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Site Updates July 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in July 1998

July 31
new Mike sent in four setlists for the Diamond Dogs tour: Detroit, Philadelphia (1), Boston and Philadelphia (2).

July 30
new Dara and Mireille contributed this interview with Nicolas Roeg from the July issue of Uncut Magazine.

July 29
new Artur sent in scans from the artwork of the The Man Who Sold The World album.

July 28
new Zimmo sent in an angel on stained window and Cool Cat a Paint It! caricature.
new Chris Parker sent in a scan of a ticket from Manchester 1973 where admission was the princely sum of £1-25.

July 27
new Trinia sent in pictures from 1975, 1976 and 1978.

July 24
updated Added two more pictures from the filming of The Hunger from Trinia.

July 22
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

July 21
new ConcertPosters.com has three new Sound+Vision tour posters (just differing colours)

July 20
new Phil sent in a setlist for the Tin Machine 91 Washington D.C. concert.

July 17
new Trin sent in a photo from the set of The Hunger.

July 16
new The publicity department for the film Everybody Loves Sunshine contacted me and offered the press notes for the film. Contrary to the earlier reports, only Bowie's character (Bernie) is gay in the film, and Goldie (Terry) uses this against him to keep him in line.
updated After being the album of the day, Tony sent in some corrections to the notes about each of the tracks on David Bowie Songbook.

July 15
updated Ruud sent in version 7.0.4 of his discography.

July 14 Bastille Day
new Added a transcript of the most recent Vanity Fair "20 questions" type interview, for which Bowie answers in his usual inimitable way.

July 10
new Added a page for the beach compilation album Beyond The Beach which features a seldom heard Tin Machine track called Needles On The Beach which was written and performed by the whole band in 1991.

July 8
new Stefan sent in some updates and support acts for various Bowie tours.

July 7
new Artur sent in more artwork from the Space Oddity album.

July 6
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

July 5
new Valeria sent in three more photos from the set of Il Mio West, including two closeups of Bowie wearing his cowboy's hat.

July 4
new Paula sent in a link to her new site, Message Boarder's Home On The Net for people who used to post on the official message board.

July 1
new Artur sent in more artwork from the Ziggy Stardust album.
new Zigdust sent in a scan of the ticket from Gothenburg, 1996.
new Mookid sent in a picture from after the concert last year at Hollywood Athletic Club.

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