.

December 21
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new Hans Morgenstern sent in a review he originally wrote for Goldmine magazine of The Deram Anthology and Best of David Bowie 1969-74.
new Mary sent in her close encounter story and picture from San Francisco this year.
new Markus sent in a single release from Austria for Peace On Earth/Little Drummer Boy (I suspect this may be a bootleg).
new Single covers for Sorrow and the 1973 release of The Laughing Gnome from Artur.

December 19
new Russ sent in the text of the review from the LA Times of the Los Angeles concert.

December 18
new Helen contributed photos from the recent San Francisco Live105 show.

December 17
new New fan contributed artwork from Jean-Marie and Hallu.

December 15
new A new piece of wallpaper from Jessica.
new Added new pictures from Anna taken at Ruisrock, Finland.
new Single covers for Life On Mars from Artur.

December 14
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

December 11
new Added new pictures/posters/tickets from concerts at Rio de Janeiro, Columbus, Ohio (1995) and a ticket from the Serious Moonlight tour.
updated Another 1974 Diamond Dogs photo from the Sigma Kids, and a reunion in 1995 from Patti.
new `Stardust sent me new artwork, and also a new Ziggy era picture.

December 10
updated Three more photos from Bradley taken at the GQ Awards show, including a great shot of Reeves' legs.
new Two reviews from the local press of the San Francisco show.

December 9
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new New single cover scans from Allart for Ashes To Ashes, Fashion, Let's Dance, Without You, Blue Jean, Tonight, Loving The Alien and Never Let Me Down.
updated One more 1974 photo from the Sigma Kids.

December 7
new Five new pictures from Bradley taken at the GQ Awards show.

December 5
new New artwork from Zane, and more photos from the Sigma Kids.

December 4
new A collection of new fan artwork from Marius, Hallu, Jamie and Erika.

December 3
new Added a new fan close encounter section for the Sigma Kids; this features some great personal shots from Philadelphia in 1974.
new JadeOwl sent me a fan contributed story.

December 2
new Kim sent me information about the European release of the multi-versioned Jump They Say single.
A new picture from Aquaria of the concert at Washington D.C..

December 1
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new Jessica sent in a photo of Bowie's wax personage from Madame Tussaud's in London.

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