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Site Updates October 1998

Additions to Teenage Wildlife in October 1998

October 31
new Pierce sent in his encounter with Bowie and a Mr-T lookalike in the close encounters section.

October 29
new Lola sent in an Ode To the Laughing Gnome.

October 28
new Jimi sent in the setlist for Chicago, 1987.

October 27
new Tony Green sent in a lobby still from Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence (particularly impressive when viewed at full size).

October 26
new Added Chapter 8 of The Story.

October 24
new Added Chapter 7 of The Story.

October 22
updated Ruud's discography has been updated to 8.2, now with links to Shadowman's rare recordings.
updated Revamped and updated the Teenage Wildlife Bookstore. It now has a book of the month recommendation with reviews contributed by Aki.

October 20
new Added Chapter 6 of The Story.

October 19
new Ralf sent in a scan of the Perfect Day single from last year.

October 18
new Spidey sent in some Bowie phonecards which floated around Europe last year.

October 15
new Fixed some more bugs in various programs and scripts caused by the domain name change. If you find a page that doesn't seem to be working, please email me.
new Added Chapter 5 of The Story.

October 13
new Added Chapter 4 of The Story.

October 12
new Jamey sent in details and scans of the Rykodisc promotional disc Sound+Vision Catalogue Sampler #1.

October 11
updated The German fanzine Panic In Detroit now has a web page and a new address. See the information on the FanZines page.

October 10
updated Ruud's discography has moved to version 8.1, which now includes a basic search mechanism.

October 9
new Added Chapter 3 of The Story.

October 8
new Ernst sent in six pictures from Hamburg, 1996.
new Danielle Romano sent in a story for the fan contributed stories section.

October 7
new David sent in a scan of the ticket for the Sound+Vision Frankfurt concert.

October 6
new Added Chapter 2 of The Story.
new DamageGod sent in her first piece of Bowie art.

October 4
new Installed Chapter 1 of the infamous Story as contributed by HelG from the former davidbowie.com message board.

October 2
new Added two new poems, one from Heather M, and the other from C Glabis.
new Added the track listing for Red Hot & Rhapsody, which goes on sale October 6 (you can preorder it from CDNow).

October 1
updated Ruud has updated his discography to version 8.01 with a few link fixes.

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