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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in February 1998

February 28
updated The lists of concerts on the tour pages have been updated to show which concerts I have setlists and reviews (as well as pictures) for:
setlist - indicates a setlist exists
review - indicates a review(s) exists
camera - indicates a picture(s) exists

February 26
new Mattie sent in the cover and details for Adrian Belew's Pretty Pink Rose single.

February 25
new Sandra sent in a transcript of the Dutch interview from 1996 with Karel de Graff.
new Vernard sent in a setlist and review for Vancouver, September 12, 1983. This was the concert that was used for the official tour video.
new Rik Walton sent in a scan of his ticket from Newcastle, 1978.
new Pictures from Jean-Marie from November 14, 1995, and March 26, 1990
new More setlists from Allart: July 8, 1972, October 20, 1972, November 17, 1972, February 14, 1973, February 15, 1973, and July 3, 1973,

February 24
new Allart sent in setlists for Los Angeles, 1983, Osaka, 1978, San DIego, 1978, Los Angeles, 1983, Chicago, 1974, Detroit, 1974 and Madison, 1974; as well as correcting a few dates on the Diamond Dogs and Station To Station tours.
new Vernard sent in setlists for Austin, 1995 and Utrecht, January 1996.

February 23
new Allart sent in a setlist for Universal Amphitheater, 1974.
new Vernard sent in the setlist for Nassau Coliseum, 1974 and a review for Toronto, 1983.

February 22
new Ruud sent in new scans for The Crossing, Saturnz Return, plus some of the older RCA scans for Station To Station and Diamond Dogs.
new Zig sent in the lyrics to Hammerhead.
new New pictures for the Ziggy, Diamond Dogs and Let's Dance pages, contributed by Aki and Mike.
new Vernard sent in a review of the Toronto 1995 show plus setlists from Quebec City, 1983 and Baton Rouge, 1978, and Hong Kong, 1983.
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara, including the addition of the soundtrack to The Wedding Singer.

February 21
new JeanMarie sent in a photo from Birmingham, 1990.

February 20
updated Ruud's discography has been updated to v6.9.1. If you have updates, Ruud would appreciate your email.

February 19
new Vernard sent in reviews of Vancouver shows from 1990 and a great review from the opening show of the 1976 Station To Station tour; plus setlists from Los Angeles Feb 8, 1976 and Feb 9, 1976, and Hamburg, 1978.

February 18
new Vernard sent in the setlist for Rotterdam, 1976 and Vancouver, 1983 (as well as a press review of the Vancouver show); and Frank the list for Nassau Coliseum, 1976
new Gilly sent in a few miscellaneous 1991 tour photos, including some half-naked shots of Bowie :).
new Kaz sent in another piece of her artwork.
new Jean-Marie sent in more pictures from the Station To Station tour, taken at New York and Rotterdam.

February 17
new V. Goud sent me the setlist for Toronto, 1976.

February 15
new Harold Stewart sent in the information on the European release of The Hearts Filthy Lesson.
new John L. sent in scans of rare single covers for Sorrow (note the Malaysian release) and the New Zealand only release of Rosalyn.
new Jean-Marie sent in more pictures of The Thin White Duke in concert; at Los Angeles, Nassau Coliseum, Stockholm, London, Rotterdam and Paris.
new Marty sent me information about rereleases of Mick Ronson's solo albums (which included some Bowie material), Play Don't Worry and Slaughter on 10th Avenue.
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara, including the addition of Goldie's Saturnz Return.
new Gerry sent in a reader review of The Hunger.
new Dmitry sent me information on the European 12" release of Jump They Say.

cat February 13
new Philippe Auliac sent in five more photos.
new Jean-Marie sent in concert photos from Zurich, 1976 and Manchester, 1995.
new Marc Plouvin sent in a photo taken from French television last February.
new Edwin Wong sent me the information on a 12" promo release of The Heart's Filthy Lesson.
new Major Tom sent in a scan of the ticket from Shepherd's Bush 1997.

February 12
new Gwynn sent me the info and a scan for the BakTabak Interview disc.

February 11
new Janna sent in another piece of artwork.
new Ian sent in a picture from 1980.

February 10
new Rik Walton sent in a photo taken during the Heroes 1978 tour, and also has a web site with more.

February 8
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

February 7
new Two better quality pictures have been added to the Howard Stern birthday show concert page.
new Celine sent in a scan of the Tin Machine ticket from Wolverhampton in 1991.
updated Mike Harvey sent in a better scan of the Ziggy Stardust cover. While you're looking, be sure to go visit Mike's The Ziggy Stardust Companion, the best site on the web for Ziggy information!

February 6
new David Nettles sent in some Windows icons.
new Philip Perry sent in a better picture of the suit from the I'm Afraid Of Americans video, and ZiggyManiac sent in a scan of Ziggy from the Wax Museum.

February 5
new Jean-Marie contributed some photos from the Glass Spider Tour shows at London and Berlin. The London pictures have a particularly good shot for those who like to imagine Bowie in bondage.

February 3
new Paul sent in information about a new soundtrack for the movie The Wedding Singer, which includes China Girl, along with a whole lot of other classic 80's songs..
new New artwork from Sam DiSuarre.
new Two new poems from Jen Stardust.

February 2
new Added a link to a site with a couple of pictures from the Stern birthday show.
new Radio Free Bowie is a new site dedicated to RealAudio streaming broadcasts of rare/live Bowie tracks.
new Ruud sent in version 6.9 of his magnificent discography.
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.

February 1
new Philippe sent in six more pictures for his photograph page.

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