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Additions to Teenage Wildlife in March 1998

March 31
new John sent in about 23 setlists (too many to list individually) from the Station To Station tour.
new Paula sent in a sketch and computer rendition of the Low profile.

March 30
new Luis sent in setlists from the Sound & Vision tour in 1990 for Quebec City, Edinburgh, Cleveland, Houston and Modena (with an accompanying interesting story).

March 29
new For our French readers, Oval sent in an article transcript from Rock And Folk from 1996.
new Ernst sent in photos from 1983, 1976, what looks like 1993 or so, and a scan of the ticket from the 1996 concert at Berlin
new New artwork from Christine.
new Sandra Passchier contributed a bevy of photos from Bowie's opening concert (where Bowie went all out to impress the press) of the Glass Spider tour, held at Rotterdam, Holland, as well as some shots at Paradiso in 1989.
new Doris sent in two more pictures from last year's tour, one at Neubiberg Airport, Munich and at Vienna.

March 27
new More setlists from Luis for Osaka, 1978, Yokohama, 1983, Wellington, 1983 (Ed: my first ever concert!), Paris, 1987 and Melbourne, 1987.
new More pictures sent in by Philippe Auliac, including some of Stansfield Road, Bowie's home when he was a boy.
new Laszlo sent in a Portuguese translation of one of his favourite songs, Teenage Wildlife.
new JeanMarie sent in pictures from Wembley, 1983, Wembley, 1987, Town & Country Club, 1989, and Docklands, 1990.
new New artwork from BewlayBro and Pythia.

March 26
new More setlists from Luis for Barcelona, 1990, Newhaven, 1991, and Tokyo, 1992.

March 25
new 1974 setlists from John for Toronto, Rochester, Tampa and New York.

March 23
new Sven sent in setlists for Oslo, 1978 and Oslo, 1990
new More 1973 setlists from John for Brighton, Lewisham, Guildford, Hanley, Worcester, Manchester, and Salisbury, Leeds, Hammersmith Odeon (1st), and Hammersmith Odeon (2nd).
updated This week's chart watch by Dara.

March 22
new John Clyde sent in setlists from the Aladdin Sane tour for Radio City Music Hall (1st), and second night, Detroit, Los Angeles, Hiroshima, Earl's Court, Glasgow (matinee and evening), and Edinburgh.
new Calvin sent in some more great rarities: a scan of the disc itself from the 1972 RCA promo, an advertisement for Scary Monsters, the cover of the sheet music for Fame, two photographs from a 1974 Francesco Scullovo session, and last but not least, four great pictures from the 1974 Diamond Dogs tour program. (Ed: If you like what you see, Calvin has a large collection of items to trade at his web site)
new Aimee sent in pictures taken by Kati at Toronto, Sep. 27, Toronto, Sep. 28, and Supper Club, Oct 13 of last year.

March 21
new Rachel sent in a piece of windows wallpaper. (Ed: since BMP files are obscenely large relative to JPEG format files [e.g. 1050K vs 69K in this case], I convert all BMP files to JPEG. To use them as a Windows background, you will need to convert them back to BMP).
new Calvin sent in information and scans of a rare RCA 1972 promo disc.

March 20
new Victor sent in a new piece of windows wallpaper.

March 19
new John Clyde sent in setlists from the Ziggy tour for Chicago, 1972, Santa Monica, 1972, Rainbow Theatre, December 1972, Manchester, 1972, Edinburgh, 1973, Newcastle, 1973, and Preston, 1973.
updated This week's chart watch by Dara.
new Jean-Marie sent in another photo from Glasgow, 1973.
new Gilly sent in pictures of Bowie during a 1995 appearance to officialy open VH-1 Europe.

March 18
new John Clyde sent in setlists from 1972 for Preston, King's Cross Cinema, Friars (1), Friars (2), Rainbow (1), and Rainbow (2).

March 17
new Zig Dust sent in setlists for Kilburn Ballroom, 1989, Town&Country Club, 1989 and Cambridge, 1991.
new Allart and John both sent in setlists for Kingston Polytechnic, 1972. (Ed: I have a large collection of setlists in backlog, which I will add a few per day so as not to drive myself crazy(ier))
new Kim Vexborg found yet another Jump They Say single release.

March 16
new Eric sent in a scan of the semi-legal Australian release A Portrait In Flesh, together with an updated scan of his close encounter.
new Brooke sent in an altered photograph from The Man Who Fell to Earth.
new Stefan sent in a picture of the ticket and guitar pick from Copenhagen, 1991 and the ticket from the concert in Reykjavik, 1996.

March 15
new More setlists from Luis for Liverpool, 1991 and Copenhagen, 1991, while Sven sent in the setlist from Oslo, 1996, and Robert the setlists for Paris, 1990, Frejus, 1990, Geneva, 1996, Zurich, 1996, Paris, 1996, Olympia, Paris, 1991 and Zenith, Paris, 1991, and finally Gavin sent in the setlists for Mountain View, 1990, San Francisco, 1991 and Phoenix, 1995.

March 13
new Luis sent in setlists from Paris, 1990, Tacoma, 1990 Florence, 1991 and Stockholm, 1991.
new David Emerson sent in setlists from Tin Machine's 1991 tour through Boston, MA and Providence, RI
new Doris sent in three photos from Zagreb, 1997.

March 12
new Jean-Marie sent in more photos from concerts: Radio City Music Hall, 1973, Earl's Court, 1973, Milwaukee, 1974 and Philadelphia, 1974.
new Valucia sent in more artwork.

March 11
new Rachel Bradley sent in a new poem.

March 10
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new Jessica sent in another piece of Windows wallpaper.

March 9
new David E. sent in setlists for Philadelphia, 1987 and Foxboro, 1990.
updated Brent Nicholson has added a number of RealAudio songs from the 50th Birthday Concert to his Bowie page.

March 8
new Tall sent in the German cover of the Sorrow single.

March 7
new Calvin sent in Japanese covers for Boys Keep Swinging and Be My Wife.
new Magienoire sent in two pieces of artwork, and Valucia three pieces of her artwork,

March 6
new Doris sent in two photos from last year's Vienna concert, and Earthling7 the ticket from the second night of Hanover Grand.

March 5
new Philippe Auliac sent in enough pictures for a second page full, as well as a picture of himself and of his press pass.

March 4
new JeanMarie sent in some pictures from the Diamond Dogs tour; Toronto, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and New York,

March 3
new John Larkin sent in scans of covers for Let's Spend The Night Together, Time and also a promotional item that was handed out to concertgoers at the Rainbow gigs in London, 1972.

March 1
updated This week's chart watch by chart-meister Dara.
new Tony Green sent in scans for all of the picture discs released in the Fashions 7" singles set released in 1982.
new Thom sent in the setlist for Los Angeles, 1990, and Roy the setlist for Maastricht, 1990.

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