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Site Updates June 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in June 1998

June 28
new Zane sent in another piece of his artwork and Christine sent in five excellent pieces.

June 27
new Ernst sent in more pictures, one from 1987 and three from the Outside tour. Ernst also sent in information about a German release of London Boys/Love You Till Tuesday as part of a Big Hits 1965-1975 series.

June 24
new Russ sent in setlists for dates from the US leg of the Glass Spider tour, namely: Philadelphia, Meadowlands (1), Meadowlands (2), Toronto (1), Toronto (2), Ottawa and Pontiac.

June 23
new Mike Harvey peformed extensive research to try and come up with the missing dates on the first US leg of the 1972 Ziggy Tour. As always, if anyone has independent confirmation of these tour dates (particularly the venues for those which are currently empty), I would appreciate it. And also, a mention for Mike's Ziggy Stardust Companion page, the most comprehensive background information web page for any artist's album.
new Mike also scanned a couple of pictures from the June 1998 Record Collector to go along with the transcription by Mireille O'Kearney of an article by Mark Paytress on the birth of Ziggy. Note: Mark Paytress is the author of the recently released Ziggy Stardust book.

June 22
new Joe sent in revisions and new setlists for Madison Square Garden 1974, Cleveland 1976, Wembley 1976, Gothenburg 1978 and Montreal 1987.
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.
new More photos from Philippe of Bowie at various times in France.

June 19
new Calvin Hedgecoke sent in some wonderful scans from the Low/Station To Station songbook.
new Hallu sent in the lyrics for Sweet Jane which Bowie played once on his Ziggy Stardust tour accompanied by Lou Reed.
new Mike sent in setlists for Gothenburg, 1996 and Copenhagen, 1996.

June 16
new Alisson sent in six pieces from an upcoming art exhibition
new Dara contributed a review for the goth covers album The Dark Side Of David Bowie.

June 14
new Reinhold sent in the information and track listing, and Eric the scan of the cover for a gothic tribute CD called The Dark Side Of David Bowie.

June 12
new Philippe sent in about thirty new photos of Bowie (and friends) at various times in France.

June 11
new Ruud sent in version 7.0.3 of his Bowie discography.

June 9
new More fan artwork from Ernst and Valucia.
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.
E. Morel sent in a setlist for Lyons, 1996.

June 6
new Trinia sent in a transcription of the 1976 Playboy interview, one which is often used as the source of amusing Bowie quotes.
new Created a new page for Everybody Loves Sunshine.

June 4
new Artur sent in three pictures from the Hunky Dory days.

June 2
new Max Totten sent in a sculpture.
new Mike sent in a host of setlists for the rest of the 1995 portion of the Outside tour.

June 1
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

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