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Site Updates January 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in January 1998

January 31
new Antonio sent in a picture from The Man Who Fell To Earth for the pictures page.

January 30
new Eric noted that the new Goldie album was released today in the Netherlands, and Truth, the track which Bowie sings on, is 5:14 long, "a nice ambient like song without rhythms (so it's not a drum 'n bass song)"
new Mattie sent in info on the Japanese Special CD release of Never Let Me Down.

January 29
new Stefano and Valeria sent in two pictures from the July Brescia concert, as well as one picture from the February San Remo Festival television appearance.

January 28
new Artur sent in scans of the Diamond Dogs single, together with advertisements for Rock 'N Roll Suicide and Knock On Wood.
new Added entries for the Low Symphony (used to be a link to an external site, but that site has now disappeared), and the upcoming Goldie album Saturnz Return.

January 27
new Doug Bailey sent in a transcript of Jarvis Cocker's interview with Bowie which appeared in the London weekly, The Big Issue.
new Frippertronic sent me information about a promotional version of the Never Let Me Down single as well as the full information on the Magic Dance single.
new Catharine Chen sent in a xmas poem.

January 26
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

January 25
new Boum sent in his drawing of "Toothy Bo".
new exclusive Philippe Auliac, a professional photographer who has worked with Bowie, has sent in two pictures, one from the 1976 arrival at Victoria Station, and another during the shooting of the Be My Wife video.

January 22
new Magienoire sent in two pieces of fan fiction.
updated Brent has added a number of new RealAudio versions of rare songs to his Bowie web page.

January 21
updated Dave Priest writes to tell me he has updated his Subterraneans site.

January 20
new Paula is running a monthly Bowie poll on her Bowie fan page.

January 18
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

January 17
new Rachel Sa sent in a short story.

January 15
updated Mattie and dag informed me that the I Can't Read single has been released in Australia. Mattie also points out that the long version on this single is different from that available on the Ice Storm soundtrack.
new Frauke Arnold sent in two more pieces of art.
new JeanMarie sent in tour pictures from April 29, 1978, May 7, 1978, May 16, 1978, and September 2, 1987, as well as a scan of an advertisement for Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.

January 14
new DarkAngel has completed his humorous look at The Pets of Teenage Wildlife.
new Flaschka Christian sent in a general setlist for the Glass Spider tour.

January 12
new Brent Nicholson noted that he has an MPEG Layer-III format sound file of the Reznor/Bowie Hurt duet on his web page.

January 11
new Gilly sent in scans of singles from multiple countries for The Jean Genie, Knock On Wood, and a scan from Sorrow.

January 10
new Magienoire sent in six more Ziggy pictures.
new David Nettles sent in a snapshot from the Love You Till Tuesday mime performance.
new JeanMarie sent in a picture from the 1995 Aberdeen concert.
Sarah sent in a scan of the cover of The Linguini Incident. Sarah also has her own Bowie film page.

January 9
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

January 8
new Helen2 made me aware that the official site now has a full length RealVideo version of I'm Afraid Of Americans. If you have RealPlayer 4.0 or better, then you can see the video.

January 5
updated One more pic from 1990 in Marz' close encounter, and an additional picture from 1974 during the Sigma Kids days.

January 4
new Added art from Kaz.
updated Added a Bowie autograph scan to Marz's close encounter.

January 2
new A new short story from Manon.

January 1
new New fan artwork from Jessica.

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