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Site Updates August 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in August 1998

August 31
new Danielle sent in new fan artwork, and Elizabeth added to her existing collection.

August 29
new Gordon sent in scans of the ticket given to cast and crew for Everybody Loves Sunshine which will take place this coming week in London. In addition, he contributed scans (two pictures) of an article in the Manx Independent from April about the film.

August 28
new Jurgen sent in the setlist for Roskilde, 1996.

August 27
new Ernst sent in pictures from Munich, 1983, Ulm, 1990, 1997 and a ticket from Halle, 1996,

August 26
new Isabel sent in the setlist from Lisbon, 1996.

August 25
new Artur sent in more artwork from the Hunky Dory album.

August 24
new Jen sent in a series of scenes from The Hunger.

August 22
new Brad sent in a setlist for Toronto, 1990.
new Dharma sent in a piece of fan artwork as did Sam.

August 21
new Added a new section Bowie Briefs to the news page, designed for tidbits about Bowie-related items in the press or popular culture.

August 20
updated Ruud sent in version 7.1.1 of his Bowie discography.

August 18
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

August 16
new Toby sent in a setlist for Milton Keynes, 1990.
new Trin sent in a host of photos from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence.
new Alys and Archanon Spaceboy contributed artwork.

August 13
new ZigDust sent in a scan of the foldout sleeve for the VideoCD version of Bowie - The Video Collection.
new Reinhold sent in a scan of his ticket from Dusseldorf, 1976
new Ernst sent in photographs from Frankfurt, 1990 and Munich, 1990.
new Trin sent in some photos from The Linguini Incident.
new LadyPretzel sent in a fan story based on Cat People.

August 12
new Marius sent in a picture that can be used for wallpaper on your computer.
new Stefano sent in a picture from Rock Dreams

August 10
new Shai sent in a promotional poster which appeared in Israeli record stores for Best of David Bowie 1969-1974.

August 9
new Calvin sent in four great scans of pictures from the Lodger songbook.
new Richard pointed out that Corbis (a company that owns the right to many large photograph archives) has put over 1.3 million of their photos online. They have around 100 or so Bowie photos (do a search for David Bowie).

August 8
new Trinia sent in nine great pictures from Just A Gigolo.
new KelMar sent in a picture from Rockstars In Their Underpants.

August 7
new Chris sent in a scan from the back of the UK version of The Man Who Sold The World.
new Elizabeth sent in six drawings for the fan contributed artwork section.

August 6
new Chris sent in scans of the front and back of the You Belong In Rock And Roll single.

August 5
new Mike has a couple of Windows 95/98 startup logo pages based on the Acolyte image from the Outside album on his Startup Logos page ( go to Page 11 for the Bowie logos). Get rid of that boring Windows startup screen and replace it with Bowie to greet you every morning!

August 3
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

August 2
new Cleaned up and reformatted the Films page and added some pictures from Trinia for Twin Peaks, Yellowbeard and Absolute Beginners.
new Ernst sent in a new live concert picture from 1983, along with single cover scans for Absolute Beginners, Peace On Earth and Underground.

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