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Site Updates September 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in September 1998

September 30
new Tony Green sent in a scan of a poster bill from the Elephant Man production.

September 29
new Lyda sent in an extra scan of the artwork from Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.

September 28
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

September 26
new Jessica Anderson sent in a new piece of fan artwork!

September 25
new The Frequently Asked Questions section has been completely redesigned using a new interface. Currently, it's still mostly place-holders, but it will be updated over time to include everything that was in the old (but now unavailable) FAQ.

September 23
new Fredrik sent in a scan of the cover of the Spanish version of The Man Who Sold the World, or should that be El Hombre Que Vendio El Mundo?

September 22
new Bianca sent in two portraits of Bowie: one from the opening of VH-1 Europe, and another from his Utrecht concert in 1996.

September 21
new Ruud Altenburg sent in the newly revamped interface for version 8.0 of his Bowie discography.

September 19
new Tony Green sent in the scans of the The Manish Boys release.

September 17
new Mik Blyth sent in a poem.
new Ernst sent in four photos from Munich, 1983.

September 16
new Peppe sent in a scan of the front and back of the rare 1974 Japanese release of The Best Of David Bowie.

September 15
new Tony sent in scans and information for the Japanese import release of The Revolutionary Song.

September 14
new Added a new section for Bowie's stage productions, for which Trinia sent in a photograph of Bowie as The Elephant Man, and Tony Green contributed scans of the radio promo disc for same.
new Added an entry for the upcoming Red Hot And Rhapsody which features Bowie doing a cover of Gershwin's A Foggy Day In London Town.

September 13
new Tony Green sent in a scan of the discs for the Rebel Rebel single.

September 11
new Tony Green sent in a scan of the cover, back and disc labels of the Crystal Japan single, with more to come.

September 10
new Jessica sent in a picture of her hockey mask which she painted with Bowie in mind to put fear into the heart of the opponent!
new Martyn sent in a scan and track listing for a Japanese release of Rarest One Bowie.

September 9
new Peppe sent in scans of the front and back of the 1984 Spanish release 30 Años De Musica Rock.

September 7
updated Gray reminded me that the version of The Wild Eyed Boy from Freecloud on the Space Oddity single is a different instrumental version to that on the Space Oddity album.

September 6
updated Dara sent in this week's chart watch.

September 3
new Patti sent in some pictures from the ICA Ziggy Farewell reenactment.

September 2
new Lyda contributed a transcript and scan of a picture from one of the first major US news articles on David Bowie, the NewsWeek article from October 1972. Lyda also sent in a nice picture of Bowie's original choppers.

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