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Site Updates April 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in April 1998

April 30
new Dara pointed out a NME review for Best of 1974-1979.

April 27
updated The chart watch returns, with the debut of Best Of 1974/1979.
new Mookid sent in a scan of her Bowie lunchbox.
new Joanie sent in scans of the Real Cool World single.
new Albert sent in pictures from Rotterdam, 1978, scans of the Italian Young Americans single, Dutch Rebel Rebel single, together with a selection of Halloween Jack photos from 1974, as well as a particularly bad hair day from 1973.

April 23
new Toby sent in confirmation that a concert did indeed take place at Cleveland on November 25, 1972. A lot of the information on the first leg of the US 1972 tour is fairly hazy, so if you have more information (e.g. ticket stubs), feel free to send them in.
new Peter Oram sent in the complete transcription of Bowie's recitation of Peter And The Wolf.

April 22
new Added setlists for the European leg of the Glass Spider tour from John Clyde.

April 21
new Added the rest of the Serious Moonlight 1983 tour setlists which John Clyde provided (about 25 of them).

April 19
new Albert Steen sent in two photos from the Ziggy Era.
new CoolCat sent in a piece of her artwork.
new Ruud sent in version 6.9.3 of his discography.

April 17
new Jim Switzer sent in two pieces of his artwork.

April 16
new Two new pictures from Philippe Auliac.
new Kim Vexborg sent in information on promo CD versions of Little Wonder and Strangers WHen We Meet.

April 14
new Eric Slim sent in the promotional flyer which EMI Holland is distributing for Best Of David Bowie 1974-79, which is due for release in Holland this coming Monday, April 20 (and it appears, probably all around Europe). Still no sign of it on the US horizon.
new Eric Castaing sent in the cover and track listing for the double CD tribute album Ashes To Ashes released in England. Whether this is really multiple bands or just one band using a lot of "suspicious" names is uncertain.
new One of Teenage Wildlife's readers found an underground comic from 1974, which is a very politically incorrect satire of Ziggy Stardust. Don't read the Lippy Fartdust satire if you're overly sensitive!

April 13
new Noel sent in a retouched Sukita photo for the fan contributed artwork.

April 11
updated Joacim informed me that there was only one Sound+Vision tour date at Copenhagen in 1990.

April 8
new Check out this humorous 1973 article on "David Bowie's Makeup Dos and Don'ts".

April 7
new The remaining setlists from John for the Heroes 1978 tour have been entered.
new Dan sent in the setlist for the Phoenix festival, 1996.

April 6
new Karen sent in a sonnet.
new Carol sent in three pictures taken during the 1991 Tin Machine tour at Los Angeles.

April 5
updated This week's chart watch by Dara.

April 4
new Angie2 sent in more great photos from the 1990 Nijmegen concert.
new Anna sent in a piece of fan artwork and Brian a picture of his Bowie mobile.

April 3
new Ralf sent in the track listing as distributed by EMI Germany for the upcoming Best of Bowie 74-79, which is due to be released in Germany April 17, and elsewhere in Europe around the same time. Interestingly, there isn't even a peek of this on the upcoming releases in the U.S.
new A picture from Bonnie taken at Hartford in 1990.
new Christophe sent in a piece of artwork, as did Jessica,
new Ernst sent in photos from 1983, on tour with Tin Machine, Jareth and Glass Spider and ticket scans from Hamburg, 1996 and Hamburg, 1987.

April 2
new More setlists from John for the American leg of the 1978 tour.

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