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Site Updates May 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in May 1998

May 29
new Russ Breakey sent in a setlist for Vancouver, 1976.
new Mike sent in more US Outside tour setlists for Columbus, OH, Manassas, VA, Raleigh, NC and Atlanta, GA.

May 28
new Pictures from Matthias from Loreley, 1996.

May 27
new Mike sent in a host of setlists for the US portion of the Outside Tour, Hershey Park, Blockbuster Center, NJ, Riverport Amphitheatre, MO, Tacoma Dome, Seattle, Shoreline Amphitheatre, CA, Starlake Amphitheatre, PA, Meadowlands, NJ, Blosom Music Center, OH, Tinley Park, IL, Palace, MI, as well as Electric Factory, PA, 1996 and Gothenburg, 1978.
new Philippe sent in a few more photos from Paris.

May 26
new Jessica Anderson, Karin Samuelsson, Andy Hargreaves, and BlackRose all sent in fan contributed artwork.

May 25
new Kirill sent in a fan close encounter from his meeting with Bowie in Russia, 1996.
new Mike Donellan sent in setlists for The Academy, 1991, and Dusseldorf, 1976.

May 24
new Eduardo Rodriguez sent in scans from the January edition of the Mexican magazine Vice Versa, which featured a number of photos from his sojourn there before the Mexico City concert last year.
updated Dara's chart watch has been updated.

May 19
new Ernst sent in a bevy of new scans. Pictures from 1993, 1996 and 1998, together with pictures from the Serious Moonlight tour in Bad Segeburg and Offenbach, as well as a very nice piece of fan contributed art.

May 18
new Dara sent in the Melody Maker review of Best of David Bowie 1974-1979.

May 17
updated Kirill sent in the correct setlist for the 1996 Moscow concert.
new Joacim corrected a couple of setlists: Copenhagen, 1990 and Gothenburg, 1987.
new Adey and Griff sent me updated lyrics to some of the early songs: Columbine, Threepenny Pierrot, The Mirror, That's A Promise, How Lucky You Are and Shadow Man.
new Artur sent in a scan of the Japanese cover for Young Americans.
updated Cat pointed out Gerald Fearnley's web page, which has a few pics from Bowie in 1966. (Fearnley photographed Bowie for the cover of David Bowie.)
updated Dara's weekly update to the chart watch sees I'm Afraid Of Americans drop off the charts.

May 15
new Gilly sent in a drawing done by Ursula Siemes.
new R Hendricks sent in two pictures of SuperBowie!

May 14
new Albert sent in a scan of a contest during the promotion of Outside, a promotional sticker for Diamond Dogs, a photo from 1971, and a painting by Dutch artist Peter Pontiac.

May 12
new Bradley Kaplan sent in a scan of an advance copy of Best Of 1974-1979.

May 10
updated Dara's chart watch has been updated for the past week.
new Ruud sent in version 7.0.1 of his Bowie discography.

May 8
new Alan Morgan sent in scans and information on a two track version of the Telling Lies single.

May 7
new Dan Gallo sent in updates on the 1989 Tin Machine tour, together with setlists for The Roxy (1) and The Roxy (2).
updated Adey sent in help with the lyrics to that Bowie classic Rupert the Riley.

May 4
new Ernst sent in a few more photos for pre 1970's, 1983, and 1993

May 2
new Albert sent in nine photos from Rotterdam, 1983.
new Rob Hall has converted the full D.J. video into Quicktime 3.0 format.
new Summer Thorp sent in three drawings.

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